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Baroness Margerie Clement

Really, dear? Are you sure you wouldn't rather do it this way...?

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Meddling Auntie
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Clement
Gender: Female
Age: 37
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Ivory

Titles: Baroness Consort of Duskshire

Description: Hers is a barely mature beauty, only just reaching her mid-years, she still clings to youth's glory. Wide blue eyes the color of a summer sea are framed in thick lashes, only the barest hint of laugh lines crinkling the corners. Her mouth is generous, expressive, quick with a smile, sometimes pinched in an affectionately judgemental purse. She is of average height and built on a lean, but womanly frame. She is, in a word, sweet, projecting a sense of good-spirited fun that builds upon her otherwise youthful charm.

Personality: Margerie Keaton is a woman who wants nothing more than to experience all of the joys that life has to offer. Drinking, eating, dancing, conversations with fascinating people -- she is the very soul of an Arxian socialite. While she might be, only barely, into her middle years, she has all the vivacious energy and drive of a woman a decade younger. The only remnants from her time as Countess Keaton is a lingering inability to completely cut the apron strings with her nephew, Kael. She spent almost twenty years as countess, and she knows how things work most smoothly. So if she chimes in with advice every now and again, well.... that's just being a good Aunt.

Background: Margerie Keaton was a free-spirited child. It was thought that she would be one of those Keatons that eschewed the safe walls of Keaton Keep and lived in the wilds with their hounds and a few boon companions seeing to the land and keeping order and peace amongst the villages. But that level of roughing it never appealed to Margerie either. It was freedom she sought, independance with the benefits of wealth and a noble name. As a second daughter, she was nearly guarenteed an at least comfortable existance, and in truth, she was alright with that.

Then her elder sister Nadine fell in love with the wrong man. A horrible, lying and deceitful man. Before being engaged, Nadine threw caution to the wind and became pregnant. The details of what happened between Nadine and her lover aren't common knowledge, and even Margerie has been left to guess. Nadine's son was supposedly born stillborn and her sister, growing ever more despondant and depressed, took a knife to her own throat and died. Margerie's days of liesure were over.

She spent the next twenty years as Countess of Oakhaven. She was married off, had a daughter, the days a seemingly endless parade of reports, requests, demands, delegations... it was *awful*. When news came to her that Nadine's child was still alive she was overjoyed. Bringing hm to the Keep and seeing him trained to take his rightful place was an immense relief. Knowing that there may be some whispers and doubts regarding his legitimacy and knowing that the best way to ensure his line -- their line -- continued would be to get his a noble heir of his own. Margerie cast a net and found an extremely distant and mostly forgotten branch of the Wyrmguard family looking to regain significance through marrying off their last daughter. They were difficult negotiations, but it ensured a happy future for all. Right?

The marriage carried out, Margerie was getting ready to settle into a life of liesure when her husband Harlow passed away. The memories are too sharp and she's decided to follow her nephew Kael to Arx, letting her younger brother Eaton to watch after the family home.

Relationship Summary

  • Skye - We've suffered at the hands of the same family. Unfortunately it's hers.

  • Family:
  • Kael - Long lost nephew, source of my freedom
  • Reigna - Niece by arrangement and by affection
  • Shae - Daughter running with her own pack
  • Veronica - Cousin and Sword of Oakhaven. Relentless and Respected
  • Jaerith - Nephew and source of the occasional heart palpitations of anxiety
  • Amari - Yes, technically a cousin, but might as well be a niece. She has been bold in seeking her own path, she has been dutiful in returning to the family fold.
  • Aric - Oh look! A cousin (though called nephew) to add to the contingent of those that will try to give Auntie grey hair and headaches!

  • Oathlands:
  • Arn - 20 years ago: Reason to hide in quaking terror at a conclave. Now: More relatably intimidating
  • Philippe - Possily the most dour and serious part of Oathlands meetings over the last 20 years. Good at his job.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Cassandra - I admire that she took the choice that suited her. And perhaps a bit envious. Lorraine's eldest
  • Percephon - The teacher in passing. I wonder what's on his mind...
  • Alis - Charitable, a lively mind and sense of humor. Always a comfort to have at an event.
  • Nicia - My Duchess, wielding marriage like an ax that might fall at any moment. Might keep me on my toes.
  • Derovai - Aunt Superior's occasional pressure headache
  • Khanne - A dear friend of my niece's, well on her way to becoming one of my own
  • Victoria - So this is what the Thraxian version of an Auntie Superior is like!
  • Thesarin - One of Twainfort's leaders. There is something about his steadiness I admire. Good family man.
  • Orazio - A man of faith and wisdom to be respected and learned from. Easy to talk with.
  • Aleksei - Archlector of the First Choice, Blessed, teacher in the ways of Skald and faith
  • Vayne - Archlector of the 13th. Someone to seek guidance from on some questions. Don't worry. Reflections are still alarming.
  • Victoria - A peer in the Auntie contingent. A bit rigid, what with that Thraxian upbringing, but she knows what family means.

  • Spouse:
  • Harlow (Rip) - Provided an heir

  • Friend:
  • Cristoph - Duke. Best friend's son. Nephew's best friend. These things come full circle.
  • Aeryn - My mini-me, if hopped up on a lot of honey and minus about twenty years of responsibility. My best friend's youngest.
  • Jael - Lorraine's daughter and force of nature. Always a potential partner in mischief.
  • Norwood - A most honorable and sometimes surprising idiot
  • Tessa - The dangerously mischievous Lady Moore. Poacher of the older gentlemen dating pool
  • Eiran - Probably the source of Margerie's fourth grey hair - Laurent family
  • Adalyn - Norwood's daughter. A fountain of energy, bright tales, and bold confrontations
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn A delightful Lady, who seems a very good judge of character. I must remember to catch her as an ally when I need to talk my father into something.
    Aeryn So nice to meet a family member again! I seem to have a lot in the city. She's so knowledgeable and sweet and friendly - I've only heard nice things about her from my mum.
    Alarissa A keaton and a lovely one at that! Would there were more of her in the city.
    Alban She is not as scary as I was lead to believe. Maybe I could actually use her help as my own attempts have been nothing but disastrous...
    Aleksei She's shown a lot of genuine interest in the Faith's teachings about Skald, and I'm interested to see where it takes her.
    Amari I find it incredibly strange that Aunt Margerie is no longer the Countess, but I can see that she truly shines now and her smiles are as brilliant as ever. I'm happy too, that she wasn't angry with this little acorn and she still has cookies and hugs for me instead of cold shoulders and harsh words.
    Ardoin I knew this day would come. The day when 'Auntie Margerie' would corner me and try to rip a marriage out of me. A wily one, but I think I outfoxed her...this time. Alas, I don't expect to be so fortunate for long. There is no one more difficult to dissuade than someone who fervently believes they are doing you a favor!
    Aric My dear sweet cousin, but she is also Aunt to us all. There is no kinder, loving woman that I know!
    Arn Former countess. Think she used to be more scared of me. Seems clever.
    Astraea She's very cordial and polite. Even upon our first meeting she seemed concerned about my well being and that was so refreshing to see. I like her smile and she's very charming and the Keatons have a good reputation in the city. Glad to have made her acquaintance even if it was for a brief late night encounter. Gods that sounds not what it is!
    Bliss Very much an Oathlander. Very much on the other side of so many opinions to me. Still, she seems friendly enough, if a bit on the pushy side.
    Caith She is SO lovely and is she to tut-tut 'auntie' me any time she pleases!
    Calaudrin I can't believe she tried to bribe my marchers with cookies. I guess she did an okay job at leading them. But bribery!!
    Caspian She seems like a really nice woman! Motherly in a way. She was even concerned I might catch on fire during my duel, very sweet of her!
    Catalana She was so gentle and so kind! It was a pleasure having her at my event for the children.
    Cirroch An inquisitive and charming woman
    Courage Such a kind woman! She doesn't see the stark difference between flatterers and boasters, which confounds me, but that's quite alright! I'd say she has the look and mannerisms of an auntie, but she's surely no older than twenty two.
    Cristoph Norbert? Elwood? I'm afraid that Kael's aunt is hard of hearing. I'm going to have to keep saying his name more often.
    Daemon Alas, the first mark I made on the woman was when she watched me skid on my knees through the valley of destroyed pastries. Not the best impact I've made.
    Dante Margerie is one of a kind, in my fine opinion. Grace and polite with that delicious mix of inquisitive and intuitive. I look forward to what mischief we might discover.
    Demura It's always a pleasure to catch up with Auntie. I'm glad to see that she still has that sparkle in her eyes.
    Dominique I remember her back when I was younger. She tended to visit my father a lot and was always kind, though she still had an air of authority to her. Even though she's not the active countess she once was, there is still that gravitas and aura of authority about her.
    Echo What a sweet woman -- She took me in with open arms and offered me a drink, shared some stories, offered condolences. In times like these, there's definitely not enough of her to go around.
    Edain The Lady Keaton seems a very vibrant woman, with a grace and calm about her. I think she's, if you will pardon the crass term, 'seen some shit' and she remains able to smile out at the world. It is clear to see she was a great influence on the man Count Kael has become. I think the Keatons were wise to have her come to Arx with them, I think she will be a much needed presence.
    Eiran Forbearing and formidable. Been around as long as I can remember, so why doesn't she ever seem to age...? Anyway, she obviously adores me, which is easily my favorite quality in another person.
    Eirlys A wonderful woman, the kind of mother that Eirlys wishes she had gotten to have.
    Eleyna I've heard her called the 'Aunt Superior of the Oathlands' which brings to mind someone baking cookies and singing hymns. Yet, upon actually meeting her, I would say she's less the 'cookie baking and lullabye singing' aunt and more the 'whiskey-sipping and dirty joke telling' aunt.
    Elgana She has seen much and is full of great wisdom, if one is to listen to what she says and doesn't say. There seems to be some great hurt in her life, but the steel in her spine allows her rise above it all. A truly noble Lady worthy of knowing.
    Emily Emily enjoys her! She's gracious and fun, a pure joy to be around and oddly makes Emily feel at ease - a rare thing for the newly arrived Deepwood.
    Gareth The Keaton Lady is a matchmaker, which certainly seems to be something you can do with your time. Still she seems suitable to her station, the Keatons are a well managed family.
    Giulio Oh, what a lovely woman. It's a pity Theron has upset her, still, attractive, intelligent and giving. What's not to like?
    Grazia Lady Keaton is very kind, warm, and pleasant. She seems quite invested in maintaining the peace and in fostering good feeling.
    Gwenna I had the pleasure of meeting the Lady Margerie quite by chance at a painting event. She is a lovely and vibrant woman whose company is warm and so enjoyable. She makes me think this is what my mother must have been like when she was not much older than I am now - so full of life, wisdom, and energy for the world. I hope for future encounters!
    Holden Aunt to Count Kael and a Lady who recovers with grace and aplomb. Would that everyone would likewise handle mis-steps with such grace.
    Ian Someone's mother. Everyone's mother. It's a little bit much.
    Ida Lady Margerie Keaton is a warm and charming noblewoman who seems nearly to bring a warmth of life when she enters a room. Quick to laugh and be friendly, she manages to keep an air of refinement many can not claim so easily in similar situations. She is certainly someone I would welcome back to the shop at any time, even if just for drinks.
    Ignacio Seems to be a good hearted woman who enjoys to be sociable. She is enjoyable and seems to have a good sense of humor.
    Itzal A lady with not only a fine eye for art, but a finer mind for nimble discussion! It was a pleasant encounter, and one I hope is repeated!
    Jacque Lady Margerie Keaton is quite pleasant company. It appears that she is curious and studious, and this, to Jacque, is very valuable, indeed. He will endeavor to meet her more often to discuss things, and perhaps learn a thing or two from the noblewoman. If she is willing to teach him, that is.
    Jael I'm so glad Margerie is here, even if she is probably writing back to Mama about everything. I can't wait to spend more time with her.
    Jeffeth A wonderful lady I met briefly while being... spoken to by Lord Luis. She seems a good sort though I've lost most of what she said in a blur of embarrassment.
    Jordan Very prim and proper, and apparently she knows how to handle old Ladies from borderland baronies quite well.
    Katarina As ever warm and receptive as I remember her. It's always good when I have the opportunity to stop in and speak with the Keaton family - they're practically like my own.
    Kenna She was an upbeat woman who was sweet at the Sip and Spar then also kind enough to point me towards Lord Michael at the Deepwoods Shindig.
    Lisebet She seems kind and very knowledgeable. I suspect there may be a lot to learn there.
    Lucita During a pleasant interval at the Ambassador Salon, Quenia and I enjoyed conversations with Margerie. She seems to enjoy life and seek the better points of it just as we do. That does not mean frivolous or inane, just an ability to keep balance against the serious life aspects.
    Luis Such a marvelously witty and fun Lady. She even teases Luis right where it hurts. Such mischeviousness, what's not to like?
    Marian I am not as close to Margerie as I am to Reigna, but she is a lovely lady. Kael speaks well of his aunt. A bit of a mother hen but I suppose she has her reasons. Hmm, that reminds me. I have to go see Reigna about a dog.
    Michael A flighty, pretty woman, who seems to have bucked the responsibility of paperwork in exchange for a rowdy bloodhound. Perhaps a very good trade.
    Monique Formidable. She suggested herself and the Countess Reigna as bait for assassins. I'm fairly certain that speaks to her fortitude... or her daring.
    Mydas A pleasant meeting, if short one. She represented her House well, and while she didn't know much of either of the deceased, still her presence was appreciated.
    Naka It had been a while since I'd seen Lady Margerie Keaton, the former Countess of Oakhaven. The legend is completely intact, and I need to get more sleep.
    Norwood Marrgerie is an older soul that makes passing the time easy and comfortable, even when discussing difficult situations.
    Orathy She handles the lewd well, all that butlering. Reckon she understands how to handle a rogue and keep him interested. Damn easy on the eyes too.
    Orazio A light-hearted and funloving woman, grounded enough that Orazio thinks she will be a good influence on Kael, and probably a (gentle) troublemaker elsewhere.
    Oriana Sharp ears on this one! I rather think I like the cut of her jib.
    Orvyn A lovely woman who dotes upon her relatives. That said, she also has their interests at heart and it can be seen both in the simple actions she does as well as the looks that she gives to those all around. She will protect them all to the last, and have pride in doing so.
    Otakar Seems like a kindly woman with a daughter who can appreciate the finer men in the world. Namely, those of us who are like the mighty bears of the North! Good taste.
    Petal A noble who wears wool and is very practical. I bet that extends behind clothing, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and is very welcoming.
    Quenia Lady Margerie was a pleasant delight to speak to, as are all members of House Keaton.
    Renato She seems a kind woman if a bit set in her ways, I am not sure if she appreciated my manners or not but hopefully I did not offend.
    Rinel A wonderfully gracious lady! She introduced me to so many people at the Glittering Gala. Possibly not the best dancer, but then again, neither am I!
    Rook Matriarch of House Keaton. Whether a Countess or not, she is to be looked to for an example of reason and class. For more than a matter of simple etiquette, Rook would certainly not leave an invitation to an empty chair at his table or a pot of tea unshared should Margerie Keaton enter the room.
    Sabella Lady Margerie has always been very sweet to me, even though I did not employ her services for matchmaking! She is still quite delightful and ever so proper and friendly!
    Saoirse She was there when Saoirse confronted Caith about the dog-ruined slipper. She seems friends with the ever-embarrassed Jeffeth?
    Shae Mother. Home. I don't know what else to say beyond that; kind of says it all, doesn't it?
    Skye She hates me. Or rather my family. It pains me how much horror my family has wrought on others. Builds my resolve to make sure that Blackshore once again stands for something other than misery and strife.
    Sorrel Charming! Lovely! And she likes old things. Perhaps she'd be willing to investigate old songs for me if I get her started on the ones I know. Plus, she loves my cousin Reigna, which is points in her favor.
    Sunniva The Lady Margerie was always so jovial and kind when she visited the Duchess. I was glad to see her and she never looked at me as someone outside of the family. I am only too glad to see her once more and to know..perhaps guess that Norwood and her share some secret joy. I would be gladdened to hear this was true.
    Talen A few numerous occasions indicate that Lady Margerie Keaton is particularly sharp and she is more than clued in enough regarding business and how to approach royalty. If for no reason other than this, trade between House Keaten and House Velenosa is in the works.
    Tessa FINALLY some joy and light and happiness to brighten up this dour place!
    Theron Charming, outgoing and exuberant, I get the feeling Lady Margerie Keaton is the soul of the party whenever she attends one. I look forward to our future meetings.
    Thesarin She tried to smooth things over, to make folk laugh, and to brush off pricks to her pride. Things I see too little of by far.
    Torian Seems she used to be a Countess and now isn't. Gave up power to her nephew she said? Do people really give it up so easily?
    Turo I probably did not meet her at her finest, but she didn't make a bad impression me. Anyone who's willing to fish in this weather is someone I could get along with just fine.
    Vayne A chance encounter in the tea shop turned into a remarkable conversation. This is a woman whose acquaintance I am glad to have made, and I look forward to an opportunity to help her understand more fully the precepts of Tehom, if she'll allow it. And if she won't, I am certain our conversations will continue to be remarkable.
    Venturo I've had mothers of women I've been with walk in on the most shocking of things, but never before in the middle of hearing how wolves mate. We will just chalk our introduction up to fateful coincidence, and hopefully she'll enjoy that drink.
    Vercyn Interesting woman, this Lady Margerie Keaton. Auntie Superior of the Oathlands, she is called, and far younger than the title would suggest. Sharp. Charming.
    Veronica Aunt Margerie is warm, loving and sweet. Too sweet for me, but what I don't tell her is that she is the glue that holds the family together.
    Violet A pleasant noble woman who seems to have a thing for small, soft and furry things. The topic came up of her learning archery and I offered to help. Either way it was a pleasant conversation. Perhaps we will meet at the training center again.
    Wylla She paints lovely wine bottles! And lovely trees! I'm so glad she came. She appears graceful and kind, and she was very complimentary of others' works too!