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Laurent-Pravus Wedding Reception

After a private ceremony among close family and friends, the date for the Laurent-Pravus wedding reception is announced! No one knows any details about it, because everyone is being super secretive! OoooOooh! A mystery!


Sept. 10, 2017, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Nicia Cristoph Saedrus


Caelis Corban Valerio Daemon Jael Alis Aleksei Kael Monique Edain Alaric



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Main Hall

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Always a pleasure to meet new faces. Lovely reception, great cake. I don't let myself eat it that often, but it was exceptionally good. Introductions to some other military minded folk. Wonderful atmosphere, complete with an appearance by The King!

Squire Serad Iron Foot arrives, following Edain.

The door to the main hall is open, Saedrus Whisper, nearby the entry to greet the guests as they arrive. His own greeting to each, more than enough of a herald for the newly weds to hear who has come, and the Grotto attendants to slip up to each person with an offer of a drink. "Welcome, please, come in," Saedrus smiles brightly with a gracious bow to members of the peerage.

Keso, a street urchin arrives, following Aleksei.

Lord Corban Telmar enters the Hall with the Lady Monique Greenmarch on his arm, the two obviously have arrived as a date. If one were inclined, a tongue might later wag. But nonetheless, he dips his head in greeting to the Whisper before making his way more fully inside.

While Cristoph may have handed over most of the reins to Saedrus, this doesn't stop him from hovering around various parts of the planning up until the doors open. He /tries/ not to be too in the way but there's a lot of 'can I help you?' going on until he's ushered away and into a chair by Nicia. A place he manages to stay, for awhile. Until guests begin to arrive, when he pretty much pops up from where he was being distracted. "Look, people." With a brilliant smile, he'll tug on the hand of his new wife so they can also do a meet and greet as others enter. Hopefully she's not totally exasperated with his antsy behavior already.

Quiet and polite, Daemon makes his way through the doors. He is quick to give his fond regards to those he passes, though he is evidently quicker to indulge himself in some sweets first. Warm cider in his hand and his helmet beneath his arm.

Nicia does not quite suffer from the antsy behavior and need to be helpful that Cristoph does, she does, however, suffer from getting distracted by various things until the time comes to try and distract Cristoph. When he declares there are finally people arriving she falls into step with him, a little smile curling at her lips as she gives his hand a quick squeeze, "Yes, people."

The Prince of Sanctum and the Lady Admiral of Southport arrive together, arm in arm and looking for the receiving line. Edain bos his head to people in greeting, as he starts to head towards where he thinks people may be queuing up to congradulate the happy couple. He leans over to murmur breifly to Caelis.

Monique arrives with the handsome Telmar Voice, lingering on his arm with a warm smile of greeting. "Master Saedrus, was it? I think we met once at the baths. And Your Graces," she pauses to dip a vividly swirling curtsey to the newlyweds. "Many felicitations on your nuptials. May the spirits and the gods bless you both. I hope later you'll tell us the story of how you met."

Aleksei strides in looking -- possibly not dressed up enough for a wedding reception event, but his usual attire of leather Archlector longcoat is pretty formal already. He lingers near the entrance where Saedrus is greeting the guests, offering him a particularly amused sort of smile. Undoubtedly he's identified rather quickly by one of the Grotto attendants to be offered whiskey in particular. "Master Saedrus," he says with warm politeness, a shiver of laughter not quite finding voice.

Like the Prince of Sanctum in his fine armor, Caelis Malvici is similarly dressed in her finest armor, polished and pretty. She listens to the whisper and grips Edain's arm as she stands a little taller to whisper back. She greets Saedrus fondly. "Is this your work Saedrus? It's stunning." She compliments and looks about for other familiar faces, smiling.

Saedrus checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 25, rolling 35 higher.

You'd think someone couldn't be late to a party in her own living room. You'd be wrong. Jael hustles out of the back hallway, still working an earring into place. "Hello. Sorry, otter."

Corban similarly bows to the Count and Countess of Laurent, smiling at them brightly. "Yes, indeed. I believe I congratulated you at The Gauntlet, Countess, but formal best wishes to you both," greets the Telmar Voice. "I hope your marriage strengthens the bonds of your Houses and brings you both tremendous joy."

Swathed in teal silks, of a particularly Lycene nature, Saedrus looks over to Cristoph and Nicia. All their antsy helpful behaviour certainly never seemed to bother the courtier, a few smaller tasks asked of the pair so they had something to do. Otherwise the Whisper was quite happy to see everything was in check and running smoothly. His attendants hover by the door with beverages and continues the little greets as people arrive. Each a smile, an elegant bow. "Your Grace," he greets Edain and smiles brightly to Caelis, "Lady Caelis. You are very kind to say so, but provided the Duke and Duchess are happy so am I. Lady Monique, yes we have a few times, such a pleasure to see you again." Oh, and Hi Aleksei. Pale cheeks might gain some colour but he bows just as gracefully as always and smiles to the Archlector, "Blessed Aleksei, how lovely that you are able to attend."

Cristoph is much more relaxed once there are guests around, something to do maybe? When he spots Monique and Corban enter, he steers in their direction. "Lady Greenmarch, Lord Telmar. Thank you for coming to our reception. We're so happy to see you. Have you seen- Oh, there they are!" It's roughly then that he catches sight of Edain and and Caelis. He waves his arm at them, clearly a fine example of decorum.

Alis arrives a bit late, oops. And with her husband in tow. He immediately sets about finding them both some good hard liquor to suck back since they are actually without the baby for a couple hours. So paaaartay! That leaves Alis to, well, she's not entirely sure what to do just yet. But surely she will find someone to walk up to and strike a conversation with. And then eventually stop to congratulate the happy DUKE AND DUCHESS of Laurent.

As Cristoph beckons them over, Prince Edain approaches with Lady Caelis along side him, "Duke Cristoph, Duchess Nicia, It is a beautiful reception, I will have to find Whisper Saedrus and compliment him on his hard work. But first, I would like to congradulate you on your marriage. I am so very happy for you both."

"Duchess Sunshine, Duke Cristoph!" Caelis leaves off murmuring to Edain to beam at the newly weds. "I am so very excited for you both. You make such a fine pair." She says warmly.

As people start to arrive, and in some cases, offer their congratulations. Nicia just smiles at each, offering thanks, and even though it has all just begun there might be the mild panic of far too much proper socialness taking over. Monique, then Corban are both smiled at, "Thank you, please, make yourselves comfortable. There should be drinks?" She glances around, possibly for a drink for herself instead of others, then she glances at Edain, "Thank you, Your Grace. Lady Caelis, I'm so very glad you were able to come."

Monique dips another curtsey alongside Corban, as Edain and Caelis join them. "Your Highness, Lady Caelis. So good to see you, what with everything going on that must keep you both very busy." She leans over to whisper something quietly to Corban before turning back to the gathering.

Corban moves on from the Duke and Duchess of Laurent, because obviously he knows their proper titles, what is he, some sort of barbarian? And then Edain and Caelis are there, and he echoes the greetings from his date. "Your Grace. Lady Caelis. So good to see you both here to share the day with the Laurents."

"Oh, Archlector Aleksei!" Cristoph /does/ notice the man strolling in and steps forward to greet him personally. He glances to Saedrus with a curious expression on his face, but he doesn't pry. "It's lovely of you to come by. Has anyone seen my sister?" She must be around- There she is. "Jael! Why is that otter back in the house again?"

Aleksei looks over to consider the queue forming around Cristoph and Nicia, clearly judging it best to give it a moment before making his own approach. He sips his whiskey, considering the crowd, when Cristoph up and strides right over to him. He offers the man a wide grin and extends his hand. "Duke Cristoph. Congratulations on your union and all that. I -- don't think I have, actually--" He glances over to where Cristoph just located her, though. "Hello, Lady Jael!"

Jael tucks a couple of braids back behind her ear. "He's outside. I got dressed up before I went to check on him. Big mistake. Had to start over." Despite sounding a trace harried and a little bit embarassed, she has a flash of a smile for Aleksei. "Blessed Aleksei! Hello! I meant to come climb trees...I'll get to that."

The attendants in their gold and black finery are all smiles as they tote about their silver trays. Each tray has a different variety -- a little combination of Oathland and Southern vintages of wine. The red and whites are from the south, the former being a distinct rich flavour of dark grapes and the latter a dry sort mixed with mulberries. The sparkling though is from the Oathlands, as well as the ciders, of which there is a few different honeyed varieties. There are teas as well, the dark leaf sort best with honey and milk, and the flowered kind best without.

Edain bows his head to Corban and Monique, "Lord Corban, Lady Monique a pleasure to see you both." He says with a bow as he looks to Caelis then and asks, "Shall we let the happy couple receive more well wishers and go and find what delicious sweets we can gorge on while celebrating their union?"

Other attendants soon start to mingle with the original drink bearers, and these ones offer food. Light snacks that can be nibbled on during conversation, complete with gold leaf plates. Chocolate coated berries, sweetened cream, candied orange and spiced warm figs glazed in honey; a sweet tray because dessert need not be last. The savoury trays being brought about have thin cuts of cured meat beside little pickled vegetables like onions and pickles, oil-soaked peppers and stuffed with soft cheeses. Peppered crackers and thick cut, warm bread aside vinaigrettes are on offer as well.

Nicia glances over at the mention of otter, then glances at the door on the off chance the otter might have decided to follow Jael in. But no otter. Instead she catches someone passing with drinks, and she reaches out to take one with a greatful smile before she starts to drift in the direction that Cristoph escaped to.

Shaking Aleksei's hand, "I pawned this otter off on my sister months ago. I didn't realize it was going to get so attached to her." Cristoph says by way of explanation, like this is going to make it all make so much more sense. He looks back for Nicia, perhaps realizing that his people hopping has seperated them. "Have you met my wife before?" He wonders, though eventually his eyes manage to track to Daemon too with a curious expression. "Oh, here she is!"

Bowing to the newly weds, Caelis nods to Edain, towing him off with a smile. She finds some of those chocolate coated berries and other desserts, holding up a berry to feed to him with a smile. She glances about. "Want to sit, your Grace?" She asks.

Corban pauses one of the drink servers to get a glass of wine for himself and one for Monique. He smiles at her faintly, and then raises his glass in a small, wordless toast to her, before turning back to the High Lord. "A fine idea, Your Grace," says the Telmar Voice. "No use in letting all these delicious things go to waste."

Saedrus moves about the crowd, speaking softly to those he passes but mostly seeing to his attendants -- making sure everything is going smoothly. The Whisper does pause a beat at Aleksei's side, smiling to Cristoph. "Is everything as you hoped, my Lord?" Saed asks of Cristoph. Head turned delicately towards the Archlector for a moment.

"Don't worry, my lady. The trees are still there," Aleksei informs Jael with solemn humor. "And still climbable. Although I had to help a little boy down the other who went up and then got too scared to come down." His smile is crooked as he looks back to Cristoph. "I don't think I have--" he starts to answer, when Nicia herself arrives to join her husband. He offers her a warm smile and dips into a bow. "Duchess Nicia, congratulations. Blessed Aleksei Morgan, Archlector of Skald, all of that." Blah blah blah, titles titles, who even caaaaaares. He snatches up a few pickled vegetables from a passing tray and beams a smile at Saedrus.

While Fis is chasing down the perfect drink, Alis eyes brighten at the look of pickled vegetables. You'd think she had more then enough of those in the past nine months to be sick of them. But nope! A toothpick skewering as many of the treats as she can is hoisted up as she stalks Cristoph and Nicia. "Duke Cristoph, Duchess Nicia." When she won't be interrupting. "Fia and I wanted to offer our wamest congratulations. We're so happy for you both. And, welcome to our fealty Duchess. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to ask."

Edain nods to Caelis and says, "An excellent idea, let us load up a plate and find a place to sit."

Monique takes the wine from Corban with a smile that speaks volumes. Volumes of what is anyone's guess. "We'd never let them go to waste," she tells Corban with a chuckle. "If anything, we could smuggle the leftovers out to the Grayson camp in the Gray Forest. No doubt they could use the treat."

With the sweets pouring in, Daemon's emerald gaze lights right up with excitement. Those gemstones are dead-set on the first tray of chocolate berries and honey-glazed figs. Like a ravenous man he tracked down the server and quickly secured himself a plate all to himself to enjoy. Warm cider in one hand, something gravely unhealthy in the other as he turns to mingle about the party. When he catches Cristoph's eyes looking his way, the knight gives a deep bow. "Congratulations on your union, my lord." The man speaks in a smooth tone.

On her way to reconnect with Cristoph, Nicia spots Alis and she smiles at the woman, "Your Highness! I'm so glad that you could come...I owe you further congratulations on your new addition." She shakes her head a bit, "I feel that I should be the one asking you if there is anything you need." She then glances at Aleksei, offering him a smile, "Blessed Aleksei, a pleasure. Thank you for coming."

"Thank you. Dame Alexis is watching her for us for a few hours this evening. I'm just glad I could make it to the reception." Alis' dimples show there in her smile. "Blessed Aleksei. Good evening." she adds, politely, now that she has spotted the man. "There are more then enough congratulations to go around. I do have to ask though. Please, tell me the orange shag rug that Cristoph sent was not your idea." What? "I mean, it keeps the guards awake which is good. But..." she confers with Nicia. Poor woman.

Corban lets out a heavy sigh. "I feel badly, returning to the Capital when the men are still out there. But I have Ministry of Defense business the detained me, and well." He gestures around the room. This party, apparently. He takes a sip of his wine and then looks around the room and all of those here.

Helping load up a plate, Caelis beams at something Edain murmurs to her. She finds them a seat and fetches two glasses of southern wine for them. She grins and tows Edain into a seat, looking on Nicia and Cristoph. "I'm so excited for them, they're both so sweet." She tells Edain softly and dips a candied orange in some sweet cream to offer to the man. Seeing Alis she smiles big, waving her free hand. "Try this first." She adds to Edain.

"It's going absolutely splendid. Thank you for all of your hard work." Cristoph tell Saedrus, bowing his head to the man for a moment. Alis appears nearby and he perks up again, "Thank you for coming down! I'll have to stop by your table and say hello to Fiachra before I got lost in the crowds again." He tells her with a beam. There's an innocent expression sent all around when Alis mentions the shag rug. Totally innocent. "Thank you, I don't believe that we've met." That's directed towards Daemon as he steps forward to shake the other man's hand.

"I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often, Blessed. If I go up I'll be sure not to get stuck." Jael smiles and lets Aleksei get on with further greeting, making her way around to collect a plate piled with food and, for once, only one beverage.

While the attendants continue to work their way through the crowd, Saedrus excuses himself with a bow to Cristoph and those about the Duke to see to things. The food and drink keep coming, while the musician to one side of the room start to play a more lively tune, without completely drowning conversational volume.

Edain eats the offfered, cream dipped candied orange and says, "Mmpth thith ith rellty gooth." He clears his throat and chews and slows, "That was very delicious." he says, his cheeks coloring just a bit.

"Oh, I think I might be to blame for that...I'm the one that found it. Was a soft place for the baby to play not good?" Nicia wonders, her eyes widening just a fraction before she leans towards Alis, tilting her head to listen to this confering. If she was the source of the orange shag rug, whatever might be confered over might be apt punishment.

"Of course," Aleksei says to Nicia when she thanks him for coming. "I had the good luck to be brought along as Sister Gisele's guest when she was invited to dinner by Duke Cristoph and Lady Jael some months ago, and it was a fun night. I think you've gotten yourself quite a decent sort of husband." He offers a polite smile to Alis when she greets him, dipping his head. "Lady Alis, hello." He grins over at Jael. "There's a lot of parents who just don't think their kids are allowed to climb," he says, "or it would probably be a bigger problem."

Daemon bites the edge of his mug and lifts it from his hand, freeing the space to shake Cristoph's hand in earnest as well as dip his chin. Not far forward enough to spill of course. "Pleasure all mine." Came his muffled and labored voice before he could free his teeth again. "Agh... Apologies, my lord. Sir Daemon Dracone, at your service." Another bow as is customary, his crimson cloak sweeping down over his shoulders briefly before he raises again. "You've put on a wonderful party as well. Please give my regards to the collaborators as well, I'm enjoying the banquet immensely."

Saedrus' evergreen eyes widen a little as he makes his way about. Did he just hear a High Prince /speaking with his mouth full/, the Whisper blinks and glances in that direction. He HEARS MANNERS, Edain. It looks like the Lycene-courtier is making a mental list of lessons. Ahem.

Monique lifts her glass in response to something from across the room, smiling, pairing it with a wave. Then she turns to Corban, nose wrinkling. "It was so damn cold out there. I don't know how you managed as long as you did." Her eyes slip from the room to her date. "You're looking well tonight."

Edain shrinks a little bit. horribly chagrinned.

Alis doesn't buy Cristoph's innocent act. Oh no, not even a little. That expression is met with a raised eyebrow. Maybe a snort, too, before Nicia is talking to her again and she is waving cheerfily at Edain and Caelis. "But, I heard they had .. a, well, a difficult time when.." her voice lowers more and she murmurs the rest. "Hnh. A lot of parents who have kids that climb any way. Lady Jael, I think perhaps I will have you teach Ellara to climb. So that at least she will know how before she inevitably attempts it."

Corban chuckles at the compliment, nodding his head, his cheeks coloring at it. "Why thank you," he says. "Your dress is lovely, as well. And I enjoy the perfume." He takes a deep drink of his wine.

"See? Amazing isn't it?" Caelis smiles, not seeming to mind his manners in the least. She finds another thing to dip in the sweet cream for Edain to try, a small cookie this time. Catching Alis' wave she smiles wider. "Your highness, hello!" she greets brightly.

"Sir Daemon Dracone! Of course. I'm not sure why that didn't come to mind. Countess Reigna Keaton is throwing a welcoming party for you. Well, welcome to my home. I hope that you enjoy the food and company, please." Cristoph releases the poor man's hand before snagging some treats off of a plate. He looks towards Alis and Nicia with suspicion for their conferring, an eyebrow lifted. "Perhaps the tree needs one of those rope ladders to help the less coordinated ones get down." Which would only encourage /more/ climbing, but hey.

"I was just about to point you out as a fine example of a pro-climbing parent," Jael tells Alis with delight. "I would be honored to teach Ellara the finer points, once she's got her legs under her properly. I certainly climbed against Mama and Papa's will and it's always served me well."

There's a moment of confusion, then it dawns on Nicia and her eyes widen a little once more, "Oh. Well." She pauses, then shakes her head a bit, "I hadn't ever considered that. I'm sure that it'll be alright though, right?" There is a momentarily worried look that crosses over her face before she takes a large swallow off whatever drink she was able to grab, then she wonders, "Do you think we could get more of that maple whiskey somewhere?"

Aleksei considers the idea of rope ladders in the Shrine of the First Choice. "Father Orazio already chafes that I got the Dominus's permission to let people climb at all," he admits with a rueful smile. "I can pretty easily imagine his look of disappointment if I installed /rope ladders/." His expression furrows in a surprisingly good imitation of the Legate's sternnest expression. "Where's the dignity, Aleksei?" he intones in a precise, noble Lycene voice. It all disappears with a moment's humor. "I don't mind helping the kids out of the trees, do be honest. It's a nice change of pace."

Echo, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrives, following Kael.

Saedrus drops a four tier wedding cake of dark chocolate and orange.

Saedrus drops an ornate wood and silver tray of little cake cuts.

Nodding exuberantly, Daemon plucks a chocolate berry from his tray and gives the man yet another wide and sincere smile. "It was really too kind of her to do so, generosity knows no bound in this city yes? And thank you dearly for allowing me to partake in your hospitality." Another bit of chocolate and a quick sip has the knight hoarding his snacks and drinks beneath his arm.

"What will be alright?" Cristoph wonders to Nicia, during her conversation with Alis. He must be wondering what the tactically sized princess has been saying to her. He glances from them to Daemon and takes a sip from the glass of wine he's managed to acquire. "Countess Reigna is a lovely woman and so is her husband. Well, no. He's a lovely man. They're both wonderful. I'm quite lucky to know them both." He begins to crack up when Aleksei does his impersonation of Orazio. "Ah, well. That's rather accurate. I like it."

Kael was entirely and completely here the whole time. He really was. Except, you know, he happened to be on the front lawn of the Manse, directing a crew of messengers. So it is with a bit of a disgruntled expression that he is finally just giving up -- or at least leaving it in the hands of the professionals -- and going to join the festivities minus one Reigna Keaton. Only a few feet into the Main Hall and he is changing course to try to lurk off in some corner. Or at least at the wall.

A rather ornate tray is brought out to the main tables while people mingle and chatter. On this, significantly larger tray, there are bow adorned cuts of assumedly the same cake on display. (Every reception needs two cakes). Each piece is dark chocolate sponge, rippled by the hint of citrus flavour while the icing, literally marbled by orange through the dark, has a more brilliant flavour of fresh summer oranges -- since the fruit itself has not yet flowered at this time of year.

"The rug." Nicia replies to Cristoph when he comes over, smiling at him before she moves to curl her arm around his, giving him a bit of a squeeze before she wonders, her own voice lowering, "What was this about climbing trees?"

Aleksei beams at Cristoph when he has the terrible judgment to laugh at him. (Now you've done it. You'll have to weather all of Aleksei's terrible jokes, Cristoph.) "Thanks," he says. "I'm pretty proud of it." His smile turns to Nicia and he explains, "There are a pair of trees in the Shrine of the First Choice. Very old ones. Some visitors like to climb them, which I fully endorse and allow. Occasionally encourage."

"Oh the little princess. Seems she's had some adventures already, your little niece." Caelis tells Edain and leans on the table a little watching Nicia with a warm smile.

Daemon chuckles softly at the hands at the events proceedings, slowly scanning through the entire crowd as the jolly voices ring out around him. Finally his eyes return to Cristoph, a sweet smile there as he rolls a lock of nearly white hair behind his ear. "I can't wait to meet her myself if that is the case. I do hope your time together with Lady Pravus is long and lovely, my lord." The man seems to shrink and draw back a bit. No doubt to scurry off to a corner to enjoy his sweets without hope of rescue.

"Oh... The rug. Is it that bad?" He wonders before being fully distracted by the appearance of a cake. "Oh look! Wow, he really did an excellent of job of getting exactly what we talked about." Cristoph looks impressed, giving Nicia a little squeeze. When Daemon moves to retreat, he nods towards the man. "It was excellent meeting you, Sir Daemon. Please come by anytime." Then he'll allow the poor man to escape with his sweets and drink.

Corban passes his empty glass off to a passing servant before circling back to murmur to Saedarius. "If you will extend our congratulations once more to the Duke and Duchess," says the Lord Telmar. "I would hate to interrupt them again. But business calls us away." Monique still by his side.

"Oh, trees?" Nicia looks rather lost as to why one would either want to climb a tree, or encourage the climbing of trees. However, she nods, fully in support of people doing so, if that makes them happy. However, mention of the cake causes her to look towards where the cake has appeared, "Oh! He really did...It looks wonderful."

Jael retreats from the meet-greet-eat area and finds herself with a surprise!Kael. "Count Kael, I didn't see you come in. Is Reigna here?" She peeks over his shoulder hopefully; alas, no Reigna, only Daemon, who gets a head-tilt and a polite, "Oh, hello...sir."

Monique offers a smile to Saedrus from Corban's side, and an echo of his words. "I'm terribly sorry. All my fault and none of the Lord Telmar's."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Arriving a little late would be a rather battle hardened man in a near immaculate suit of armor. Seems its been worked over for the occasion. Aside from a missing left eye, he is missing part of his right ear, and his left middle finger. Once within, Valerio looks side to side, feeling and looking a little out of his element. Kael is suddenly popular! Excellent timing as at least Valerio has met the man. "Ah. Lord Keaton! Pardon my interruption."

Saedrus smiles brilliantly to Corban and Monique, "thank you both so much for attending. Take some cake, please," he gestures off to the tray of cakes, "and be well, both of you. Lovely to see you again, Lady Monique. And I hope to meet you properly in future Lord Corban."

Kit, the grey fox, Brigid the Genet leave, following Monique.

Monique leaves, following Corban.

Kael had been doing his best to lurk, though said lurking took him near Jael. "Lady Laurent," he greets her with a curve of his lips up and a tip of his head. When she is asking regarding his wife, he shakes his head. "No, her stomach was troubling her and so she sends her apologies. I wanted to make sure the war-- ah, the newlywed's gift arrived safely, however." Which explains his tardiness, naturally. With Valerio's greetings, he is turning toward the other man and flashing him a welcome grin. "Lord Mazetti! A pleasure to see you once more. Have you been enjoying yourself?"

The voice shakes Daemon out of his sugar induced haze, his bright gaze looking straight back at Jael the moment she addresses him. As if a switch just flipped right back on, the man sets the plate aside, the cider down and sets into a deep bow. Prim and proper with his hand coming just above his shoulder in a quick flourish. "Lady Laurent, Count Kael. A pleasure to make your acquaintance at last and my sincere apologies for not recognizing sooner!" He speaks loud yet smoothly, his voice gliding over each word. "Sir Daemon Dracone, apparently already nicely known. Flattering!"

"Yes, you see, the ceiling of the shrine is open -- you can always see the stars and the moon, if she's out, at night." Aleksei lifts his hands as if to indicate open space above them for Nicia. "So the trees grow through there and sort of frame it all. The light always manages to cast down directly on the altar. It's pretty remarkable." His attention is pulled over to the appearance of the wedding cake, and his eyes go a bit wide. "/Hello/."

Vim, a guard-corgi in-training arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

Saedrus continues to swan about, moving between guests. Noting the late arrival the Whisper smiles to Valerio and gives a gracious bow, "My Lord, lovely you are able to attend, I am Saedrus Whisper." A graceful gesture of one hand and lookit that, an attendant appears with a tray of drinks. "Would you care for a drink," there's wine, whiskey, cider, whatever the man might like -- and snacks going about too!

"Look, Kael has arrived!" Cristoph pitches his voice so that it's loud and carries, nothing new there. "Count Kael! Thanks for coming!" Neither is the way he waves his arms towards that cluster of people. When he looks back towards Nicia and Aleksei he comments, "It's actually quite a nice shrine. I've been there before, one time when I was meeting with Sister Gisele." He smiles crookedly before his attention drifts to Edain and Caelis. "Excuse me for a moment?"

Jael doesn't deflate, exactly, but the disappointment is clear on her features when Kael explains his wife's absence. "I am sorry to hear that. Will you tell her I hope she feels better soon and I'll send some tea?" Then the handoff to Valerio, and she drops a curtsy to Daegon. "Ah-hah, Sir Dracone of the Keaton-party-for-Sir-Dracone. It's nice to meet you beforehand. Parties are always tricky for introductions." Her eyes sweep over the room in front of her and her mien is one of wry amusement.

Alis sidles on over to where Edain and Caelis are seated, with a plate full of things that probably don't go together. And, having secured her drink from her spouse who is wandering about, probably looking for a window. Some window. ANY window, from which to look outside instead of feeling hemmed in.

Edain smiles to his sister and says, "It seems you have put together a plate of excellent confectial treats!"

Smiling to Alis, Caelis leaves off finding different things to dip in sweet cream for Edain to try and bumps the princess lightly. "Hi, aren't they sweet? Duke Cristoph and Duchess Nicia?" She asks and eats what's in her hand for a change.

"Oh, it does sound rather lovely." Nicia replies with a nod, then she glances at Cristoph, smiling at him and pulling her arm away from his so he can move off to where ever his attention draws him. Her attention turning back to Aleksei, "Is there any particular reason for the open ceiling, or trees....or just they were nice looking?"

In a moment, Saedrus is collecting on of those cuts of cake and bringing it over to Aleksei -- because he's a good paramour like that. There's nothing said, just a smile, and Saed leaves Aleksei with the treat.

"They are. I already adore the new Duchess." Alis agrees, smiling over at Caelis. "Want to try some, Edain? I got all the pickled things." she points out. Because of course she did.

"I get around here and there, so for the most part yes, as far as I let myrself do such things." Valerio gives a brief and rare smile. "Arx is rather fascinating. Oh, you'll be glad to know I've made some inroads in at the Ministry of Defense, seems they are having the same idea we did. Cross training and such." He pauses and looks down to the little box in his hands. "Erm, I hate to impose. However any chance for you to introduce me to the newlyweds? I do have a small token at least for them."

Edain ooos at his sister. She knows him well, "Do you have any of those pickled peppers stuffed with the soft cheeses?""

Aleksei's smile warms in a particular, private sort of way when Saedrus steps over to press a plate of cake into his hands. His gaze lingers on him when he slips off again, and then he returns his attention to Nicia. "Oh, well, Prism would really be the one to ask, since she built it. But I've always felt it's about the open space. The freedom of it. And Skald's particularly fond of stars. They look different to the gods, you know. They look different to him here than they did when he was in his full power in Elysia."

"The Countesses' generosity was unexpected but a very welcome surprise all the same. I won't be able to thank her enough once we've settled into the swing of things." Daemon muses with a coy smile set on his face. "I feel very much like a stranger in a strange land here... so many new faces. So many people worth bowing to. Extravagant, if time consuming."

Sir Pupsalot, a polite tri-color corgi puppy arrives, following Tessa.

Cristoph's path takes him towards the table with Edain, Caelis and Alis. And not Fiachra because he's somewhere else looking out the windows. A fact which briefly confuses him when he arrives and the fourth person isn't there. With a shrug, he drops down into a seat with them. "How is everything? Are you enjoying the food? There's cake. I believe they're passing out cake now." Exhale.

Saedrus finds a space free of mingling guests, and lifts his voice enough to be heard. There's never any actual shouting and the southern lilt carries well in the decorated hall. "Lord, Ladies and honoured guests, if we might, just briefly take a moment to raise your glasses to the Duke and Duchess Laurent of Artshall. To their future, the future of House Laurent and the great allies made in House Pravus. May the future be a bright one, my Lord, my Lady."

Alis duh's, and pushes her plate forward. "Hello, of course I did. And some of the sliced cured meats, and really Saedrus did an excellent job organizing all of this. So much good food." There's a contented sigh from her. "I daresay we're doing better then you are at the moment, Duke. It's a wonderful party, your wife is lovely, and you're doing fine." In case he needed the boost.

When Daemon is introducing himself, Kael is looking the man over. This isn't typical masculine posturing or anything, rather it is just simple observation and taking note of the other fellow. He nods in an amiable fashion toward him and remarks, "Sir Daemon Dracone. Excellent, I had hoped to meet you once before the event." He inclines his head to the man before catching the sound of his voice once more. Turning toward the guest of honor, or at least one, Kael offers his Liege a chin-up sort of greeting before he catches himself and more formally inclines his head, keeping it low. "Of course, it is an honor. Reigna sends her apologies, but we both send warm wishes to you as well as your bride." With formality finished, he murmurs to Jael, "I shall, and it is appreciated. The ginger seems to do well for her." Thereafter, a focus in on Valerio. "Have they? Excellent. A matter for us to discuss -- actually, I have several. As to introductions, of course. I -- well. Let us begin with Lady Jael Laurent. Duke Cristoph's sister and--" He silence with the toast, naturally.

Aleksei gets a token favour of chocolate cake from an ornate wood and silver tray of little cake cuts.

Edain nods to Cristoph and says, "Duke Cristoph this has been a lovely reception. Thank you for inviting us, and may you and Duchess Nicia have many happy years ahead of you."

"Ahh, so you don't mind heat?" Caelis asks, looking between the siblings and smiles to Cristoph. "Ah, reinforcements! Good. One Valardin is handful enough, two, I fear for what my pallet might experience." She teases and nods to the Duke. "This is lovely. Nary a dunk tank or cornhole board in sight."

Sir Pupsalot, a polite tri-color corgi puppy have been dismissed.

When the toast is made a slight flush colors Nicia's cheeks, the drink in her hand quickly finished before she nods to Aleksei's explanation of the reasons behind why the shrine is the way it is. "I'm afraid I don't really know much at all about Skald, but he sounds fascinating. Stars are wonderful things, very wonderful. I hear those that can read them properly can use them for navigation?"

"I enjoyed both of those things. Though I suppose they didn't have a place at our wedding reception." Cristoph rubs the back of his head, sipping from his glass of wine. "Thank you again for all of your congratulations." A smirk is directed towards Alis for a her comment before there's a moment where everyone raises their glasses and he does as well, drinking more fully at the end. "Saedrus is a wonderful host. I would recommend him to anyone that was looking for an event to be hosted and didn't want to tear all of their hair out."

Saedrus slips off for a quiet word with Cristoph, a smile and an elegant bow before he swans away to Nicia, which just so happens lands him next to Aleksei. "I do hope you did not mind the toast, my Lady," he chortles and glances to the Archlector beside him, "how is the cake now you are allowed to eat it?"

"Reigna is one of the kindest people I've ever met," Jael tells Daegon sincerely, then gets a very slight deer-in-torchlights look as Kael starts making introductions just after she pops a chocolate covered berry into her mouth; fortunately the toast gives her time to snag a wineglass and raise it, swallow the treat and let out a piercing unladylike whistle on the heels of Saedrus' words. She then switches back into well-behaved mode and dip a curtsy to Valerio. "We are honored by your presence, Lord Mazetti."

Alis bats her eyelashes at Caelis, which really looks horribly out of place. She is never able to pull off that sort of thing and always looks ridiculous. "I have no idea what you mean." she counters, lying through her teeth. "And I believe I will keep that in mind, Duke Cristoph." Despite not being the type who enjoys throwing a party. She does, of course, toast when the others do.

"Oh, that's all right. Most people in the Compact don't know much about Skald. We all forget him, after all." Aleksei's smile is crookedly rueful after he lifts his glass for that toast and looks back to Nicia. "They can, yes. I traveled up and down Arvum and got used to them. I know sailors use them even more, but I'm terrible at boats. I spend the whole time puking." He smirks down at Saedrus. "It's delicious, and it did /not/ fit in our kitchen."

"As I wished the same, Count Keaton. It is a privilege to make your acquaintance. I am only saddened that I have yet to properly thank your wife for her generous offer." Daemon's head turns as the toast is had and raises his own glass in solidarity. "May the newly weds have a long life and grow old with love for one another." He sips gingerly before turning back to Kael, Jael and their third guest Valerio. Upon hearing the name, Daemon slips into a low bow. "Lord Mazetti, a pleasure. I've been lucky enough to spend time in the company of Marquessa Mazetti these past few days. I hope she is well!"

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"Would you be willing to discuss him more sometime?" Nicia wonders, then her attention shifts towards Saedrus, shaking her head, "Not at was very well spoken. I'm sure we've told you numerous times by now, but again, thank you for helping to handle this."

"Certainly. I look forward to that dinner on the horizon, My Lord." Valerio dips his head, and then has to turn it to the left to be able to look upon the pointed out Jael. His mouth opens, but there is the toast, and though his glass imaginary currently, he raises it to confirm politely. "To their future!". His head inclines deeply towards Jael. "Good evening, My Lady, it is my honor to be able to stop in and bring a little something. By way of apology, I'm still completely new to this city." Daemon gets a quick one-eyed doubletake. "She is, apologies. I missed out on your name Sir."

Laughing at the lash fluttering, Caelis looks between Alis and Cristoph. "I suppose we should decide what we're doing for our reception. Might have to bother you and Sunshine for notes Duke Cristoph." She tells him and looks back at Alis and her plate of pickled goods.

Kael, for lack of liquor in hand or nearby, is actually lifting his hand, fingers curved as though he absolutely had a glass there. Still, his expression is pricelessly sincere. He tries. At least, with a sidelong look toward Valerio, he is not alone in his make-belief. "My wife is indeed one of the kindest people," he offers as an aside to Jael, confirmation, though his lips twitch thereafter. "Unless our," and yes, he includes Jael in this, "Squall was kicking all day."

Cristoph looks back at Saedrus with a little bit of a surprised expression but also quickly shaking his head. "Absolutely wonderful and not at all." He smiles at the other man before returning to the cluster of guests at the table, waving Edain off as he makes his exit. "Actually for something in the future I was thinking we all pick up scrapwood and use it to make poorly constructed rafts. Which will inevitably sink. But we could race them from one side of the pond to outside to the other. It's only a foot or so deep, so it'll be perfectly safe." Caelis probably shouldn't get any advice about party planning from Cristoph, if his next bash is any indication.

Daemon outstretched a hand as the corners of his mouth tugged into a war smile. "Sir Daemon Dracone. Knight in service to Valardin, albeit a rusted one. Still can holds a sword straight though and that's half of what matters." A humorous glint in his eyes sparkles as he speaks.

"Of course," Aleksei says, voice almost breaking in a laugh, to Nicia. "That's my job, after all!"

"I... don't think Fia and I ever had a reception. We figured everyone would be sick of us by the time we got back to Arx." Alis admits, shoulders lifting. She does squint at Cris's suggestion though. "How much have you had to drink?" Amused, she grins over at Caelis. "It'll be Spring, so something outdoors might be good?"

Saedrus bows graciously to Nicia, smiling to the woman as he rises, "do you think perhaps I might be able to steal the Archlector a moment at least?" evergreens cast to Aleksei and the smile warms. "If you promise to make sure you do not have cake all over your hands, would you care to dance, Blessed Aleksei?"

10 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger arrive, following Alaric.

"I'm all hyped up on sugar. All His Grace's choices were sweets and more sweets." Caelis shakes her head and nudges Alis. "We talked about doing a massive picnic, celebrate spring and planting season."

Jael doesn't squee. She just does everything short of squeeing, namely covering her mouth with her hands and making big eyes at Kael over her fingertips. When she's done not squeeing, she drops her hands and exclaims, "That's so exciting! I'm sure not for Reigna maybe but-" Exciting for /her/. To Valerio, Daemon, both, "No need to apologize. We've all been very busy."

Alaric strides in with the usual borderline ungainly retinue in tow, smiling broadly. The King, as seemingly always, is damn glad to be here. "Apologies I couldn't make it sooner!" he pronounces regally.

"Dance?" Aleksei looks suddenly nervous, looking down at his cakey fingers. Maybe they will save him. "I dunno, Saed, that sounds like a recipe to embarrass you at your own party." He blinks at the sudden arrival of the /King/ of all people, standing up a bit straighter.

"Only a couple? What, do you think that's a terrible idea?" Cristoph asks Alis looking incredibly serious. He looks /quite/ concerned that the idea of rafting through the pond in his front yard would be a poor idea for a party. He's about to expand on his plans /more/ but then Alaric and a whole bunch of guys cheerfully stroll into the dining room mid-party. He looks up, squints and pops up from his seat. "Your grace, thank you for coming!"

Alis perks up at that idea. "A picnic would be perfect. Here, have some from my plate if Edain has stuffed you with sweets." Because nothing goes better with swets then pickled foods, right? "... oh no, of course not. Definitely not a horrible idea." she says convincingly, as Alaric makes his entrance.

Saedrus purses his lips, "it will not be anything overly--" he turns his head to the arrival of Alaric. In a moment, and a pointed look from the Whisper, a trio of attendants sweep up to Alaric offering trays of drinks, sweets and other snacks -- as well as tea and coffee, but they aren't fun. The Whisper rests a hand to Aleksei's back and guides him on the way, "first, we say hello, then you are going to take me for a dance." Now it's a /thing/. "Your Highness, such an honour to see you and lovely you were able to attend."

"Oh, I remember those nights before Vitalis was born. Mirabel started begging me to whallop her with my warhammer so he'd come out and be done with it." Valerio chuckles softly and, takes Daemons outstretched hand in a firm callused grip. "A pleasure, noone should underestimate old men. We got that way somehow." His one eye does manage to take in the NOT-SQUEE that Jael has going on and crooks a brief smile. "Congratulations, Lord Keaton! I promise I won't warn the niece ahead of time, so she too can be pleasantly surprised."

A beat, and Saedrus points out, "there is cake too." King's need to know that kinda stuff.

Seeing the King, Caelis rises to bow before sitting back down to resume her conversation. "Well, you know, lemon's one of my favorites and it delighted his Grace so we've been stuffing ourselves on those oranges and chocolate fruits." She murmurs and tries some of the pickled foods. "Pity Edain slipped out. I was hoping to coax him into more dancing."

Alaric spots Cristoph and proceeds over to his seat. "I'd be a poor cousin indeed to miss the wedding reception!" he says personably. "Congratulations to yourself and the new Duchess, Cristoph. It's wonderful now that I don't have to worry about keeping the big secret." He smiles and bows to Nicia and looks about the room at all the other greetings. "Ah, Master Saedrus, thank you and good to see you as well," he says pleasantly, directing Zelda cake-ward with a little gesture.

"It is ridiculously exciting. He or she has been kicking enough to make her decide we might hold off on having another immediately, so they will just need to be spoiled rotten." Kael delivers these words with a broad grin, before offering as an aside to Lord Mazetti and Sir Dracone, "Lady Laurent and Duke Laurent are to be the Name Witnesses for our little Squall." His grin just happens to grow at the congratulations from Valerio, and he tips his head toward him. "Thank you! Something more for me to protect, mmm? Let us find Duke Cris--" Oops, and there the King. He humbles, or at least adopts better behavior, inclining his head low before he offers a quiet, "As soon as he is free, we shall make our way there," to Valerio.

"Well, I -- okay." Aleksei can't exactly refuse getting led up to greet the /King/, after all. He drops into an /extra/-low bow. "Your majesty," he greets Alaric. It is the /best bow he can muster/.

An eyebrow quirks right to at this supposed outcry of none-squeeing. Enough so that Daemon does glance sidelong just enough to cast an inspective gaze on her. Though the hand that grips his own saves him from the trance, green eyes whirling around to look upon the one that greeted him back. "Never would I ever underestimate my elders, Lord Mazetti. The one time I tried, I was flat on the bum in a second. Never again." A soft chuckle reverberates through the Oathlander.

"You've arrived at the best time of the party anyway, the part where there's cake. And everyone has had enough to drink that they're friendly but not too friendly. I suspect too friendly will be coming shortly." Cristoph grins and manages a bow. Somehow. "And yes, you're free to tell everyone you know that you knew before they even knew." He'll just pass on having another glass of wine, don't worry folks.

"Your Majesty." Alis offers the greeting politely, rising to offer to quick bow just after Caelis has done so. "He probably knew there would be dancing, and made his escape just beforehand so he wouldn't have to. " Nodding, she throws her brother under the wagon without a second thought. That's what little sisters are for. "I'm afraid I am already tipsy enough that I should be going soon though. I don't want to take too much advantage of Dame Alexis really."

Jael positively beams when Kael names her as one of his unborn child's Witnesses, though when Alaric's tell-tale parade marches in she's quick to drop a low curtsy before everyone passes through to see the Laurents of the hour.

"Archlector, good evening," Alaric says amiably to the top/partial back of of Aleksei's head. That's some bow there all right. "Lady Caelis, hello again," he replies to her more normal bow. "And Princess Alis, we meet again!" He smiles and ohs to himself as if suddenly thinking of something, beckoning Alis closer. "Before you go, a quick word if you could."

2 Pravus Guard have been dismissed.

2 Laurent Guards have been dismissed.

Nevermind the look of undeniable pride (and amusement) for Aleksei's bow to Alaric. Saedrus turns bright eyes towards the King, "come and make yourself comfortable, your Majesty," he offers again. "It will not do to be standing at the threshold all night." Saed leans into Aleksei's side a little as they start back towards the Hall proper, whispering something to the Archlector on the way.

One doesn't refuse a word with the King. So when she is beckoned forward Alis does so, brows raising first. And then she squints before looking a bit pained, as they whisper back and forth.

Murmuring a low. "So that's the King." Valerio also is sure to bend the knee and bow at his passing. Upon rising he takes up one of Kael's earlier point. "Worth protecting with every breath, Sir. Especially when they up and decide to age before your eyes and go have adventures of their own." Daemon has earned a brief chuckle however. "Rightly so then." He taps the eyepatch over his left eye. "Folks assume this means I can't fight much. They always look so surprised when I bust their ribs with Mandate."

"Your Majesty." Caelis replies politely and smiles at him. When he asks Alis for a word she relieves her soon to be sister in law of her plate. Snacking, she rises and starts to wander.

"Saedrus used to use you in etiquette problem solving scenarios," Aleksei informs Alaric as he follows Saedrus. "Well, I guess not you /personally/. General monarchly figure. Did you know that if you're at a party I still have to greet the host first -- oh, sorry, I think I have to go dance now." Bye, Alaric!

"I do not think His Majesty wants to be bored over talk of my etiquette lessons," Saedrus quips, cheeks flushed a rosy pink shade over Aleksei's /super helpful/ conversation points to Alaric.

When Alaric pulls Alis aside for a quiet word, Cristoph makes 'excuse me' noises and drifts off in to the direction of his sister, Kael, Daemon and Valerio. It seems poor Daemon can't manage to escape him, not for long! Though he doesn't try to shake his hand again. Instead he smiles towards the man he hasn't met yet and then says to Kael, "One of my servants tells me that a rather large wardrobe has been delivered to my chambers. /Thank/ you."

Alaric waves agreeably enough to Saedrus and Aleksei's departure around his quiet conversation with Alis. He seems more relieved than pained, personally.

Alis inclines her head towards Alaric one last time, expression warring between amusement and exasperation for some reason. "Always glad to be of help, Your Majesty." she jokes, for whatever reason. "I think I need a drink on my way out, though." She grabs a whole bottle of something before leaving. Sorry Laurents. She now steals your liquor instead of the Nightgolds.

Oh goodness is that the king? It sure is! Daemon immediately takes to slicking his platinum blonde locks down and dips into the deepest bow he'd given all night. His spine may well have been reinforced steel. Slowly swinging back up, he still has a smile for Valerio. "Look like one of the sailors I found myself in the company of, my lord. It suits you. Very prestigious sort of scar." Then his eyes are on Kael and Jael again. "And fond congratulations for your squall, Count. I'm overjoyed for you." Oh no, here comes Cristoph again. Thankfully he'd kept his hand open this time just in case. "Ah, and the lovely man of the hour is back again!"

Alis may or may not chuckle, too. Sssshhhhh. She's a very srs sort of person.

"What! I thought it was funny," Aleksei tells Saedrus as he's tugged onto the dance floor. His voice falls a bit quieter as he sets to trying to remember how to do this all properly and where his hands are supposed to go.

Ah-hah, and as soon as Cristoph is making their way over, Kael is grinning. "You are quite welcome, my lord. I hope that you do not have too many wardrobes within your chamber now, but still, with your new wife it shall likely come of use." He tips his head once more before lifting his chin and stepping back, clasping Valerio upon the upper arm. "This is Lord Valerio Mazetti, my lord. I was fortunate enough to be able to discuss martial matters with him in brief recently and he has some excellent thoughts that coincide with my own regarding cross training forces. If you are not opposed, we should all sit informally one evening. However, that is talk of another occasion. We shall not discuss matters of war with matters of marriage." Did Kael just make a joke again? His brows lifted and his lips twitched. To Daemon's words of congratulations, he nods amiably to the other man.

Finding a spot to sit again and relax, Caelis resumes people watching. She picks at snack foods and has a comfortable smile on her face as she watches things.

Alaric bids Alis farewell quietly with a grin and genially shadows Cristoph over to the new gathering. "A new wardrobe? Must be impressively carved, I'm sure," he comments as he joins the crowd. "Lady Jael, Count Kael, greetings." He regards Daemon and Valerio affably. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure of introductions to either of you," he continues before looking to Valerio. "Did I hear you were Lord Valerio of House Mazetti, then? I'm Alaric Grayson the Fourth, King of the Compact." He glances upward briefly. "The crown probably gave it away, didn't it."

It looks like Saedrus is making a careful inspection of Aleksei's hands first -- no chocolate icing on his silks! "It is not funny, it is a terribly important lesson, thank you," Saedrus points out. Apparently the Archlector's hands are clean enough and Saed links his arms about Aleksei's shoulders, loose and delicate. It's not a hard dance, at least.

Anyone calling her brother 'lovely' is going to get a brow-arch from Jael, but she hides the little smirk behind her glass before interjecting, "I'd like a seat at that meeting. I am in charge of the Laurent military, after all." When Alaric joins the crew she drops another curtsy and smiles. "Cousin King, we are so glad you could make it."

"Wives do seem to come with a lot of clothes." Cristoph muses to Kael outloud with a grin tugging on his lips. With Valerio's introduction, his eyebrows lift briefly and then eventually the smile returns in full bloom. "Of course. This sounds like a great idea, you tell me the time and I will come to Keaton Hall and have a sit down with you both. Or more if there are more." Don't worry, he's not picky. He smirks then, perhaps picking up on Kael exercising his new sense of humor again. Alaric appears near him and the grin turns lopsided. "The king's mother is a Laurent so we're cousins. Of a sort." It's hard to keep track of these things sometimes. "This here is Sir Daemon Dracone, in service to House Valardin. He's just returned to the city."

"Yes well. I wouldn't have called it such at the time." Valerio remarks to Daemon. Valerio turns his head to be able to see Christoph clearly. "Ha! Often matters of war and marriage go hand in hand. Oft we have to use the same tactics. FOr us men, mostly its retreating." At Alarics approach Valerio bows low, making sure to put his good eye firmly on the King. "Yes Your Majesty, I have the honor of being Marshal for House Mazetti and Ostria at large." For Christoph he blinks quickly and essentially smacks his forehead with his left hand. "Speaking of Weddings, Congratulations, Sir. Ah, still lacking some Ostrian goods to show off, I brought this little token for you."

Daemon was all smiles and chatter toward everyone right up until the king made himself known. He immediately took on a professional posture and bowed. One hand to his waist, the other curling up and around his shoulder. There was no shortage of elegance here for his majesty. "Your majesty. It is my honor to meet you." His head remains bowed while the rest of him relents on his stiff stance while Cristoph provides the introduction. "He speaks true, your majesty. Recently returned to Arvum after five years away. My house was never well-known, but I am the last."

When Alaric approaches their grouping, Kael is moving into a deep and low bow, his eyes on the ground until he is acknowledged. It is only at this point that he is rising up to his full height, though chin is still lowered somewhat. "Your Majesty," he murmurs in a low voice. He takes a deep breath, as though calculating his etiquette when Jael's words register. His eyes widen and he is adding, swiftly, "I -- of course! I would not dream of having you elsewhere, Lady Laurent."

Aleksei settles his hands about Saedrus's waist on the dancefloor. Whatever conversation is happening between them is too low to carry, but Aleksei is looking at Saedrus with a narrowed expression.

It's just a gentle, slow sort of waltz between Saed and Aleksei on the dance floor. Whatever it is that has Aleksei's eyes narrowed on the Whisper only seems to have the Whisper smiling brightly back at the man.

"Ah, Sir Daemon, it's nice to make your acquaintance. Welcome back to Arx, I hope your return marks the beginning of better times for your family. " Alaric declares pleasantly. He smiles back to Jael's curtsy and side-eyes Cristoph. "Of a sort," he echoes cheerfully before nodding firmly to Valerio. "A pleasure as well, Lord Marshal Valerio. The March of Ostria has begun to make itself more of a presence in Arx, it is my hope that we all grow stronger together for it."

Cristoph laughs and shakes his head at Valerio's description of marriage. "I hope that my marriage doesn't become like a battlefield. High hopes. A Mazetti though? I need to meet with your Marquessa soon. I hope she doesn't think my preoccupation lately is my forgetting." When he mentions a token, there's natural interest in his expression even as he's replying to the congratulations. "Thank you very for coming down to join our reception." When the scotch is handed to him, he grins. "Oh excellent! I'll have to add it to my collection."

Alaric grins at Kael with a nice-recovery! sort of wink.

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