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Pennants Ball: A show of support

Join us for a night good drink and excellent company as we raise glasses and support to aid in the recovery efforts of the House of Thrax.

In light of the recent terrible loss to House Thrax and their vassals, the Golden Hart is inviting all of Arx to rally together in generous support as they recover and rebuild from the terrible attack upon their ships and peoples.

One and all are invited to attend this heartfelt event as we stand together during this dark and trying time. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much. Please join us.

Please note: Pledges of support to the Golden Hart made through Princess Valencia and Princess Alarissa are welcome and very much appreciated. The Princesses vow to donate all writs raised from this event and task to the rebuilding and recovery efforts of House Thrax and its vassals.

Donations of military writs at the event are also welcome. Donations of 25 or more will receive a special gift of appreciation.


Aug. 27, 2017, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Valencia Alarissa


Oliver Ariel Aella Valerio Joscelin Lorien Wash Lydia Alexis Artorius Raphael Darrow(RIP) Tarik Aksel Korka Arcelia Ian Eliana Edward



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

Mongoose arrives, following Joscelin.

Joscelin arrives, following Oliver.

a huge spotted dog named Fury arrives, following Aksel.

Mongoose have been dismissed.

a huge spotted dog named Fury have been dismissed.

:comes in out of the cold, her sword Aksel at her side. The two smiling and discussing matters of the North as they walked. Lydia dusts her gloves off and peels them from her hands, tucking them into a pocket inside her cloak and hanging both on a peg by the door.

Lydia comes in out of the cold, her sword Aksel at her side. The two smiling and discussing matters of the North as they walked. Lydia dusts her gloves off and peels them from her hands, tucking them into a pocket inside her cloak and hanging both on a peg by the door. (fixed)

Aksel does indeed come walking in with Lydia, even holding the door open for the Duchess as they arrive to the Hart. "I think I am going to go stand against a wall and occasionally make faces at you, Duchess."

Valencia drops a small finely-carved chest.

a small finely-carved chest is now unlocked.

"Have you been to this place yet? The Princess invited me, but I haven't found the time," Oliver's bold, gruff voice preceeds him as he enters the Hart, his hand heavy on the small of Joscelin's back. He is talking to her, his head bent down to take the shorter lady into focus, while still ensuring they don't accidentally run into someone on the way inside. "Figured this was a good enough excuse. 'Sides, I don't think I've ever had a date to something before. Makes it an even better excuse," he ponders this as he escorts the jeweler into the room.

Valencia, looking excited as ever departs her den and pauses at the railing of the upper floor to look down at the room below. There is a bright smile as familiar faces are scene and things are set to perfection. There is a impish smile as Princess Alarissa is seen and the little fox makes her way the curved staircase to the floor below, offering warm welcomes and little hugs as she goes, dark eyes dancing with gratitude and delight at seeing so many attend.

A petite woman in a long black coat trimmed in red enters with a glance around. Eliana has a little smile on her features and looks around with curiosity, but her eyes are tinged with sadness. She'll hesitate briefly before heading directly towards the bar. Luck would have it, she only stumbles and trips once on the way there, which is a gloriously amazing feat.

Lydia waves up to the railing, estatic to see Valencia and her friends at The Hart, whatever the occasion. Her bright, cheerful demeanor seems determined to have this gathering be a positive one for everyone involved.

Countess Arcelia Navegant makes her way into the Hart wearing a dress made with hundreds of metallic feathers that shimmers gold and ivory. Her hair is pulled back in an ocean themed wrap and she has one expensive looking ring on her finger as well as her beautiful wedding ring on the opposite hand. For this event she hasn't spared herself. She looks around and then moves to the familiar face of Ariel. One she had not seen in some time. "Lady Ariel, it is nice to see you. It has been some time."

Princess Alarissa can indeed be seen, hovering over some staff who are filling some long metal troughs, two of them side by side and roughly eight feet long, decorated with engraved waves upon the side. Water carefully poured in but not sloshed and another server who bears two ornate longboats with silken sails. In navy blue - Thrax is in mourning and she's being respectful of that - hair up and every strand in place, the lemon scented Princess glances up to Valencia with a faint nod before heading off to mingle with the throng who have arrived.

Lorien has been in the Hart for a bit and already has a mug of something or other in hand by the time that people begin to filter in for the festivities. He remains off to one side, not far from the fireplace, mug in hand, watching as people make their way about the room. He seems to be in good enough spirits, a smile touching his expression as he sees Valencia descend. He lifts his mug in her direction, but otherwise remains where he is.

Having time to spare from paperwork, Valerio has made his way to the Hart. With a messenger catching up to him, he sighs and has to drt off to the side for a few minutes to deal with the message and respond.

Aksel whispers some things to Lydia before stepping back, "Enjoy, Duchess. I am going to go find said wall." He gives her a playful sort of wink snagging a glass of whiskey on his way.

Joscelin's gold eyes flick to Oliver as he speaks. "I've not been, no," she comments, her coat taken by an attentive servant. Her backless tunic, the same gold of her eyes, frames a body lush with curves, the plump, pretty jeweler peering about the place with open appreciation. "Which princess?" she asks, curious."There are so many... do you speak of her highness, Princess Valencia?" The Guildmaster's brown skin is interrupted between her shoulderblades, the exposed skin revealing bright silver scars cut into a glorious, intricate, beautiful mandala that blooms to the middle of her back.

Ariel enter into the Golden Hart with a smile curling her lips as she beelines to Valencia, and it appears Ariel herself is 5 or 6 months pregnant and has a lovely healthy glow about her. Once within earshot she says "Valencia, it is ever so wonderful to see you. I am glad I felt well enough to make it. Do you need my assistance with anything?"

Eliana has joined the a handsome wooden bar with steel footrest and swivel barstools.

A nod is offered Alarissa's way as she prepares the tonights special game and a warm hug his offered to Lydia as she arrives on the floor. "I am so happy you are here, Thank you som much for coming," she smiles at her beloved friend, though she glances aside as Aksel takes his leave. There is a little breath and she offers another little hug, "You will pardon me I must say hello. I will be back," Valencia promise. Moving into the crowd. Lorien is noted and the little vixen's smile blossoms three fold, offering him a wam inclind of head as she turns to smile at the lovely Ariel and give a warm, welcoming hug to the woman. "You have not seen in forever. Yes, please," she smiles playfully. "If you would help the Princess and I welcome everyone. I do not want a soul here to feel unwelcome or unappreciated, yes? Woudl you help me in this?"

Slipping on the stool at the bar, Eliana adjusts her black coat and turns, asking for a sniffer of rum. It's delivered and she'll take it, beginning to sip slowly as she turns to watch people come and go and settles in to people watch.

Arcelia makes her way to the dance floor and she stands there for a second, looking around like she might consider a dance but then she shakes her head and with sad eyes makes her way over to sit at the table by the fire instead.

Arcelia has joined the table by the fire.

"Princess Valencia, yes," Oliver says to Joscelin, shifting to attentively help remove her coat and pass it along to a servant. His own cloak is removed as well, handed to the same person, before he sets his hand upon Joscelin's back once more. There's a grin for her, the kind that deepens the scar at the corner of his mouth, and he leans to murmur something to her before he looks about himself. "Bar?" he questions, and escorts her that-a-way, already on the prowl for drinks.

Alarissa drops Intricate Wooden Longship On A Decorative Wood Stand.

Lydia makes her way across the room in a simple snow white silk dress that dances about her ankles. She even takes the shortcut of the dance floor just after Arcelia, doing a little twirl mid-crossing on her way across the room.

Oliver has joined the a handsome wooden bar with steel footrest and swivel barstools.

Joscelin has joined the a handsome wooden bar with steel footrest and swivel barstools.

Arcelia is seen slipping through the crowd to the dance floor and Valencia takes a momoment to greet her with a bright smile and a little welcoming kiss upon the cheek, "You are woman after my own heart," she grins. "I am sure there will be lots of dancing. Thank you so much for coming." she grins, offering a playful wink before moving to nod a warm smile to Joscelin and Oliver as they make their way to the bar to be served by a smiling Magnus, the Hart's brawny master barkeep.

Eric, The Greater Stonewood Kestrel arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

Aella makes her way into the Hart. Long redhair haning almost past her waist, some of it done in small braids, with beads and feathers decorating it. Perceptive blue grey eyes slowly swivel about as she looks over the room and it's decorations. Dark grey and ocean blue dress a contrast to her lighter coloring. Like many of those arriving she begins her way towards the bar. A nod towards Aksel when she spies him, remembering him from the Spirits the other night.

Tipping her head at what Oliver murmurs to her, Joscelin's cheeks go rosy but her eyes roll outrageously. She mumbles something in reply, following him to the bar. She's looking at the room, at the dance floor. She spots Arcelia's warm smile, the jeweler giving one of her own. The Guildmaster's dark curls defy gravity in a halo around her head, bouncing as she looks this way and that, even when she claims a barstool at Oliver's side.

Arcelia smiles at Lydia's twirl and then returns Valencia's kiss to her cheek. "Your Highness, I cannot thank you enough for hosting this event. It means a lot that you are assisting." She smiles and looks to the dance floor again frowning. "I sadly shouldn't, I don't know what kind of a vision I might get. Seeing Joscelin's smile, Arcelia nods her head to the woman as if to say good evening from afar.

Ianholds the door for Wash, the two of them being late, but hopefully only fashionably so. Once following Wash in, he takes the time, without moving, to look around and appreciate what's been done to the place.

LIke others, Alarissa is slipping everywhere, greeting those that she knows and can lay claim to as she goes. Kisses to cheeks, grasping and holding of hands. The smile on her face light and airy as she goes. There's a pause near Joscelin and Oliver, the one known to her and the other not. "Guidlmistress Joscelin. I promise, I will get down to your shop within the next few days. I have been so busy." There's a look to Oliver. "Princess Alarissa." She doesn't bother with a last name.

Aksel gives a nod back to Aella from where he stands against a wall, his arms crossed over his chest as he holds his glass of whiskey.

Ariel returns the hug to Valencia as she says "I can of course do that." She begins to head towards Ian and Wash and says "Welcome to the Golden Hart, please do help yourself to refreshments at the bar and enjoys yourselves. How are you lords this evening?" Her hands gesturing to the bar and the available seating away from it.

Oliver tips his head over to Arcelia when he catches her smile, before he turns over to the bar and motions for Magnus. There's a quiet discussion on the available spirits before he makes his decision for himself, pursing a thoughtful look in Joscelin's direction before he decides for her, too. Magnus returns shortly thereafter with a bottle of gin, which he pours neat into glasses for the both of them. In the meantime, Oliver was about to seat himself when Alarissa arrives, and instead he straightens, folding himself into a neat bow in spite of his impressive height. "Your Highness," his voice is gruff, but he smiles. "It's a pleasure. Oliver Coldrain," he says by way of introduction, before finally finding his stool.

Wash sails in through the open door. "Thank you. Thank you. Uh... Ian and Washburn Kennex." He introduces to Ariel. "We're mobile at least, which is more than you'll be able to say by the end of the night."

The room is humming with activity, music is being played and large platters of food begin to be brought from the kitches. The litte vixen makes her way through the crowd, pausing her and there to offer a warm welcome and her thanks as she makes her way to the Hart's stage. She waits for Alarissa to join her before gently tapping on her class to call attention to the stage.

Joscelin has to mind to hop from her seat and give a polite if-abridged version of a courtier's curtsy to Alarissa, smiling at the princess in greeting. "My lady. Yes, it's been a busy season, don't worry. The tea will be hot and the scones fresh whenever you drop by." She turns to Oliver and introduces him to the princess. "Messere Oliver, this is Princess Alarissa, a woman of great taste. Your highness, Messere Oliver Coldrain, one of the finest tanners in the Crafters Guild, specializing in exotic leathers, but he is also a fine carver, painter, and advisor." Her lips twist. "And often gives said advice whether I want to hear it or not."

Ian bows his head to Ariel. "Well, depending on how you define mobile," he adds to what Wash says.

Already sitting at the bar, Eliana continues to sip her glass of alcohol while she watches teh room. She's like a little black cloud here, in her little black clothes at the corner of the bar. Eeyore extreme, except she's remaining silent as she watches people in silence and nurses her liquid comfort.

Steps into the Hart as he pulls the cloak from off his head. He rests the hood neatly on his back shoulders. Tarik blinks a few times to let his eyes adjust to the light from the Hart. Tarik walks nonchalantly to the bar, and takes a seat to enjoy the gathering.

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"Master Coldrain. I shall have to visit your shop. I have courting gifts to buy and perhaps, a lovely leather cuff for him would be just what he should have." There's a hand, gently held out in apology when the glass clinking happens. "I apologize, a hostesses duty rarely ends." And Alarissa's moving, weaving through the crowd so that she can come to stand beside Valencia

When the room has settled, Valencia begins to speak, her smooth sweet voice strong and warm, carrying to the far reaches of the hall, "Good evening, everyone! Welcome come to our Hart. Thank you so much for joining us this evening," she smiles brightly, dark eyes dancing with joy and gratitude. "I'm afraid we must steal your for a moment, but I promise to be as brief as possible so we can all enjoy the night," she smiles brightly.

"Tonight is a night of good will and support of the people of Thrax who have lost lives and livelihoods due to a terrible attack upon their ships. This recent attack was a devastating blow and the loss of life and ships was truly dreadful. But also know that Thrax and all the people of Arx are made of sturdier stuff and we will not bow nor break to this darkness. And so, the Golden Hart has taken up the cause to help them recover so we may rise up together and once again stand strong during this dark and trying time."

Dark glimmering eyes scan the crowd and she continues, "With this in mind, dear friends, we will be asking for your help to raise funds as well as well as glasses tonight."

"During the ball, Princess Alarissa and I ask that you consider supporting us in our task to raise funds. Further, I am proud to announce the Princess and I have vowed that writs raised in this task, personal and the Hart's part, will be donated to this cause. We hope you will support us. Every little bit helps. Thank you again for your help with this, Princess. Your kindness and generosity in this is so very much appreciated."

Ariel smiles warmly to Wash and Ian as she says "I am sure you both will be quite fine by the end of the night. Is there anything I could have the server get you to drink? Rum? Whiskey? Wine? And where is it you would like to sit?"

Lorien turns his attention from where he stands against the wall near the fireplace with his mug, lifting it and taking a swallow from it before turning his attention toward Alarissa and Valencia when the announcements begin.

"We have been very lucking and even prior to tonight we have had some donors step forward to help us in this important cause. I would now like to offer the floor to the Princess Alarissa who will speak to some very generous donations we have received so far. Princess if you wouldÂ…"

"I'd be happy to have you at the shop, your Highness. Exotic leather wares make fantastic courting gifts," Oliver says over to Alarissa, before he smirks over to Joscelin. His warm eyes are glimmering about something, and he utters a low chuckle. "Your introductions are getting marginally nicer as the days go on," he jokes with her, before he looks over to Valencia, quieting as she goes about making the introductions. His gin is taken from the bartop, though he does not sip for it yet.

Lydia pauses near the stage as Valencia and Alarissa detail the festivities this evening.

Seeing as her usual choice of grabbing a whole bottle of whiskey was likely not appropriate for the party. Aella opts for two glasses of whiskey, instead as she takes a sit at one of the bar stools. Half turning in her seat, to watch Valencia and Alarissa, as she sips at one of her glasses of whiskey. The dark blue tattoos that decorate some of her fingers easier to see as she holds the glass.

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Ian is briefly distracted from Ariel by Alarissa and Valencia's introduction to the festivities. Then, looking back, he gives Ariel a quick, wry smile. "You'd better not test Wash on this. He might think you're daring him." Is... Was that a joke? It's hard to tell, because his tone is ever serene and level. Only the flash of a smile that didn't touch his eyes lends the possibility that it was.

Joscelin's generous mouth twitches into a small smile, but the woman goes quiet as the hostesses speak. She sips from her glass and settles back on her stool, watching, listening.

"Challenge accepted. The bar, if we get to share your company, and a whiskey for us both." Wash says to the Marquessa with a tiny bow.

"As the Princess Valencia states trajedy strikes." Alarissa reaches over, a hand placed on Valencia's to squeeze gently. "At any time, any house. I know this perhaps a litte too personally." A sad little smile on her face, her palms then held face up as if to say who knows.

"Not just Thrax has been hurt by what has happened. The fealthy as a whole and in turn, those of the compact. Of Arvum." Alarissa stands where she can be heard, voice pitched loud enough for even those in the back. "Sailors, whose families will be tended to and cared for who came from all corners of the compact." There's a slight bob of her head.

"Ships will be rebuilt. Better, stronger than the ones that were lost. An opportunity for the latest advancements in the mariners art to be put into play. A silver lining in this all." Alarissa takes a small piece of paper from a server. "There are those who were unable to attend but sent their donations in, kind and generous donations and I would like to make note of them. The Princess Alis Valardin, one hundred writs. Sister Thena of the Knights of Solace, with one hundred writs as well. Very generous. By far the largest that I have seen come cross, the Dame Alexis Wyrmfang of the Dragons Hearth, two hundred military writs." A shake of her head. "These three lovely ladies will recieve tokens of our gratitude." Alarissa gesture to a wooden boat held aloft, intrictate in it's working. "and if anyone else donates over 25 writs to the cause, is welcome to take one as well with them." Alarissa looks to Valencia.

Eliana watches Valencia solemnly as she speaks and then turns her attention towards Alarissa. Her glass is still in hand, mostly empty at this point as she sits at the end of the bar. Taking a slow sip of her glass, she empties it out while she silently listens.

Ariel giggles a bit and muses to Ian "If he find it a dare than he shall. I am not drinking, it makes me feel ill. I assume it is a side effect of the pregnancy in truth." To Washs he says "I of course shall share in the company of you fine Kennex men. I would be a fool not to." And she begins to make her way to the bar with them, ordering two whiskeys once she arrives, gesturing to the Kennex men for where they are to go.

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Finally done with his unexpected business. Valerio ships off the messnger with a reply and rejoins the main event in time to watch the speech from Valencia. This also seems like a good time to pluck up a drink, so he seeks out some of the local brandy from the bar to sample. He cautiously settles onto a barstool mindful of his armored weight. His good eye roams about to try to see who he knows or at least recalls while keeping an ear fully on the speechifying.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

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Valencia squeezes Alrarissa's hand in return and nods warmly as she steps back to address the crowd once more, her composure nearly slipping at the generosity seen so far. The little southern princess rallies and smiles brightly again. "Thank you so much, we are so grateful to everyone for your support. It means so much to us."

"We are always so very grateful that each and every one of you are here in our Hart today and every day. You are what makes this place sing. Your presence makes this Hart beat. Your generosity and good will is essential to what we do. Your company treasured always," the little dark haired fox continues. "And so in thanks and with deepest gratitude we have a little gift for you all -- a little good luck charm, each one blessed by Gild, for you to carry with you in dark times. It is said that the North Star brings luck and protection to all those that carry it, ensuring that the wearer is guided to the right path and will always find their way safely home, and the knot is widely considered a symbol of enduring unity and remind them of our coming together. We hope it will bring you luck and remind you that in some things we are all tied together and this is our home."

Ian follows along to the bar, trailing behind both Wash and Ariel. His pace is naturally slow, and in thie crowd, he's more careful than usual, with all of his attention on the placement of every step.

Ian has joined the a handsome wooden bar with steel footrest and swivel barstools.

Lydia snorts a laugh and stifles herself with her hands over her own mouth.

Valencia nods and the chest is opened to reveal a mass of sparklingly little Northern star charms. "Again, thank you so much for the spirit and strength you have shown us. And for being here tonight," the little princess says as she begins to conclude the opening proceedings. "Now, I believe I have numerous barrels that need drinking and Princess has some games of chance for you to try. Enjoy your night. Princess if you wouldÂ…" With that, the little princess leaves the floor to Princess Alarissa to explain the contest and slips into the crowd.

Joscelin gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

Lorien gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

Lydia, recovered from whatever struck her funny bone, approaches Valencia.

Ariel gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

Wash puts Pork Pauldrons in an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Arcelia gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

Lydia gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

Back to the bat. Alarissa looks pleased at this, waving over those who want to partake of the game, as opposed to partaking of warm fires and drinks, toward the two troughs set up on the far side. Two boats - not like what's being gifted for donations - are placed into the water, waiting for their time to shine.

"How good are your lungs?" Alarissa inquires. "A game of change, and who has a hurricane at the back of their throat." She gestures to the boats. 'Two at a time, your goal is to get the boat from one end, to the other. The first person to make it there, wins and can claim victory. A game for two at a time. If you've someone you want to pair up against, do get in line!"

At the mention of good luck charms, Eliana's eyebrows rise and she actually smiles. It's a wistful smile, but she actually looks slightly hopeful. Setting her empty glass on the bar, she'll slip off and move to head towards the area in which to donate. She'll pat herself down as she searches for her little sack in order to donate. Spying Ian making his way to the bar slowly, she'll give a smile but continues on her way to find where to do the donation. She also walks slowly, very, very carefully.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

Eliana gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

Wash gets his drink and offers Ariel his elbow. "A game of blowing! Would you be my partner?" He has a drink in one hand, untouched yet, but he intends to down it quickly.

Oliver cants his head as Alarissa talks about the game of chance, looking mildly intrigued at the possibility. "Hm," he grunts a little, before looking to Joscelin with a grin. "You wanna race me?" his brows go up in thick arches over his warm brown eyes. "I mean, it'll give us a chance to see which one of us is more full of hot air," his grin stretches wider as he hops to his feet, holding a hand out to Joscelin. He does lean to murmur something to her, even as he tugs her off the chair.

Ariel takes Wash's offered arm as she says "A game of blowing? I am sure no harm can come from such things. So I shall indeed be your partner. You just need to explain the rules to me is all."

Oliver has joined the line.

Wash inclines his head to Oliver. "I expect that my partner can beat your partner." He suggests. "Are you up to the challenge Misserre Coldrain?"

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Oh look other people drinking whiskey too. Aella, raises her own glass of whiskey towards Ian, Wash, and Ariel. Giving a wide grin to them all. Though her eyes settle on Wash for a moment longer. "You are at the Murder the other evening, I believe."

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Wash says, "I was!" He replies to Aella. "I am not nearly that drunk yet, but I shall get there!""

It is now Oliver's turn to speak.

Joscelin has the grace to look scandalized at Oliver. "I knew letting you take me out was a bad idea," she laughs, but she does take his arm with an apologetic look to Tarik, whom Oliver -JUST- introduced her too.

Ian orders and receives a glass of whiskey. He downs a couple of sizable swallows fast, then sets it down. He settles in to watch the people. He nods to Eliana when she passes by, then Aella when she lifts her glass.

Oliver looks to Wash with a bright, daring sort of grin. "I'm not sure I'd take that bet if I were you, Lord Wash. I mean, look at the lips on my date," he motions to Joscelin with a wicked sort of smile. "I accept your challenge, either way."

Eliana has joined the line.

Artorius arrives into the Hart and sees -a lot- of people. "Oh, sorry I'm late..." he rubs the back of his head nervously with a light laugh.

Valencia smiles as Alarissa begins the games and turns to slip into the crowd to continue to welcome the Hart's guests. Artorius gets a bright smile. "My lord, you are just in time. Please get a drink and a good luck charm and enjoy the night. I shall come and bother you about supporting the cause in a bit," she grins impishly as she moves towards the bar. A bright smile is offered to Wash as he joins the line and she turns to greet Eliana and Aella, "Thank you so much for coming. Please be welcome. Did you get enough to drink?" she asks, gently waving Lorien, Tarik and Valerio over to join her. Smiling at Aella she says, "I do not think we have had the pleasure of meeting each other yet. I am the Princess Valencia. Welcome to my Hart."

Oliver checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Oliver checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Oliver checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Joscelin checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Joscelin checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Joscelin checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Valencia has joined the a handsome wooden bar with steel footrest and swivel barstools.

Lorien seems to consider getting in line for the game, but when Valencia waves him over from where he was standing, he seems to change his mind and makes his way in her direction, obtaining a refill for his drink on the way. He dips his head when close enough to speak without raising his voice, "Highness," he greets her. "Another successful gathering, it seems."

Artorius smiles to Valencia as she comes to greet him "Oh, happy to hear it, dear princess." he bows his head in greeting to her and happily sits. "You are free to prod at me about the cause as you see fit, Valencia. I'm happy to be here."

Lydia waves frantically at Ian to get his attention, "Come on Ian, come try the saliboats with me!" She looks over the dimunitave sailboats, and picks the red one for her own.

"I'm honestly hurt, Joscelin," Oliver says to the jeweler, touching his hand to his heart, before he bellows out a laugh and saunters over to the game table. He gives Josie a wag of his brows before he leans over the table onto his elbows, poised over his little ship. And then somebody tells them to start, and off he goes! Oliver really -is- full of hot air, or he's had a lot of practice blowing ships, because he huffs and puffs that little ship all the way down to the makeshift channel without losing steam. He makes it down the end of his trough first, and is already holding his arms up trimuphantly.

"My most dear Lord Lorien, I have missed you so very much," Valencia beams up at the man as he arrives, suddenly offering an excited little hug hug. "Thank you for coming. Don't me interfere with you joining the games. Please. But come find me later, yes?" she grins again.

Wash gives Ian the same encouragement that Lydia does, though with large sweeping gestures. "Get up here Ian. People. Gentlemen, Ladies. You may not know this, but yesterday was Ian's birthday. Happy Birthday Ian!"

Arcelia sits quietly and watches from the table by the fire. She looks tired, super exhausted, but then she sees Artorius and she gets up and goes over to say hello to the man, wrapping arms around him in greeting. "Lord Artorius. How are you doing?"

Lydia cheers, "Happy birthday! It's just like blowing out candles!"

Joscelin tries her best, but yes, Oliver has her beat when it comes to blowing hot air. Also she's laughing, because- "-you look ridiculous!" she cackles, pointing at Oliver as she straightens, her cheeks red with all that huffing and blowing and puffing.

Lorien shakes his head slightly to Valencia and accepts the hug, returning it in kind with a chuckle and says, "I haven't a partner for the games. I thought about it for a moment, but I think perhaps I will visit with you for now, and perhaps participate later." He smiles to those others gathered nearby, giving a dip of his head in greeting.

Alarissa claps her hands as the jeweler and the leatherworker face off across the two ornate troughs, boats making their way from one end to the other by the sheer windpower from lungs. But Oliver is the winner and as he puts his hands up triumphant Alarissa grins. "Well played, strong lungs from Master Coldrain! Next up is the Duchess Lydia and her chosen partner!"

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There is a bark of a laugh from the northerner, at Wash's remark of not being nearly as drunk. "Ah, well that is good! I shall hold you to that!" She calls back to the man. Her fist glass of whiskey finished she sets the glass down, and starts in on her second one, already waving the bartender down for a third. About to say something to Ian, she stops as she is approached by Valencia. A wide wry grin hanging from her lips, as she leans forward a little on her stool. The northerner already tall, but even more so sitting on the stool. "Oh aye, I am." Her grin widening, as she has a sip of her whiskey. ""Ah no not yet, pleasure to metcha', your highness. I'm Countess Aella Ravenseye. Recently arrived here. Thank you for the warm welcome." A nod to Lorien as he joins the Valencia. "Evenin'" Turning toward Ian, she lifts her glass again his way. "Huzzah! Happy Birthday!" And then she is grinning back at Valencia and Lorien, and others around her.

Servers reset the boats in the trough and get ready for the next round of participants.

It is now Lydia's turn to speak.

Ian starts to demur, then thinks about it for a moment and leaves his glass on the bar. It's clear why he was considering saying no; he's moving very slowly today. And cruelly, he also can't reply to Wash while he's walking. When he gets to the tray, he says in warning to Wash: "Just remember that I know about the badger incident."

Tarik rises from his seat the bar and dips his head to Valencia, "A pleasure, Your Highness. Tarik raises his head and smiles politely, "I do not believe I have ever seen your Hart with so many people. It is a good sign that people believe in the Compact. We are indeed stronger together." Tarik turns his head Ian and dips his head, "Happy Birthday, Lord Ian."

Artorius is just enjoying a nice drink then a wild Arcelia appears! With a soft laugh, he wraps his arms around her in return with a warm smile. "Hello Countess Arcelia. It's really good to see you." he chuckles "I am as well as I can be, here to enjoy the festivities. How are you?" he asks curiously.

Oliver snorts over to Joscelin, but then dissolves into laughter, walking back to her to swing his arm about her waist. He leans to murmur something to her, before he returns with her to the bar. "You should play, Messere Tarik," he encourages, as he eases back onto his stool.

Bundled up in a cloak against the cold, Korka is all dressed up this evening, for all that her black hair has finally started to escape confinement to give her that more normal messed-up look. She's carrying a number of parchments all rolled together and tied with a ribbon in hand, slowing as she reaches the gathering of people to consider those present, looking over it all with interest and curiosity.

Lydia bounces with excitement as Ian joins her, taking her place behind her own boat. "On three, then, Ian?"

Arriving fashionably late, the Baron of Whitefrost saunters in and smiles seeing the gathering. He heads first for the bar to get a glass of rum and then away from there to find and greet the hostess.

"This is better than the badger incident." Wash insists. "How could you consider turning down the Duchess?" He pats Ariel's hand. "Do you mind if I let you go first and watch how you do it? I've never actually been the wind behind someone else's sails."

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Ian checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Ian checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Ian checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Nodding to Valencia with a soft smile, Eliana says, "Thank you, Princess." Her words are quiet, likely barely heard, and she glances around after making her donation. Picking up her little good luck charm, she'll look at it with a wry smile and rubs her thumb against it lightly before putting it away. "Won't hurt..", she'll murmer quietly to herself before she turns to make her way back to the bar and get herself another drink, double rum.

Lydia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Lydia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Lydia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Joscelin shoots Oliver a look, amused. "You are going to start rumors, Messere Coldrain," she says with a grin.

"I'm doing pretty well. I'm waiting for Count Turo to get back from Escuma with the kids." Arcelia smiles bright. "I'm looking forward to meeting both boys since I've been asked to adopt them and help raise them as though they were my own." Her eyes are twinkling through her exhaustion showing that she really is excited to meet them both. "I am hoping you will bring Serah around to play with them once they get here."

Darrow steps into the gaming hall, his pale blue eyes sweeping the hall. The sound of laughter and general enjoyment in the room doesn't seem to improve the grim cast to the man's features, and if anything, it sours his disposition some. He proceeds further into the Hart, silent and wraithlike, until he reaches Ian and Wash, to whom he inclines his head minutely. "Lord Kennex. Captain."

The little vixen smiles at Lorien as he decides to stay a bit and chat and a warm nod is offered to Tarik. "I have to admit, supporting good causes aside, this makes me so very happy to see. A full heart is a happy one," Valencia replies with another smile. "Countess Aella, I am so very pleased to meet you. I hope you will be in our Hart many more times now that we have met, yes? How are you finding the city?" If you will pardon me, there are a few I need to welcome and get drinks to. I won't be a moment."

"Pffft. Rumors are for people with too much time on their hands," Oliver says to Joscelin, before he smirks and shrugs his heavy shoulders. He swings around on his stool to set his back to the bar, and holds his gin glass with both hands, sipping as he watches the others take on the ship game.

Alexis makes her way inside, the Sword of Blancbier carrying the eponymous blade strapped across her back, wearing a fine silken tunic in white with matching pants and boots, and with a duskstone-adorned dragon at the nook of her neek. Biting her lip, a little nervously, as she steps inside.

Bending over the tray at an angle to where he can successfully blow on the sail is not something Ian can do, or at least not right now. His sailboat veers of to the side and teeters along the edge of the basin, slowed down, sidling along, just a little behind Lydia's.

Lydia finds it a challenge, she isn't known to be the most competitive person around, but she seems to have found a competiton she adores and her little yacht stays just ahead of Ian's the whole way, taking its own bumps and deviations and finishes just a bowsprit ahead at the end, "Oh my gods, that was fun! Who's next?!"

There is a gathering near a table where two somewhat ornate troughs filled with water that rocks and crests agaisnt the sides as gathered people are blowing palm sized light ships down the length of the 8 foot troughs. Wash and Lydia's being by far - and so far - the more entertaining given that breath seems to go elsewhere than the sails sometimes. But the ships make it to the end and Alarissa smiles wide, the backs of her teeth almost visible as she takes Lydia's hand and raises it. "I declare the Duchess Nightgold the winner! Lord Kennex, you shall have to try again!" She consults the list after letting Lyrdia go with a smile. "Lord Washburn Kennex! Your turn, and your preferred partner."

Ian straightens up very carefully, nods to Lydia, his victorious opponant, and starts back to the bar, where his drink waits for him. Once back to where his drink is, he takes note of Darrow, nods to him, and with a gesture of his head invites him to sit at the bar.

Edward smiles as he comes over to Valencia and he bows to her, "Princess. I wanted to thank you for hosting what looks to be a spectacular party to help those in Thrax Ward who lost people." he motions to those gathered and smiles, "It seems to be a good success."

Wash steps up to the challenge escorting Ariel to the tray opposite his. "I should let you know, that I've been sailing for eight years, and a captain for four. I know everything there is to know about tiny little wooden ships." He boasts, buffing his nails in an exaggerated way on his chest. And then he raises his drink to his lips just as the timer says GO! He finishes his drink though because, priorities.

Wash checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Wash checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Wash checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Ariel checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Ariel checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Ariel checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Aella grins widely to Valencia, nodding to the woman. "Of course, of course! Due come back though!" She calls out cheerfully, in her heavily northern accented voice. And then she turns that almost wild grin onto Tarik and Lorien. But then she recalls having hard the name Halfshav. "You, you have not met yet. I heard you mention Halfshav, yes?" Voice loud and gregarious. Taking a sip of her whiskey. Points to Tarik. And then looks to Lorien, eyeing him a little. "You don't got much of a city look about you? What's your name? Join me for a drink."

Moves through the growing crowd of merry makers to greet the newcomers, moving to greet Lord Darrow and Korka as they arrive.

Slipping off his barstool, Valerio tucks away a small leatherbound ledger he was looking over. He notices at last the fact he was being beckoned and now takes off in the direction of Valencia and the crowd that is invariably around her in one form or another. "Princess Velenosa." A deep bow of his head, as he brings it back up, it turns slightly to the left to keep her in sight of his eye. "We've really only briefly met before. Lord Valerio Mazetti, Marshal of Ostria." A brief hesitation. "I ah, have some writs for manpower here for you, for the cause." This armored man is clearly not a diplomat.

Artorius is just enjoying a nice drink then a wild Arcelia appears! With a soft laugh, he wraps his arms around her in return with a warm smile. "Hello Countess Arcelia. It's really good to see you." he chuckles "I am as well as I can be, here to enjoy the festivities. How are you?" he asks curiously.

Aksel snags another glass of whiskey from where he stands against a wall, watching the festivities. He doesn't look like he's bored, but more likely just a man who enjoys holding up a wall from time to time. "You need to work on that, My Lady." Aksel calls over to Lydia with a grin on his lips.

Alexis blinks a little at the display. But at the declaration of Lydia as the winner, the small knight brings her hands together in applause. Pausing to offer bows to Princess Alarissa and Princess Valencia, with small smiles for both. And then she moves towards the Duchess Nightgold. "Congratulations, my lady, on your fine victory. I admit, I don't quite - was it the children's game?" She inquires, politely.

Ariel smirks for a moment at Wash's words and muses "I think you may be boasting to the wrong person my dear Lord Kennex." And it seems that the Marquessa proves her nickname of Lady Luck to be true as she flawlessly wins. A grin curls her lips as she says "And I should have warned you that I am am quite lucky. My naked name is Lady Luck after all. I have a cloak I won back home to prove such things."

Wash staggers at the end of the race, completely out of breathe. When it's clear he cannot win he doesn't even finish the race. Instead he bows and pulls his rapier (still sheathed) from his belt and offers it to Ariel. "My Lady, I cannot bear the shame of my defeat. Not sober anyway."

Spotting Alexis, the Guildmaster Joscelin raises her glass to the other Crafter, sitting at the bar between Tarik and Oliver.

Lydia steps light on her feet back toward the center of the room, watching all the goings on about her. She waits her turn to speak with Valencia.

"Good showing there, Lord Wash," Oliver calls out to the man, before he flashes a bigger smile over to Ariel. "Congratulations, my Lady," he offers to Ariel with a dip of his head.

Finding somewhere to hang her cloak but keeping her little bundle in hand, Korka begins to look around. She spots Valencia fairly promptly though, and relief washes openly through her expression. "Your highness," she says, offering that bundle of scrolls over in the other woman's direction. Please take this.

There is a smile given to Valencia from Lorien when she makes her way off to greet other guests, but then he turns toward Tarik and Aella. "Evening," he says first to Tarik, whom he recognizes, and then to Aella he says, "Lord Lorien Keaton, my lady. A pleasure to meet you." He dips his head to her and raises his mug before taking a swallow from its contents.

'For shame Lord Wash! Your boasting! Seems you used all your hot air to do that, instead of move the boat!" Alarissa chides gently, lifting Ariel's arm as it turns out the woman is the winner. "WHo else steps up next? In fact, who would challenge me to a running of these boats?" Offering herself as a companion.

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Eliana finds herself at the bar again with her double rum and is sipping at the glass. She's quietly watching people from the end of the bar, obviously not really good at social situations. So she just stays there and watches quietly, people watching.

Ian finishes his drink, then taps the rim. He knows Magg is pretty busy right now, though, and so doesn't seem to expect that this will be done right away.

Artorius smiles to Arcelia warmly "I'm happy for you, Arcelia." he whispers softly. "If they are good and behaved boys, I would be happy to have Serah come over for playdates and the like." he smiles warmly. "You look tired."

It is now Wash's turn to speak.

Alexis gives a bright smile to the plump guildmaster, raising a hand in a cheery wave to Joscelin and the people surrounding her. Though sticking close to Lydia for the moment, at least. "Waiting in turn to speak to the hostess?" She muses, seeing where the duchess' gaze goes.

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Valencia moves through the growing crowd of merry makers to greet the newcomers, moving to greet Lord Darrow and Korka as they arrive. "My most dear Baron Edward, it is my pleasure. Truly, anything we can do to help to keep all our people's strong. I must away to great some others, would you see that our guests are well attended? I should like to speak to after, though, if I may, eys?" she asks sweetly, reaching out to take his hand gentle sqeeze. "I must say hello to Lord Darrow and Misterss Korka." But Valerio who finds the little vixen first. "Yes, I remember. How could I forget that dinner,'" she offers with a slightly wincing smile. "My lord, that is... so very very kind of you. Thank you so much. You are a treasure. Thank you." The little princess looks so very grateful, offering Valerio a delicate hand in thanks before he slips off to enjoy the party.

Dark eyes scan the crowd and it is Korka how finds her next. "My lady?" she asks, opening the scrolls. The little princess's jaw opens and she looks at Korka wish such gratitude, suddenly wrapping her arms around her in a heartfelt hug. "Oh, Mistress Korka, this... it is so generos of you. Thank you so much. This will help so many. Thank you."

"And you as well, my lord," A deep throaty chuckle there as Aella grins madly. "That's the correct way to address you, aye?" Voice a little deeper as she asks the question. "I'm shite at this whole etiquette thing." Poking fun at herself. Leaning forward to peer into Lorien's mug. "You got liquor in there? So, where the Keaton's from. Never heard of 'em? Though you probably never heard of Ravenseye for that matter, either. Shame that."

There is a rapid shake of her head for Valencia's maybe question. No no, Korka is no my lady. Not that she says anything. She gives a quick smile when the scrolls are taken and starts to shift back as if to retreat promptly, except she's being hugged. Oh, there is a hug. Someone has initiated physical contact. The slim young woman freezes for an instant, then brings her arms up to awkwardly return the squeeze. "You're welcome," she says. "The party looks real nice." She gestures with her chin towards the rest of the gathering.

Wash staggers at the end of the race, completely out of breathe. When it's clear he cannot win he doesn't even finish the race. Instead he bows and pulls his rapier (still sheathed) from his belt and offers it to Ariel. "My Lady, I cannot bear the shame of my defeat. Not sober anyway."<repose for Ariel?

"Dame Wyrmfang!" Alarissa calls out. "Come, I challenge you to a boat race."

Ariel giggles softly and muses to Wash "Then perhaps you should have some more of the lovely whiskey that Princess Valencia has stocked. And I can always help you practice for future ones after all. I am game for another boat race in truth."

Arcelia smiles at Artorius. "If they aren't well behaved when they get here they will be soon after." She laughs softly. "Turo can be a hardass when he needs to be."

"Least we could do. Terribly tragedy that was. Military Types should support each other through such things. It is only proper." Valerio takes the proffered hand and bends down to give it a kiss briefly before releasing so that she may be the everywhere at once hostess. One more reason this man is not a diplomat. Now on to a drink, in moderation this time. Back to the bar, and to check out the other bar-flies.

Lydia jumps into Alexis' arms, hugging her, nearly spinning her about, "You came and cheered me on! That's quite the reverse of the usual!" "Yes, I have to talk to her about Thrax and Nightgold and such, but when she's free. We have all night."

Artorius smiles to Arcelia softly "So I've come to hear. You're not too bad yourself when it comes to being scary." he compliments her, looking into her eyes with a kind smile.

Wash stands and hooks his rapier back onto his belt. "A better idea I have not heard in... at least twenty minutes." Wash offers Ariel his arm again, and snags his tumbler with his free hand taking both back to the bar. "So where is back home Lady Luck of House Luck?"

"My apologies. I was so very excited. Please forgive me," she smiles to Korka, immediately releasing her upon feeling resistance. " I'm so very glad you like it. And I am so very glad you are here. I think you should visit more often. Would you care to have a drink?" Valencia invites, her cheeks flushing. "My lord Edward, would you come and have drink?" she asks with a little nod of her head as she waits to usher them to the bar.

Lorien glances down into his mug as well and then chuckles, "Ale. Would you care for some?" he asks Aella. Then he says, "Oakhaven, which is quite a bit west of here. I will admit that I haven't heard of Ravenseye either. Where is it located?" He seems genuinely interested even as he watches others around them at the bar, here and there.

Alexis is basking in the hug from the Duchess Nightgold, grinning to Lydia. "We do have all night, and you have been radiant, from what I can tell." Then her name is called, and Alexis blinks, ruefully letting go of Lydia. "It appears I am to make a fool of myself, my lady. Perhaps you can cheer me on in this endeavour?" Giving the woman's hand a squeeze, and then moving towards Alarissa, proffering a bow. "I am, as ever, at your service, your highness."

Looking briefly relieved when she's released, Korka offers up a warm smile of her own, the awkwardness fading. "It's fine," she says. "You just surprised me. I'm pretty glad I'm here too, though. It's nice. You're nice." Pause. "I'd love to have a drink, yes, please. I think that's just what I need."

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Once through the greeting process Edward smiles and nods to Valencia, "Of course. For a short while." and then he lifts is drink to her before she goes to meet others. And then he moves back to the bar to take up a perch there and watch the other people intermingle.

"Good!" Once Alexis comes and Alarissa embraces the woman, a soft murmur in her ear before she turns to take up her spot with the boat races. "Who will officiate?"

Wash says, "I think that it is only fitting we have a sail off. I shall compete against Duchess Nightgold, and you against Messere Coldrain. But... only after I have regained my wind." Wash suggests. "That way we can find the best among us.""

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Arcelia looks to ARtorius in confusion. "Me? Scary?" She tilts her head to the side and stares at Art for a second. "Really? I never would have thought of myself as scary..." She laughs.

Artorius laughs a little to Arcelia "I recall when you were upset with me this one time...I forget what it was about, but it really looked like you were going to tear me a new one." he chuckles faintly. "You can be rather intimidating when you are passionate about something." he smiles.

Lydia moves into a good position to spectate this round of sailing boats!

Alexis accepts the embrace, giving Alarissa a smile, and a small murmur and bow of her head in turn, the tiny knight's cheeks colouring pink at whatever the princess said.

"Oh... Well, my children shall fear for their toys then." Arcelia laughs and takes a seat next to Art. She really looks quite tired and like being here is exausting but she's doing it anyways for the good cause. "How is little Serah doing? She should be coming up on turning 6 soon if she hasn't already, right?"

Ariel nods to Wash as she says "I think that is indeed quite a wonderful idea Lord Wash. You have a lovely mind. Shall we go to the bar while you catch your breath?" Her hand going to take his elbow once more.

Eliana's sad blue eyes glance down the bar to look at those there. Leaning her cheek on her propped up fist, she'll watch and listen as she swirls her glass of rum, already halfway gone again. She might need another drink soon.

Wash collects a drink from the bar and guides Ariel to a table instead. "Too crowded. I'll be inhaling too much used air. Messere Coldrain! Come and join us."

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Alarissa checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 5 higher.

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Lydia cheers! She's so ruddy enthuastic it's almost as if she's just cheering on both the ships and either the players!

Alexis checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 4 lower.

Alexis checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 6 higher.

Ariel smiles and gracefully moves the one of the tables as she says "That is fine then." She flags down a server and says "A bottle of whiskey for the table please." And the Server is off to grab said bottle as she begins to speak quietly at the table

Lydia gasps!

Ian exchanges a few words with Darrow at the bar, then settles in to watch the people. His gaze goes back frequently to Wash. Almost like he's keeping at least half an eye on the Kennex admiral.

Raphael nods, "I will take a rum or two! I feel like one just wont be enough this night!"

Artorius chuckles faintly to the Countess Arcelia, smiling to her as she takes her seat next to him. "So it would seem. Your motherly nature will kick in really quickly with the young ones...if it hasn't already with adults." he laughs faintly. He does pat her back comfortingly when she looks just absolutely exhausted. "Yes. Serah turned 6 about three weeks ago. I took her to the Menagerie so she could see all the animals." he chuckles.

"Oh no!" Arcelia declares. "I'm a terrible aunt! I'll have to send her two gifts to make up for missing it!" She looks horrified that she actually missed it but with everything that has been going on it is probably excusable? She then looks startled and leans into talk to Artorius quietly.

Oliver is quietly conversing with Joscelin and Darrow, though he does look up when he hears Wash call his name. There's a broad grin for the man, and he chuckles a little. "Forgive me, Lord Wash. I'll come in just a moment?" he smirks, tipping his head to indicate Darrow and Joscelin. "Some talking to attend to," he winks.

Princess against Knight. Valardin fealthy showdown over at the troughs. Alarissa takes her place and placing hands on the table, she starts to blow and blow on the little sail of her boat, an occasional glance to Alexis to see how she's doing. It's neck and neck and at some point, it seems like Alexis might very well win. But in the end, it is Alarissa's boat that makes it to the end of the trough and touches first and she stands upright with a beatific smile and embraces Alexis.

Edward is overheard praising Valencia for: For hosting a great party

Joscelin quirks at Oliver as he leaves her to join the other table, amusement in her eyes. She turns back to Lord Darrow and listens to him.

Valencia smiles and nods to Raphael, reaching for the bottle. "My Lord Edward, have you met our city's latest advocate, Missere Raphael? Missere, this is Baron Edward Stormbreak." Ever the consumate hostess, Valencia keeps an eye out to make sure all are well cared for. Pausing she reaches into her bag and placing a little star into Edward's hand before turning back to address Darrow's comment.

Artorius chuckles faintly to Arcelia, shaking his head a little "You don't have to Arcelia. You've been quite busy and understandably so with everything going on. Please, don't be so distressed." he smiles, and then leans to hear her whispers and whisper in return. though his eyes widen considerably.

Valencia gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from A leather bag adorned with stylized fox.

Valencia gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from A leather bag adorned with stylized fox.

Lydia is overheard praising Alarissa for: Alarissa, for the best party game since Donkey Knights!

Valencia gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from A leather bag adorned with stylized fox.

Valencia gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from A leather bag adorned with stylized fox.

Alexis seems a little uncertain. "Haven't done this since I was a kid," She warns, but leans down, and draws a deep breath. Starting off strong, then having a coughing fit near the middle - but there's a powerful set of lungs on the little knight (not like that!) and she's almost caught up to Alarissa again. Almost. But not quite. Panting, Alexis rises, givingAlarissa a bow. "Well played, your highnes. It is good to see you... Undefeated?" She questions, with a small smile.

Joscelin quirks at Oliver as he gestures to she and Darrow in reply to Wash, amusement in her eyes. She turns back to Lord Darrow and listens to him.

Artorius suddenly gives Arcelia a big hug, looking quite happy!

There's a look between people when they're introduced, and Korka studies Valencia for a moment before flashing a smile and lifting her chin. She doesn't wait for her drink, shifting back before she turns and slips away and into the crowd, heading for her cloak.

Arcelia returns the hug with giant, wide eyes.

"Undefeated as yet. But it is likely the only way that I could defeat you." Alarissa turns, looking to those gathered. "Who wishes to try again, or try for the first time at sailing a boat in safe safer seas."

Eliana's glassy blue eyes fall on Darrow and she watches him from down the length of the bar. She swirls her glass slowly, not drinking more, now she's just swirling the glass idly while she watches those at the bar.

Sunrise, lilac breasted roller arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Alexis gives a little smile to Alarissa, then looks to Lydia. "Well. Maybe not quite as much a fool as I'd feared." She decides. "I expect you've met Princess Alarissa, of course. Have you had the pleasure of meeting Guild Mistress Joscelin?" Gesturing over to the woman. "She makes the most wonderful jewellery." The knight explains.

Arcelia sits there and continues to speak quietly with Artorius.

Artorius hugs Arcelia softly, looking briefly to see the festivities, but they continue their conversation.

Lydia shakes here head, "I haven't on either account, at least not more than in passing." She approacehs Alexis' knot of company and curtseys, waiting for the Princess to offer her hand, as is Lydia's station as Duchess.

"I have not had the pleasure of meeting the Duchess Nightgold before this night." Alarissa dips her head deeply to Lydia, then smiles to Joscelin. "I have met hte guildmistress." Alarissa beams. "She is who I go to, when I have needs for jewelry and wrought metal in beautiful designs. If you have nothing of hers in your jewelry boxes, one must surely cure that."

Eliana takes a deep breath and downs the rest of her glass, putting it now empty on the bar. "Thank you for hosting this, Princess..", she'll call out from her end of the bar. "It was a great thing to spread such support and positivity. You defintely have my support..", she'll say as she slides off the stool and takes out the little lucky charm with a little smile. "Good evening.." then, she'll nod to others she may know, which aren't many, and then turn to weave her way towards the exit, touching things often as she goes along to aid her in not tripping and falling on her face as she exits.

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Sunrise, lilac breasted roller arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Valencia nods to Ian and offers a small smile. "I understand. Thank you, Lord Ian. You are so good to me. If you will pardon me just a moment, I have an annoucement to make." The little vixen takes the stange again and taps on her glass. "Ladies and gentlem. Lords and Ladies, your Highness. I have a wonderful news," Valenecia calls out. "I am so very pleased to report that tonight we have raised over 600 in silver and military support for this cause, with speical thanks to Sister Thena, Princess Alis, Lord Wash, Lord Artorius, Dame Alexis and Mistress Korka. Thank you so very much. This will help immensely."

Lydia beams, "It's so wonderful to meet you both, and my highest compliments on the sailing game. What a briliant idea for the evening!" To the guildmistress, "I'm constantly in and out of the shops, I'm sure I've seen or even own some of your work without knowing!"

If you have not already done so, please take a good luck charm from our chest as thanks and a keepsake of our standing together in these troubled times. I hope it brings you great luck when you need it most.

Valencia claimes that

"It is a very clever game." Alexis agrees with Lydia. "And Duchess Lydia is quite the clever woman, so I imagine the two of you will go well together," She adds to Alarissa. Shooting another small smile to Joscelin and her friends, then blinking as her name is called out, looking a little confused, but sketching a small bow.

Alexis gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

Alexis picks up Intricate Wooden Longship On A Decorative Wood Stand.

Aella gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

Wash, stands up at the table. "To our hostesses! Princesses Valencia Velanosia, and Princess Alarissa Valardin!" He salutes them with his glass. "I was not born to Thrax. I was born a Grayson, but I fell in love with two things, my wife Catalana and the ocean. I salute the bravery of any sailor. Any man or woman who looks at a raging sea, an ocean teeming with the power of a thousand catapults, a wind that lashes one to the bone and says: 'I am going to tame that.'" Wash lifts his glass again. "That is a man brave enough to man my oars, no more, no less."

Ariel is overheard praising Valencia for: For throwing this wonderful ball to raise resources for the compact!

Ariel is overheard praising Alarissa for: For throwing this wonderful ball to raise resources for the compact!

Artorius gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

"I cannot take full credit for the boats. I had the whispers of many a sailor in my ears and I thought that it might be a lovely game to play." Alarissa blushes, then even harder when Wash is standing on a table and lauding them, beaming at the words that flow from the mans mouth. "Lord Washburn Kennex! Truer words have never been spoken! May there be many more men with the same bravery as yourself!"

Alarissa gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

Valencia looks up as Wash makes his toast. Her cheeks immediately go pink and she looks down shyly, words lost.

:takes the whiskey, "Well, I helped with a military training program, and one of Keatons helped me with that one." Tarik takes a sip of the whiskey, "Now, I am working on garnering support for trade for Halfshav, but I have recently decided not to pursue new contracts until some of the merchants and crafters are able to focus more on business. I do not wished for people to think that the people of Whitehold would take advantage of this tragedy." Tarik takes another sip, "I am working of increasing the social recognition of the nobles of Halfshav too.

Parting from his conversation with Darrow, Oliver finally makes his way over to the table where Wash has taken up residence, carrying a bottle of gin in hand. He flashes the Lord a wide grin. "My apologies for keeping you waiting. There was a quiet discussion on what the Crafter's Guild can do to support Thrax," he mentions. There is a moment where he does applaud for the hosts, before he motions to a chair. "May I sit?"

"Or woman!" Calls out Aella. Rising her glass as well. "To their highnesses!" Joining Wash's salute.

Lorien is overheard praising Valencia for: For the charity ball to raise money for Thrax.

Wash is overheard praising Valencia for: For creating a place that truly represents the Hart of the Compact

Tarik is overheard praising Valencia for: charity ball

Joscelin is overheard praising Valencia for: The woman can throw a fete.

Alarissa is overheard praising Valencia for: For being a wonderful host

Wash drops unceremoniously into his seat again, resuming his conversation with Ariel.

Wash makes room at the table for Oliver. "I have something... not sure what to do with it now."

Wash gets Smiling Pig Mask from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Lydia excuses herself and takes the opportunity to approach Valencia.

Tarik raises his whiskey glass in a toast to Valencia and Alarissa before returning to his seat.

Valerio gets a good luck charm in the shape of the Northern Star from a small finely-carved chest.

Valencia is overheard praising Alarissa for: Such a lovely and beautiful soul and a fine partner in charity. I can't wait to see what we might do together to help our realm and its people.

Oliver has left the a handsome wooden bar with steel footrest and swivel barstools.

Oliver has joined the Lucky 7 table.

Alarissa parts from Lydia and Alexis as they go, and makes her way to Arcelia by that fire, easing down into the seat, regarding the Countess. "Countess Arcelia. How are you?"

Raising his glass for the toast to the hostesses as well, is Valerio. He has been simply crowd watching all this time. A rather discombolulated view, given the one eye. Yet, all is well in merry making, and he believes no signs of duels or some such things. Yet.

Valencia smiels gently and nods her thanks, her composure slipping a little as toasts are made. She offers a sweet smile to Princess Alarissa along with a whispered, "Thank you so much," a delcicate hand touching her heart.

Artorius is overheard praising Valencia for: Throwing an amazing event!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Wash before departing.

Alexis gives a small bow to Alarissa, but sticks close to Lydia, still. Picking up a glass of wine to raise in toast, then making her way towards Joscelin to give the Nightgold Duchess privacy to speak with the Velenosian Princess. "Guildmistress. How good to see you. I trust you are well?" She inquires, politely. Looking to her company, and offering them a small bow as well.

Ian slides off the barstool and, drink in hand, leads Darrow at an 'easy' pace that might be a stroll for someone else but that's pushing it for him over to a table. He's grateful to drop into a seat.

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Darrow has joined the shadowy alcove.

Sunrise, lilac breasted roller arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Joscelin grins at Alexis' approach. "Hello, Messere. And yes, I'm quite well. It's good to see you here. How are you?"

Valencia takes a deep breath lookingn so very happy, she turns and smiles to Lydia as she approaches. "My darling Duchess," she smiles offering her another little hug. "Thank you again for coming. I'm.. I cannot say how grateful I am to you.... to everyone."

Arcelia gives Artorius a kiss on the cheek and stands up. She offers Valencia and Alarissa a smile and nods before she heads off for the night.

Artorius offers Arcelia a warm smile and a wave as she departs.

Arcelia has left the table by the fire.

Darrow sits at the table with Ian, his expression remaining neutral to sour-leaning.

Ian sits at the table with Darrow, his expression neutral and serene-leaning. After a long silence, he says something in a tone to match.

Alexis shoots a smile to Valencia, then picks out one of those good-luck charms, and bows her head to Joscelin. "Well. I always keep busy in the forge, and, well. I've kept busy otherwise too. Princess Valencia bestowed upon me the honour of fighting for the Hart in the recent Iron Guard Melee, and while I was the first to fall in the Tourney of Roses, I take it as a certain amount of flattery that so many saw the need to go after me and Princess Reese - and they had to go through me to get to her. I'm told she almost won."

Lydia smiles, "This gathering has been so wonderful. Through all our trials, it seems all the houses have come to respect each other and can count on one another for support in troubling times." She pauses, "I wasn't able to coordinate with Prince Darren of Redrain, but Nightgold wants to do what We can. Please accept our contribution of 25 military writs for the benefit of House Thrax. Together, all the houses of the compact can accomplish miracles and weather any storm."

Sunrise, lilac breasted roller arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Valencia smiles gently at Alexis as she speaks of her championing the Hart at the touney. "You were most skilled. It was an honour to have you fight for us, my Dame," she replies earnestly before turning back to hug Lydia. The little fox is overly huggy even for her tonight apparently.

Artorius rises and moves on over to Valencia with a kind smile "Hello, princess. I'm happy to see your event was such a success." he smiles.

Joscelin grins at Alexis. "I heard it was quite the fight. Business is well too? If you need funding for anything, please let me know. The Guild is doing quite well."

The little fox smiles with such affection. "You are so kind to me. Thank you for helping us with this. It is so heartening and amzing to see what we can all do toether. I am so beyond grateful," she smiles and hugs Lydia yet again. "Thank you, Lydia. Thank you so much." Drawing away, the look on her face is beyond grateful. "Thank you everyone. I cannot say enough how grateful we are. I love this city. Gods, and I love the people even more."

Valencia claims this

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