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Vassal of Rubino-Zaffria

Words: "We will not be quenched."
Sigil: A scarlet phoenix rampant upon a black field.
Nickname: Flames

Igniseri rules from Castle Granato amidst the olive groves of Granato. The Marquesa Emeritus, Emisilia Igniseri, is the mother of the ruling Marquis, Vincere Igniseri, and she serves as castellan and agent of her sons upon the lands. House Igniseri was once held in higher esteem among the houses of marquis's rank across the Lyceum, but the Marquesa's rule was troubled and unsubtle and marked with death. Her reputation was not what it could have been, and she lost several husbands to death, including one whose death seemed readily laid at her door.
Loyal vassals of House Rubino-Zaffria, the current scions of Igniseri were fostered with the Rubino heir and seem likely to continue that close tie.


Name Rank Title Description
Quenia 1 Marquessa, Countess of the March ---
Luis 2 Voice ---
Lucita 2 Voice ---
Ariella 3 Noble Family ---
Leena 3 Noble Family ---
Ennettia 3 Noble Family ---
Astraea 4 Noble Family Married Out ---
Amarantha 4 Noble Family Married Out ---
Echo 4 Noble Family Married Out ---
Apollis 4 Noble Family Married Out ---
Avaline 4 Noble Family Married Out ---
Zebulon 7 Known Commoners ---
Iovita 10 Retired/RIP ---
Catalina 10 Retired/RIP ---

Ruler: Quenia

Minister Category Title
Luis Warfare Minister of Warfare

Land Holdings


Description: Granato is a satellite city-state of Gemecitta, a harbor port on the verge of the inlet sea, sitting at the mouth of the river that empties into the Lycene Sea and controlling access upriver to Gemecitta. Its primary wealth comes from shipping and trade, where the road from Gemecitta and its stone quarries reaches the sea. Vineyards and stands of olive groves surround the central city of Granato, where the olive presses and herb growers combine their trades to make finest olive oil to sell and include in the vassal tithes. To the north, on a cliffside rise overlooking the industry of the city and the busy docks that harness the bay, Castle Granato is the ancestral home of the Count of the March of House Igniseri.