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Lycene Victory Celebration

A night to both honor the dead and celebrate the living as the Siege has ended and the threat of Silence is eliminated. How better than through lights, wine, and the best in Lycene music and performers? All are welcome to join House Velenosa for a night of Lycene celebration and entertainment.


May 19, 2017, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Niccolo Eleyna


Niccolo Deva Calista Isolde Talen Larissa Alistair Kieran Valencia Luca Antonio Ophelia Olivia Fiora Juliet(RIP) Blacktongue Reese Dafne Eleyna Mydas Joslyn Caelis Malena Karadoc Estaban(RIP) Artorius Rickard


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Grounds

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Comments and Log

Karadoc gave a nod to Larissa as they entered, giving a smile, and a nod to those he was familiar with. He wandered around idly by himself as he watched her walk off, and went to go see what he could find.

Jasper arrives, following Deva.

Castanea, a black mare with purple livery with foxes arrives, following Ophelia.

Gino, a surly sailor have been dismissed.

Castanea, a black mare with purple livery with foxes have been dismissed.

Larissa was giving the Lord Karadoc a quiet little smirk as they arrived together, though with a few spoken words between them the Courtesan peeled off and wandered her way to Artorius and thread hear arm through his "My Lord, you looked almost lonely standing here as you were. I couldn't bear the sight of it" she insisted with a sweetly dimpled grin. "I wanted to apologize too for leaving before I had a moment to greet you last night. Was that your young daughter you brought with you? I trust she enjoyed our show."

Never one to miss a celebration, at least when he's in port, Antonio Velanosa strides brazenly out of his family's estate so he might make his way toward the actual festival grounds. The young sailor isn't quick to mingle, however, instead taking in the setup, a little smirk playing across his lips.

Juliet makes her way to the grounds, resplendent in what has become her unofficial Paladin's uniform; ebon locks bound in a lycene plait, draped across the Swords of Tor resting against the back of her head, and then trailing over one shoulder, the braid bound in a glittering iridescite thread and adorned with thirteen roses in alternating black and crimson. This to complement her lycene-style dress, high-collared, in black silk, with sheer red panels. Duskstones glitter in her ear and at her neck, carved to resemble roses, while equally elaborately shaped dawnstones glitter against the cloak of her collar, the crimson lined cloth fluttering as she moved. Sheathed by her hip is an alaricite rapier, and the stygian heels of her boots click against the stone surface of the grounds.

The Lady Fidante arrives, as usual, with her lady in waiting, murmuring quietly and pausing, once she has arrived, to see who's present - and, of course, to get an opportunity to be seen.

Artorius gave a light smile to Karadoc when he sees him, but remains by himself, watching the entertainment. It is easily deducible that he is very much so in thought, but seems to be enjoying himself with a kind smile. He slowly turned his head with a 'hm?' when Larissa arrives and allows her to thread her arm through his. "Hello My Lady. It's nice to see you again, although I do possess a guilt that I did not guilt you as well. That was my dearest sunflower, yes. You should have seen her after, she was raving for hours." he chuckles faintly, but seems completely fond of his child. Fathers.

Lady Fiora Malvici enters the Velenosa grounds sedately, unmasked, unhooded, uncloaked. The first she's appeared in public without covering her face in more years than most can recall. The bulk of her thick black hair has been swept across the right side of her face or pinned up under the back of her head, leaving her neck and shoulders bare. In a new black silk dress with golden trim, matching slippers, even matching jewelry. Perhaps the greater surprise is who she enters with. Her hand tucked into the arm of Lord Mydas Nightgold, the pair making a striking dichotomy even with their similarly colored outfits. Her pale skin against his tanned. Her icy blue eyes and his golden wolf's gaze. Certainly a striking pair.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper, Sybilla, the Lenosian courtesan arrive, following Talen.

Arriving on her own, Caelis wanders onto the Velanosa estate in a red gown. The Malvici admiral seems decidedly unsure as she looks around at the gathering crowd. Running her fingers along the hem of her sleeves, she busies herself with adjusting her skirts for the moment to avoid making eye contact.

Ophelia rides to the event area, dismounting and handing the reins of her mare to one of the ever helpful assistants before she takes a small basket of wildflowers with her to the celebration. "Ohh." she says, seeing a juggler flick daggers in the air dangerous, impressed with his abilities. "If only you did that with a blindfold, that'd be something." as she offers him to up the ante in risk for the sake of entertainment.

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As the music swells to fill the grounds, lit with torches the cast the area in golden light. The entertainers are circulating through the crowd along with the servants with various types of Lycene foods and drinks, mostly wine. Eleyna stands off to the side, watching the guests as they enter and offer nods and smiles to those who look her way.. She's dressed in clinging black umbra, studded with garnets that glitter blood red in the torch light. The inky dark silk is a stark contrast to her exposed alabaster skin and the golden sheen of her pale blond curls.

Karadoc spotted the red gown he was looking for, and made his way over. He slipped up behind and to the side of Cae, "Good evening, Lady Admiral Malvici."

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrives, following Cicero.

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome leaves, following Cicero.

Valencia offers a sweet smile as the raven-haired princess enters the Velenosa grounds. Walking with a smooth stride, her hips roll easily beneath storm grey silks that gracefully embrace sensuous curves and slender waist, dark eyes sweep the crown seeking familiar and new faces alike. A polite smile is offered to her uncle Niccolo and a warm smile sent the way of her cousine Elyena before she takes a breath to brave the crowd with an impish glint in her lovely almond shaped eye.

Niccolo steps out of the state with his usual retinue of guards. He's wearing leather armor, a very nice set of leather armor with very prominent Velenosa colors. He lifts his hand in a gesture to his guards, and they disperse among those already gathering to enjoy themselves. Always in view of the archduke, however. Romina stays close to him, if a few steps behind, giving the man some space.

Mydas has indeed arrived to the Lycene festivities accompanied, and dressed for his part in dark silk combined with umbra. Were it not for the golden lining in his boots and gloves, and the gemstones upon his shirt and trousers, he would be a living, breathing shadow. Yet all that darkness, and the occasional highlight of gems and gold, serve the purpose of bringing one's gaze to his face, and his eyes. He's smiling as he walks with Fiora, glancing around the room for the faces he knows, and those he does not. "This, I fear, is far more your playing field than my own." he notes to Fiora. "Though before the others beat me to it..." he leans closer and murmurs something to her ear.

Ophelia has joined the garden benches.

Malena arrives at the event, and promptly takes herself to the archduke's side. Her dress is of lower quality and denotes her servant status. She hovers quietly in the background, waiting to taste any food or drink her patron might be having this evening.

"Tell were just warming up? I mean, you have a -lovely- singing voice but that isn't what I pay attention to..." Blacktongue's raspy drawl of syllables can be heard long before he appears, his low chuckle only adding to the rumor he gargles whiskey and rocks daily. The Harlequin of House Velenosa enters with his arm around what can only be one of the evening's contortionists. She swats playfully at his arm before running off with a girlish giggle to her post with a flush in her cheeks. With a bark of laughter he claps his hands together and looks around, his cheshire smile blooming and showing a breif hint of his unsettling namesake as it runs along his top row of teeth, lingering near an incisor. His finely trimmed beard is dyed a BRIGHT green this evening, a stark contrast to the head to toe black he insists upon.

Larissa falls absolutely in love with Juliet's gown and hair and unforgiving beauty. "Oh.." she gasps, her arm tightening upon the Knights as she was met with one breathtaking beauty after the other - There was nothing that could ever compare with Lycene fashion, particularly when the setting was a Lycene party. "I am so pleased to hear that." she murmurs, recalling the girls infectious smile throughout the show as it had been impossible to miss. "It's a shame that you didn't bring her this evening. While certainly not animals, I've always found the women of the Lycene to be just as beautiful and exotic as any rare species of creature found on the earth."

Looking at Karadoc, Caelis startles a little as he appears and offers a smile. "Gods, I could be making sure the lads are cleaning the hulls on our ships right now." She tells the Saik Lord and nods to the crowd. "This is madness-at least we all can see each other properly."

Spotting Valencia's smile, Niccolo offers a small warm smile in return to the young woman. He then turns to Eleyna and inclines his head, making his way to her. "My dear Eleyna," he greets her, and leans into kiss her cheek. "You've done outdone yourself," he points out, with a look around them. "Well done," he snatches a goblet of wine from a servant walking by. Romina peers at the archduke, but relaxes when he holds the goblet for Malena.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Justice, an elegant hunting falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Baby Badger arrive, following Reese.

Talen shows up marginally later than the rest of the family, dressed 'down' in plain black leathers. As he lingers in the archway slightly off to the side, others are permitted in, before he tilts his head to the side and inspects the occupants and their retinues. Without any visible weapons, the dark prince moves with a languid grace toward the crowd and briefly pauses to place a hand on the back of Niccolo, uttering a low: "Father, evening." Even as the words leave his lips, he looks in the direction of Blacktongue and shakes his head slowly, a smirk twisting his dark features. "I see the Harlequin has arrived with company, have you? I don't see -mother-," he utters, completely stony faced.

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Alejandro, 3 Fidante House Guards arrive, following Calista.

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As she catches Valencia's smile, Eleyna offers her cousin a nod and a little wave before her pale blue eyes catch sight of Blacktongue sneaking in with the contortionist. She lifts a brow in the Harlequin's direction with very much a 'Really?' expression on her face, though the grin curving her lips that she's failing to hide makes it obvious that she's more amused than anything.

Arriving in plain, dark understated leathers, it would seem Deva's goal is to go as unnoticed as possible. She claims a spot of her own, greeting those she recognizes and makes eye contact with quick and polite nods. She is otherwise quiet, letting the celebration surround her.

Artorius smiles to Larissa, noticing her wide-eyed gaze as she watches Juliet and other beautiful women who make their way into the party wearing marvelous gowns. He smiles to her and kindly rests his offhand on hers just to be polite "I was close indeed to bringing my little heart with me to this celebration...however, she was rather sleepy, and I spent the whole day with her today doing all of her favorite things. She was a little sleepy." he chuckles faintly, before looking out to the multitude entering once more. "Indeed. The ladies are quite beautiful." he nods and speaks this in a chaste manner.

A light pink suffuses the almost unnaturally pale skin of her cheeks at the whispered comment of her escort. Tilting her head in towards Mydas, Fiora murmurs a gentle, "Thank you, my lord. And I'm afraid I'll be at nearly as much disdvantage as you, my lord. Outside of those sharing my name, nobody here has seen me without a hod concealing my features." But still, she casts her gaze around before smiling faintly and leading him on a carefully weaving path through the gathered nobility towards Eleyna and Niccolo. They should greet the hosts of this grand affair, after all.

"Well. One of us is going to have to change." Blacktongue remarks to Talen, eyeing his similar outfit pointedly as he passes by and makes a way to Eleyna. "Yes. Really. I broke the last one. Am I supposed to be 'on the clock' tonight?" he asks, genuinely curious.

Karadoc laughed, "Oh, it's not so bad. I mean, your men could scrub the ships whether you're there or not, right?" He smirked, "But, no masks?... A shame.... I think they even the playing field a bit." He offered his arm, "Are you going to hide away this time, or shall we mingle a bit?"

There are a number of people to greet and so, Juliet raises a gloved hand to offer a gentle wave and a smile as she moves. Larissa, in particular, gets a wicked little smile in turn, and Artorius a nod of her head, before Juliet makes her way over towards the Archduke and his favoured nieces, sketching a curtsey to Niccolo, Eleyna, and Valencia alike. "Your Grace," Juliet proffers. "Your highnesses. A wonderful evening, and a wonderful party. I am ever grateful to be able to attend."

Reese arrives while adorned in a white silk summer dress accented with rose. She has her silvery pink sword at one hip and a rubicund knife at her other hip. It seems that even when without her weapons, the Grayson princess doesn't wish to leave her blades behind. Soft blonde locks are decorated with pink satin ribbons. She glances over the area, trying to get a sense of the setting.

Olivia enters with a wide-eyed look, as the grounds are really in quite a state with all the entertainers and decorations. Dancers and acrobats... and oh my, was that fellow juggling knives? Her expression suggests worry more than amazement at least on that particular count, although otherwise she seems readily entertained by the over-the-top offerings. These are not the kind of parties they throw back where she's from, at any rate, and the expression on the young noblewoman's face makes that fact more than abundantly clear.

Valencia sends a playful smile to Eleyna an detours to greet her properly with a little hug and light kiss upon the cheek. "You look lovely, my sweetest Eleyna. You are well?" Valencia says brightly as she glaces out to the crowd. The smile blossoms as Juliet approaches and she offers the Fidante a warm smile and hug. "Lovelies of Juliets, I am so happy to see you," she laughs, turning just in time to see Princess Reese arrive. That cheerful smile flashes again and she waves Reese over with a delicate hand, offering her a warm hug and peck on the cheek in welcome as well.

Ophelia drops a basketful of silky wildflowers in shades of blue, pink and violet.

Eleyna turns her head to look at Niccolo, smiling. "Thank you. I was hoping to do something that reminded people of home." There might be the briefest shift in her pale blue eyes before she's shrugging and glancing over the crowd. Spotting Talen, she lifts her brows and tilts her head before she deliberately turns her attention to Blacktongue. "No. Just enjoy yourself. If you feel inspired, feel free. But otherwise..."

"Oh, there she is," Talen is saying next as he spots Deva enter, his eyes flicking back toward Blacktongue when he's spoken to. "I'm not wearing a contortionist," says the former Artiglio. Eyeing up Eleyna in turn, he simply responds with: "What?" Both hands even go up, innocent!

"Mm, I have met some, but not all of them." Mydas remarks to Fiora before falling in step with her, moving towards Niccolo and Eleyna as well to offer their respect. "Your Grace, Your Highness." Mydas greets the pair with a gallant bow. One that is repeated towards Valencia and Juliet. "Let me correct, Highnesses, and milady." His attention returns to Niccolo and Eleyna. "We are in your debt for hosting such a night. It would seem it's proving rather popular."

Taking Karadoc's arm, Caelis gives him a look. "You're lucky this is in public, best behavior and all." She tells Doc before gesturing ahead. "By all means, let us mingle, what's the worst that could happen?" She wonders and nods to the crowd gathered.

Fashionably late, Isolde slips onto the Valenosa grounds in her usual black. Her mask seems to have left behind. The Princess makes her way quickly over her father and her cousin Eleyna. On her way, she tries not to smile at Blacktongue's glorious colored beard. "The party looks lovely." The two hosts get a respectful bow of her head. The traditional hug and cheek kiss will come once they're done attending with other guests. "Apologies for being a bit late."

"Son," Niccolo greets Talen and reaches to pat his shoulder. He glances in Deva's direction, his features softening. Still, he doesn't move to go meet his wife just yet, instead turns his attention to those that are approaching him and his niece. "Lady Juliet," the archduke greets the Fidante Voice when she approaches. "I'm glad you could make it, it's good to see you," he offers warmly. As Valencia joins, he dips his head to her. "My Princess Niece," he greets her. Mydas' approach is noticed as well and he inclines his head. "Lord Mydas," he greets the man and turns to Fiora next. "Lady Fiora."

Antonio has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Reese draws closer to Valencia and wraps her bare slender arms around about her in a hug. She tries to kiss against her cheek in return. "It is a pleasure to see you, Princess Valencia." She murmurs. She notices Valencia's attention to Eleyna then gives her a smile as well.

His cursory examination of the party's setup done, Antonio decides to just -lurk- slinking away to a relatively unoccupied part of the gardens.

Karadoc grinned, "Oh, I know, and why did you think I asked like I did?" He chuckled, and led her around a bit, over to Arty and Larissa first, "You two look to be getting well aquainted." He offered with a smile, "They've done a fine job sprucing up this 'dour' place, haven't they?" He joked idly, looking around at all the esquisite finery all about, people and places both.

"I was wearing her five minutes ago. -I- changed." Blacktongue drawls to Talen. His attention shifts to Isolde as she glides by. "I changed it from the usual purple. I was told that didn't bring out my eyes like it should." To Eleyna he bows with a flourish, doffing an imaginary hat that 'sweeps' the ground. "Oh, there is always inspiration but there is always the question of 'could've, should've, gotta, needa...wanna?' It is almost always at the expense of others..." He holds up his hands in mock surrender, mirroring Talen -exactly- when he does it. "Nature of the job! Honest!"

The Duchess of Roses makes her arrival to the Velenosa grounds where she immediately is stopped by one of the contortionists. "Oh, I remember you." Calista murmurs to the lovely little thing who takes a performer's bow then proceeds to slide one very long leg up to press flush against her ear. "Yes, I believe that is what clinched Blacktongue's appreciation for you when you performed at one of my parties not too long ago. I imagine that rascally harlequin is about somewhere." She passes the contortionist now and moves easily through the throngs of people, weaving gracefully with an air of refinement about her that is well beyond her years.

Valencia nods and sends a sweet smile Mydas' way. "Lord Wolf, nice to see you again. You look dashing as always," she beams, dark eyes dancing. A little smile is sent Blacktongue's way as she turns to smile up at Niccolo, "My most beloved Uncle. You look well. I am glad to see you," she smiles, turning to smile gently at Reese again. "Uncle Niccolo, you know the lovely Princess Reese. I am glad you are here, Princess," Valencia smiles sweet to the princess known as Ribbons.

As she's greeted, Eleyna manages a faint smile for those that approach and a few words for everyone that greets her. As she leans in to kiss Isolde's cheek, Eleyna scowls at Talen over her shoulder, muttering to her husband, "If I catch you wearing a contortionist, you'll also be wearing my dagger in your gut. It's the only proper accessory."

The sight of ribbons and paladins within the room causes Talen to recognise two more figures, yet there are countless others, so he detatches from Niccolo after that brief acknowledgement. Bypassing Deva, he leans in, has a momentary glint in his eye (of something amused) and then heads towards his own wife, uncle and subsequently Isolde. "Sister, hello."

Larissa flashes a warm smile up at the man, what woman wasn't a sucker for a doting father? "You are lucky to have each other then. Were every father so attentive, I think our world would be a vastly different place." she murmurs just as her attention was caught by Juliet and she blew the woman a kiss. The young Whisper was more or less familiar with most of the faces present, however kept herself on the Lord Knight's arm - letting everyone move and mingle around her, greeting as they passed. She offered up a smile to Talen and Valencia, wiggling her fingers here and there before wondering quietly "What is her favorite thing to do in the city?"

Ophelia is sitting off at one of the garden benches, watching the jugglers passing lit items between themselves, and she spies Antonio moving off to the dark corners. "Careful, one of the jugglers might accidentally throw something over there thinking its vacant." she says to him before turning her attentions back to the jugglers. One of them spins around quickly with a dazzling display of fire arching around them before tossing it back to its partner nearby. She claps happily.

"Then you are still ahead of me, I know most of them from afar, but have met very few personally," gets murmured to Mydas just as they approach their hosts. Dropping into a curtsy, she straightens and offers softly, "Your Grace," to Niccolo before offering gently, "Your Highnesses, milady. Thank you for putting on this grand gala, it will surely be spoken of for years to come." She flickers a brief but sincere smile towards Eleyna, Juliet, and Valencia. Glancing back to Mydas, she smiles a touch, "Shall we mingle and meet people? Claim a glass of wine before they start to disappear?"

Malena takes the goblet from Niccolo's hand and takes a sip, waiting a moment to ensure it's not poisoned or taste odd before handing it back to the archduke. She's very unobtrusive about it. Keeping to the side so she doesn't interrupt Niccolo's conversation.

Fashionably late, Joslyn arrives decked out in fine summer silks, hair tied back in a lycene plait, with her favorite hairpins stuck in the back. Her jade eyes look around curiously and she twists her lip in a smile as she takes in the crowd, hips swaying as she takes in all the sights.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.

"Isolde," Niccolo greets his daughter next, and leans in to kiss her cheek. "You're fashionably late," he suggests to her. "Which is never a bad thing." He looks over to Malena when she tries to hand over the goblet to him. "Oh, you can have that one," he tells his protege. "You should enjoy yourself as well," he smiles to her. "And then get me one after you're done with that one." He adds.

"Her favorite thing is braiding my brother's hair." Caelis tells Larissa and looks up at her brother as Karadoc steers them over to the pair. "Hello dear brother. You look fine." She offers in a chipper tone and puts on a bright smile. She looks back at Karadoc briefly as if remembering her retort "I'm sure they can, but they work quicker if I'm about. What sort of Admiral parties while her sailors work?"

Leaning back a little, straightening, Deva just stares at Talen. Her expression doesn't change. But she doesn't respond, either.

Talen says, "Oh, don't be like that. It'll be fun."

Blacktongue stage-whispers to Eleyna. "I have a dagger you can borrow. Or..more apples?" He cackles with glee and the way his smile shoots up on one side, one brow angling down while its brother quirks up towards his hairline, leaves the Jester looking like a caricature. He catches sight of Calista and calls out over the crowd, "MY DARLING DOVE!" A pause. "Or Rose. But, yes. That is the very one. I am hear, my darling, and while she has...quite the limber assests, she is not nearly as talented a dancer as you."

Olivia ends up on the outskirts, perhaps because she is a little intimidated by dangerous party tricks and... let's just say intimidated by extremely limber, and extremely friendly acrobats and how they seem to greet people. So she finds herself near the bench where both Antonio and Ophelia have retreated. "They... they wouldn't actually do that, would they?" she wonders, worriedly, at that bit about accidentally flinging a torch at them. Needless to say, she watches the firedancer with considerable caution soonafter, just in case she does need to jump out of the way.

Reese smiles gently to Niccolo. "Archduke." She murmurs and drops into a curtsy that is brief and elegant at the same time. She then smiles over to Isolde as well. "Oh, princess Isolde a pleasure."

"Darling Valencia," Juliet offers, pressing a kiss to her cheek as the Princess embraces her. "I am always happy to see you." She declares in turn. Giving a nod of greeting to Mydas and Fiora. "Mylord. Mylady. You look wonderful tonight." Shooting Isolde a smile as the princess arrives as well. Letting go of Valencia to look to Niccolo. "Of course, your grace. I wouldn't want to miss it." She quirks a brow over at Calista and the contortionist, raising her hand in greeting to those two and Joslyn. "You know," She muses, as her gaze drifts to Blacktongue. "That dancer looks familiar."

Artorius smiles to Larissa warmly "Thank you, my Lady. It is kind of you to say such a compliment to me." he smiles, and watches her as she blows kisses here and there to her friends. He recognized at least many people here, although admittedly there were those he simply didn't know. When Larissa asks him what his daughter's favorite activity is, he chuckles faintly. "She enjoys walking through the streets and catching butterflies as they appear. Aside from that, she likes~" Caelis interrupts, as he looks to Caelis "Hello my dear sister. She likes playing with my hair very much. Can't know the slightest as to why." he chuckles lightly, smiling warmly to Caelis, but shoots Karadoc a glare....he did have his sister on his arm after all. "Treating her right?"

As she gives Elenya a quick embrace, Isolde adds in a mock whisper. "If he does, I'll be happy to add another knife." There is a mischievous glint in her dark brown eyes as she looks towards Talen. "Hello, brother. Have you been well?" And then she's off greeting her father. "True. I should have made a better entrance." She says, smiling wryly.

"Larissa, hello," drawls the Sword of Lenosia, a hand lifting to brush back some hair, even as he hears the princess' comment to him nearby. Eleyna is thus responded to, as she seems so very clearly trying to make a point: "I won't wear a contortionist, I swear. That's purely Blacktongue's job." Since Isolde both asks him a question and then dashes off simultaneously, he chooses to call after her: "I'm always well, just like I always behave."

Talen ^

Malena gives a gentle nod, stepping away from Niccolo's side to get him a drink, keeping the one she tasted in her hand as she moves to secure another one. It doesn't take that long, a Velenosa servant brings her another glass. She takes a sip and waits for a moment to make sure it's fine and then brings it back to the archduke. She waits until there is a break in the conversation to offer it him.

"As you do, Your Highness." the wolf-eyed man answers to Valencia. Mydas nods to Fiora. "I would say mingling, at this stage." His gaze sweeps over the crowd, though they do fall on Isolde. "Your Highness... or should I use Second Reflection?" he grins. Apparently mingling starts now! "Have you met Lady Fiora Malvici before? Mm, strange for a northerner to introduce two Lycene noblewomen." He chuckles, shrugging. "The wonders of Arx, no doubt."

Reese smiles warmly over to Joslyn and Juliet. She seems to be in a happy mood, but maybe she is a bit overwhelmed by the ground.

The little fox send Larissa bright smile across the crowd and a mischievous wink as she turns to speak to those nearest, though another little smile is offered to Lord Karadoc,though he looks busy so she leaves him be for now. Valencia's dark eyes brighten as Isolde arrives, "Lovely cousin! It has been too long, I am so glad to see you. You look beautiful tonight," she says to Isolde offering a little hug and a light kiss upon the cheek. A polite nod is offered to Talen, her brow furrowing slightly over the mention of wearing contortionists. She shakes the head and turns back to present company.

Ophelia's admonishment is returned with a little bit a smirk and a shake of his head, and no doubt Antonio had some sort of witty comeback- but we'll never know. See, just as Antonio opens his mouth to say something, he catches the look Niccolo casts him.. and his curiosity gets the better of him. "Excuse me," he says.. uh..excusing himself before he makes his way toward the Archduke and waits.. patiently.

From across the party, there are definitely a few other contortionists that are giving Blacktongue looks. Strange. Eleyna takes a step back from Isolde, offering a grin at her pledge of 'assistance' before snorting in response to Talen's comment about 'behaving'. She stops a waiter to snag a glass of wine, drinking deeply from it.

"Wait, am I getting paid for the contortionists now?" Blacktonge looks to Talen, completely ignoring the -two- contortionists now glaring at him, soon followed by others apparently. To Juliet he extends, "She was familiar...for about a month?"

Karadoc smiled, and gave a nod to Artorius, "Always." He chuckled to Caelis, "Well then, think of the sacrifice you make, being stuck in such a place, while they are joyfully scrubbing at barnicles at their own pace for once..." He teased her gently. He caught the smile from Valencia, and gave one in turn, as well as a small nod.

Joslyn raises her hand up in greeting towards Juliet, a big smile given as she moves to join her group, noting the smile from Reese she wiggles her fingers in the Grayson princess's direction as well. She very nearly misses Calista and gives a delighted wave from her place through the crowd, looking then to Juliet as she approaches. "Quite a gathering," she says with a giggle. "Where's the wine?"

Fiora chuckles lowly at Mydas's final comment before adding her own with a faint smile towards Isolde, "My fault entirely. I'm afraid that I tend to be a bit of a recluse. Good evening, Your Highness. Its a pleasure to meet you. I have been slowly learning about Tehom and his tenets, with Lord Nightgold's assistance." The movement of the controtionists catch her eye and have her glancing in that direction before looking back to Isolde and Mydas. "Lord Nightgold has been trying to... coax me out into the open more. Something about sunlight being good for me?"

"Oh, you flatter me so, dearest of jesters. None more entertaining than you!" Calista's infamous Tehom-may-care grin spills over her lush, full lips. As she steps up beside Blacktongue, she greets him with a light and airy kiss to either cheek. "I could be your dove or your Rose this evening, if you so desire. My betrothed is working on other things presently." Dark lashes lift to allow the sweep of shadowed emerald eyes upon the crowd. They settle upon Juliet and Joslyn, offering them both a delicate wave of her hand. "My beautiful cousin, resplendent in steelsilk! What a vision you are tonight." Not to be forgotten is a greeting to Eleyna and Isolde, as well. All those in the vicinity Calista finds herself in are greeted with the same kiss-kiss to either cheek.

Noticing Antonio's approach, he inclines his head to the man. "Antonio," he greets his nephew. "There's something I need to discuss with you and Talen actually, soon enough," he points out. "But not during the party," he adds and smiles over at Valencia. "For now If you would excuse me, I should go greet my wife," he says to Antonio and those immediately gathered around them. There's a smile of greeting to Calista, "Duchess," he says to her, before he steps away from them, and makes his way to Deva, settling behind her after giving her a small peck on the cheek. "Wife," he greets her, before he speaks to her quietly.

Reese has a gentle smile for Ophelia when she notices her presence. Wine? She goes to get herself a glass of some pinkish looking sweet wine. Reese smiles over to Deva a moment later, a hesitant and even shy smile.

Rather than answer right away, Caelis looks distracted for a moment seeing Isolde with out her mask in in public. She looks back to the conversation after a moment. "Pardon? Oh, well, of course he is." She tells her brother crisply and looks between the men. "I believe we're distracting my brother from his...conversation, let's let Arty be." She suggests to Doc with a nod to Larissa.

Eleyna's need to deeply drink in response to his very presence seems like a victory if the expression of the prince is anything to go by, so Talen turns to refocus elsewhere, to his uncle once more. "No, I'm not paying you, nobody else is paying you - you have to make friends with people you want to wear first, I hear. Calista's arrival beside them causes him to bow politely to the Rose of Tor, before he murmurs a soft bassy, "Duchess Fidante, it has been a while, how do you?" There's a set of chaste kisses for each of her cheeks, southern-style greeting. In the periphery of his hearing his name is picked up but he otherwise ignores it, only sparing a glance towards Antonio and Niccolo. "Her grace won't play a game with me," he tells Blacktongue and Calista, "can you help me convince her? I'll tell you what it is."

Blacktongue checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

"Behaving, you?" Isolde sounds doubtful. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much time to continue teasing her brother. Princess Reese, Lord Mydas, Lady Fiora, and Princess Valencia are all greeted with kisses to the cheek. "Your highness is fine, Lord Mydas." She shakes her head, smiling faintly. "And I'm glad to finally meet you Lady Fiora. I once was quite the shy girl, myself." Her words are full of gentle warmth. "The thirteenth will only help you on your journey to sunlight and having to socialize. Wine also helps."

Larissa brightens at Caelis as she appears with Karadoc "The prerogative of every little girl, is it not? I don't think we've yet met, I am Larissa Whisper." she inclines her head towards the dark haired beauty and she can't help but to laugh at Karadoc's expense when Artorius fixes him with that glare and brotherly concern. "Are you a sea captain as well, my Lady? My father too manned a small fleet - though far from here." she explains and then sends a wink up to Artorius "The next time I see her I will make sure to teach her how to braid with flowers."

Isolde is overheard praising Niccolo.

Isolde is overheard praising Eleyna.

"Only a month?" Juliet asks, dubious, of the Velenosa Harlequin (That would be Blacktongue), her lips quirking just a little. Calista's arrival has her sketching a curtsey. "The paladin's uniform, duchess cousin. I felt it only appropriate to wear to these celebrations." She assures, returning the little kisses to her cheeks. "I may need to borrow Joslyn for a while later tonight? I've received an invitation to a knighting, and the recipient is a close friend of our beloved handmaiden." She explains, as she wraps one arm against that of said Joslyn. Giving a bright smile of greeting to Reese, as well.

"Ah, then I will have to ask a dance of you if you will so indulge me? While all tend to paid heed only to my namesake and its honed arsenal, all seem to forget I am a performer in every sense of the word." A pause as Blacktongue glacnes aside to something overhears, just -barely- overcoming the urge to say something, but managing to keep his attention on Calista. "Shall we?" While he waits for the answer Eleyna's answer gets a dramatic sigh and roll of his eyes. "FINE. I will have to sate my salary another way. And what game is this I am convincing someone to play? I play many games, but alas half of them never realize they are being played."

Blacktongue adds to Juliet. "There was another one with a schedule more flexible." Ba dunn tss.

Valencia gives Mydas a playful smile and a warm smile is offered to Fiora. "Quite the gathering," she laughs glancing about the gathering. "Come, sweet cousin-in-law, let us find a drink," Valencia grins, taking her arm gently.

"Certainly, uncle," is Antonio's quick response to Niccolo's statment, "Just let me know when you'd like to speak." The young man does seem rather eager to have whatever his conversation might be. Still, curiosity sated for now, he goes back to lurking.

Artorius tilts his head lightly at his sister "Dearest sister, this is among our only lengthy conversations." he chuckles once, before looking to Larissa with a bemused smile "Honestly, if it gave my daughter that much joy, I would shamelessly where a flower in my ear or some such to make her smile." he smiles confidently, before he sees Ophelia by her lonesome. "Although, my Lady." he says to Larissa "If you would excuse me, I would love to speak with you later, but I would like to see one of my close friends and make sure she's not by herself the whole time." he smiles, offering to kiss her hand in a POSSIBLY flirtatious manner. before he excuses himself from the conversation with a sneaky kiss to his sister's temple "Don't get into trouble yes?" he winks before he makes his way to Ophelia, sitting next to her "Hello my friend. Enjoying yourself so far I hope?"

Karadoc smirked to Larissa, "She is an admiral at that. Of the entire malvici fleet." He chuckled, but gave a nod to Caelis, and smiled to Larissa and Arty, mock fixing arty with a glare that was ruined by the laugh, "Behave...." He teaesed, and laughed more, giving them a wave, before leading Caelis about more, speaking to her quietly.

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Ophelia looks from watching the flame jugglers to Olivia, noticing the woman near her for the first time. After a quick look over Olivia, she says with a grin, "I've seen some interesting hairpins, one set looks like a flute. Another pair looked like stilettos, but I was told they weren't even poisoned tipped. Yours are pretty, I like the flower." Artorius is given a smile before she speaks quietly at her bench.

Waving to Larissa, Caelis blows her brother a kiss as Karadoc leads the way again. She holds onto the Saik Lord and looks up at him briefly to exchange a quiet word with him.

Mydas smirks in amusement. "What can I say, it's a way of life." And Isolde's response to the sunlight has him chuckle. "Quite. Wine, faith in Tehom, what could ever go wrong while you have those two in great enough quantities? The latter of the two seems to have benefited you greatly, Your Highness. On the former, I cannot speak. Not without being proven a hypocrite." He smiles. "When we are not in such a gathering, we should speak again. I've had some questions in regards to Tehom, ones I'm hoping you'll have answers, or inklings for them." His gaze then turns to Valencia and Fiora, and he awaits Fiora's reaction.

A glass of wine magically appears in Calista's hand. Not actually so magically. The servants here are just -that- good. She lifts it gently to Juliet with a delicate bow of her head. "Well it suits you well, cousin. Many thanks to you for your war efforts." The Duchess threads her arm casually with Blacktongue's if he allows it so. "This is quite a turn out. I can barely keep up. Wait, me drink a little first." Her smirk is near permanent at this point when she chuckles at something Talen says.

Deva nods to Niccolo as he approaches, shaking her head swiftly as he says something to her quietly. With a glance toward the crowd for a moment, she follows up with a relatively quiet response of her own. "I should go check on that," she explains, before manuevering her way back toward the estate entrance to withdraw from the gathering.

Artorius smiles warmly to Ophelia, but doesn't want to interrupt her conversation with Olivia, chuckling faintly and moving closer as if asking if he might sit next to her at her bench.

Eleyna offers Blacktongue and enigmatic smile, brows lifting at this mention of a 'game', yet a strange expression comes over her face and she swallows hard. She starts to lift the glass of wine to her lips before she shakes her head. The princess passes off her wine to the nearest servant and turns from those gathered to briskly walk as if heading for the Estate's entrance. Yet, she suddenly changes her mind and veers toward one of the more shadowed alcoves for the moment.

Joslyn leans up against Juliet with an arm wrapped around her middle. "I'm so happy for her," she says of the knighting. "She'll be a fine knight, Marquessa Deepwood is lucky to have her," Joslyn decides. "You know, that Paladin's uniform does look good on you. I can't wait to try it on one of these days," she says with a grin, leaning in to whisper something to Juliet, a smirk playing on her lips.

Karadoc gave a nod as they talked quietly, and idly made his way through the crowds. They ended up near to Isolde, and he gave a nod in greeting to the woman, "Did you enjoy the Menagerie last night? It was quite the event, yes?"

Malena quietly stands off to the side, keeping an eye on Niccolo as he chats with his wife. She doesn't want to crowd her patron so she's contend to quietly sip her drink and watch the nobles in front of her.

Giuseppe, a kindly old man arrives, following Luca.

Larissa flushes happily as her hand is kissed and she dropped into an equally possible flirtatious curtsy "I'd enjoy that, my Lord. Thank you for your company" the Whisper smiles at him, a little flush to her cheeks as she laughs at Karadoc's expression. "It was lovely to meet you as well Admiral" she murmurs to Caelis before moving towards the ArchDuke and his family. "ArchDuke Niccolo, a pleasure as always and an outstanding fete."

Chuckling softly, Fiora turns a brief smile and mirthful tones towards Isolde as she she shakes her head. "Oh no, Your Highness. Its not shyness that has kept me hidden away.. I am a private person and my face tends to invite... personal questions that I prefer not to answer. I am getting better about it, however.. I am unmasked, unhooded, and uncloaked in public for the first time in... six years. We shall see where else Tehom's guidance may lead." Looking to Valencia, she returns the smile before looking to Mydas, "Since people seem to be drifting that way.. shall we move the mingling towards the refreshments? I believe some of my family is scattered about tonight and the speculation in the Manor has been running rampant of late..." Leaning in, she murmurs something into his ear.

After a moment or two, Olivia seems to convince herself that the fire-tossers know what they're doing, or at least that none of them are going to accidentally (or purposefully?!) immolate her. This fear removed, she slowly adjusts to the atmosphere, but it is a process nonetheless. One aided by having someone to talk to, in the form of Ophelia. "Oh, thank you so much," she replies as the topic turns to hairpins, reaching to touch her hair reflexively as hers are complimented, and then looking out in the crowd. "*Everything* is very pretty, that people are wearing. Lycean styles are so very impressive." Though even saying that, she may gawk briefly at the boldness of one outfit that passes by. "Do they... really poison so many things, as people say? I've heard so about the wine, but I imagined that must all be in jest, for the largest part."

Blacktongue acts the proper Lord, extending his arm to Calista to act as her escort for now since the dance is put on hold for now. His chin is slightly lifted, his stride dignified and he slips into this posture like it were a second skin. Eat your heart out, Malavaunt. "Ah, yes, I entirely agree. Drink will help the ease of movements...want an apple?" He asks with a vulpine smile. A wink is given to Eleyna and he promises, "I have something cooking. Give me...half a moment, and three-thirds of another." A pause as one of the contortionists -hipchecks- him and gets a long look of piercing eyes. "By Gods, yes you were always that clumsy. A week, and that is being generous." he gives Calista the other woman's 'duration' in a mock whisper.

"Princess Isolde. You look well, your father's put on a nice evening." Caelis smiles as she looks at the woman. Finally she lets go of her death grip on Karadoc's arm to smooth her hands over her skirt. She looks over to Fiora as she greets Isolde as well and smiles to Fiora. "Hello cousin, you look lovely."

Reese is wearing a white silk summer dress and has a glass of wine in her right hand. She seems to be in a happy mood.

Niccolo slowly nods to Deva, and watches her as she steps over to the estate. He turns to Malena then, finally accepting that goblet from her and drains it back, drinking half of its contents. His gaze flows to Larissa and he adds a touch of a smile to her. "Thank you, Mistress Larissa. Princess Eleyna should take the credit for this one," he notes. "She did the work for it, really."

Valencia gives Reese a little smile and wink, snagging a couple of glasses from a passing server and handing them to Reese, Juliet and anyone else who may be in need of a drink, ever the sweet fox. "Gods, I have fogotten how busy these things are," the little fox says clearly amused.

Isolde gives a small nod to Mydas. "I always have time for questions concerning Tehom. After the party, I'll send a messenger to arrange a meeting." The princess raises an eyebrow to Fiora and smiles. "We seem to be kindred souls, Lady Fiora." A slender hand comes up to touch her face and note the lack of a mirror mask. With that, she gives the gathered group a small smile and slips away. There is little explanation of why but Isolde seems to walking quite briskly over to Eleyna and the shadowed alcove. "Cousin, is something troubling you?" Comes a quiet question.

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Jasper leaves, following Deva.

Juliet also finds herself with a glass of wine, courtesy of one Northern Fox - and she's quick to give Valencia a grateful smile, before she quirks her lips and raises her glass to Calista in turn, bowing her head. "Only made possible by your support, beloved cousin. I am grateful to have been of service, and to your beloved for being willing to show me what bit of the blade to stick in the enemy." Taking a sip of her wine, and a grin spreads on her lips, as she listens to Joslyn's whisper. "We'll see, messere Manicelli. I think you would fill this dress out nicely." Giving a quick nod to Malena as well. "Good evening. I don't believe I've had the pleasure. Lady Juliet Fidante."

"Of course, Your Highness. I shall look forward to it. Until then, I wish you happiness for these festivities." And then his gaze turns to his companion. "Probably wise." Mydas answers Fiora with a nod. And when she murmurs something to his ear, he smirks in amusement. "Is that so? Well I suppose we can't let them be tortured with the mystery for too long, the poor dears. Let's." And he moves with Fiora towards the refreshments.

Malena anticipating that her patron might want another glass since he is drinking the first one quickly, she moves to take another one and sips it, to make sure there's nothing amiss with the drink. She doesn't use the same server nor does she ask someone to bring her anything. Instead, she takes from a server walking by. Then she stands by, another drink ready for Niccolo when he needs it.

Karadoc winced as the princess fled, and gave a small nod to what was said. He let out a sigh, and led Caelis off again, speaking to her quietly as he did.

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"So busy." Reese murmurs softly in response to Valencia. "But fun. I hope I get a chance to dance. I can't stay very long. I have another engagement. One of my vassals is being knighted." She murmurs softly.

By the grace of balance, Calista keeps from being jostled when Blacktongue is jostled by the contortionist. A lively laugh touches her lips, mirth reaching her eyes. She gives her escort's arm a squeeze when she nearly chokes on her wine, laughing quietly to herself. "That depends. Is the apple blue?"

Shaking her head, Caelis leans over to murmur softly back to Karadoc as he leads her off in the crowd.

Seemingly having had his fill of people watching and what not, Antonio moves out of his shadowy lurking spot and heads back toward the house.

Fitting of his once lofty title of Luca the Lazy, layabout prince of Velenosa, the now-turned-Grayson Champion prince arrives to the party well and truly late...and perhaps just a touch drunk, given the half-empty wine bottle in one hand, the other draped over the viper-pommeled hilt of the Lycene-style sabre at his hip. He bears simple clothes as he's prone to, calfskin pants and moderately clean white linen shirt in a flowing style of his homeland, and he's raising his bottle happily to the party-goers as he arrives, Lenosian accent only mildly slurred, jovial and happy. "There's no party in the land like a Lycene party!!! Woo!" And with that, the duelist is peering a little too-squint-eyed over the crowds, looking for something, fixing on the white-clad Reese Grayson and his beloved cousin Val with a big toothy grin, and starting off their way with his natural grace keeping his staggering to a surprising minimum.

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"Oh, dancing! I should love to dance, too, though I am not sure there will be dancing," Valenca smiles brightly back to Reese, lifting her glass to her. "To life, luck and love. May we all have an abandance of all threet."

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Joslyn takes some wine from a passing server, sipping deeply as she leans still against Juliet. "That we shall see," she says, grinning slightly, looking around. "So good to see you!" she beams towards the Calista. "It really does look good on her, doesn't it?"

"Perhaps we are, Your Highness," Fiora offers in parting to Isolde. Mydas gets a chuckle and murmured, "Lets make sure that we say hello to Duchess Calista then. It will absolutely *kill* Inigo to know his fiance met you before he did." Because it is, of course, her duty as elder sibling, to torture her twin as much as possible. Caelis gets a much warmer smile and nod, "Thank you, Caelis. It was the work of Mistress Petal. She really is a wonder with her skills. We were about to go get some refreshments, would you care to come with?" Giving a nod to Mydas, she moves with him towards the table holding the refreshments.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Fiora before departing.

"This is Malena Black," Niccolo says, as he approaches Juliet. "My protege. Malena, Lady Juliet Fidante," he introduces the young woman and then dips his head to the Voice of Fidante. "Would you care to dance?" He asks Juliet. "I'm not sure if anyone has started dancing yet, but we might as well. Spotting Ophelia, the archduke offers a smile in the direction of his niece.

Ophelia grins at a tumbling acrobat that's nearby before something else captures her attention. Up from the bench she goes to head further in the gardens.

Larissa inclines her head towards Niccolo, that smile of hers playing upon her lips as she turns to find Princess Eleyna in the crowd. "Princess, I must compliment you on such a beautiful party. A magnificent outcome, certainly." she offers kindly before looking around to catch Karadoc's gaze. She would simply lift a hand and wiggle her fingers at him before slipping out.

Niccolo is overheard praising Eleyna for: She puts together great parties.

Charlemagne the Unicorn leaves, following Larissa.

Talen says, "Fuck, the unicorn left."

Talen says, "God damn it, Blacktongue."

Talen says, "You're ruining my night."

Reese's blue eyes seem to brighten and a smile blooms as she notices Luca's arrival. "Prince Nimble." She murmurs softly, seeming pleased to see him here. She then smiles over to Valencia. "I am not sure..." She murmurs, but trails off. "but if the Archduke is dancing, then I think we can too. I wonder if Luca can dance with us both, probably he can."

Malena is overheard praising Niccolo for: He is a fine host for parties.

Artorius eventually leaves Ophelia's side and begins to walk through the crowd, bobbing and weaving through people with no seeming destination in mind. He simply has his hands clasped behind him as he maybe looks for a good place to sit and watch the festivities unfold!

Niccolo is overheard praising Malena for: Excellent at keeping people alive.

"Why yes, actually, the apple -is- blue. and it won' what that one did last to Eleyna. I have perfected the recipe." Blacktongue promises Calista and pauses to admire Calista's dress. "Perfect, tasteful, without a hint of frill or ribbon." He hears Talen shouting his name and he counters, "What did I do now? I mean, if I am I can go ahead and make it worse. I don't like to finish an evening without a bang."

"Mm, Duchess Calista I've already met, actually. But it was on unrelated, business matters." Mydas remarks. Considering the man's a business man, it probably isn't surprising news. "Lady Caelis." he greets with a polite nod. "And what would you prefer, milady? What wine shall be sampled on this night?" he asks Fiora, grinning. There is a great selection, not surprising all things considered.

"Ah, a pleasure, messere Black. Related to one Merek Black?" Juliet inquires politely. Shooting a bright smile to Calista and Joslyn, she blinks at Niccolo's offer. But she's quick enough to hand her glass to Joslyn, and to sketch a curtsey to the Archduke. "Your grace, I would be honoured to. I am sure we can entice others to join us as well..." And with that, she offers him her arm, so he may guide her to the dance floor.

Karadoc laughed idly at something said, and wandered over to the refreshment table with Fiora and Midas, "Good evening... That will certainly give him something new to grumble about, wont it?" He chuckled, commenting about the meeting Mydas and Calista first.

"Luca? I am quite certain if anyone can manage it, it will be him," Valencia grins playfully, offering her beloved cousin a warm hug and a peck on the cheek. "Good evening, Lord Karadoc, I believe I own you one of a few dances. Feel free to collect tonight, yes?" she teases playfully as she passes by.

"Lady Juliet, it is a pleasure to meet you," Malena murmurs to the grand lady before Niccolo asks her to dance. She gives a shy smile and sips her drink, "Yes, Merek Black is my twin brother." She brightens when Juliet brings him up, "He was kind enough to take me in until I gained His Grace's eye." She pauses and realizes that she's rambling because she's nervous and takes another sip of her wine, not trying at all to get on the dance floor.

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Looking up form her whispered conversation, Caelis smiles to her cousin while she and Doc follow along. "Sure. Refreshments sound like a great plan." She agrees and glances down at her own gown. "Ah, Wilhem made mine, a gift from a mysterious admirer, I'm amazed it fits." Looking to Mydas, Caelis smiles to him. "Lord Mydas isn't it?" She asks politely.

Joslyn watches as Juliet is whisked away, two wine glasses in hand then. So she takes another sip of... one of them. Hers? Juliet's? She's already lost track. She watches as the pair moves off to dance and looks through the crowd to try to mingle a little bit.

Blacktongue drops an apple that has caught a chill.

Calista lofts a brow at Blacktongue then when he claims he has perfected his recipe. "Oh, I am sure you have. I am sure you have." A glance just past the harlequin has the Duchess lifting a hand in greeting to Fiora and Mydas both. Her good mood is evident on the features of her face. "Lady Fiora, Lord Mydas, so very good to see you both!" Her voice carries over the party-goers.

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"Mmmmm, well I have not met her yet, and I would like to at least once before my brother marries her," Fiora chuckles softly before looking over the selection. Smiling faintly, she murmurs, "When in Lenosia, I suppose? Lets do as the Velenosians do.. or in this case, drink as they would." She glances back to Caelis and blinks. "Oh my, how clumsy of me. Lady Caelis Malvici... Lord Mydas Nightgold." When Karadoc joins them, she can't help but smile a touch and nod, "Likely so. Lord Mydas... my cousin, Lady Caelis Malvici, and her escort would be Lord Karadoc Saik."

Niccolo accepts Juliet's arm and then leads her to the dance area. One hand slips around her waist, the other holds her hand up. The archduke dances quiet well, considering his reputation as a warrior. His movements are deft, if a bit crisp. Leaning in, he speaks quietly to Juliet as they dance.

After a brief time greeting others, sowing discord and just generally being (now for real) royal pain in the rear, Talen slinks over toward the archway where Eleyna has lingered. Hearing Blacktongue, he looks over at him while he wanders toward his wife, murmuring: "There's lots of frill and ribbon in here, even Ribbons over there. Luca and Reese have remembered us." With a press of his back against the wall, he stretches out, as if getting comfortable against the arch, head lolled to the side. "I lost a bet," he murmurs, "and I think I owe Calsita 500 silver. I don't have it. Can I have it?" A hand is extended, opened, palm upturned. "Pretty please?"

Karadoc gave a nod to Calista as she walked over as well, "Good evening, Duchess." He gave a smile to Mydas, "A pleasure to meet you. A name I've heard more than a few times of late..." He chuckled.

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Juliet drapes herself against the Archduke, skirts whirling as she moves with fluid grace, melting against the man and keeping her verdant gaze fixed firmly to Niccolo's eyes, murmuring under her breath as she becomes a whirl of black, crimson, and silver.

Well, now her native ally proves to be all too brief in staying, leaving Olivia once again perilously lost among the foreign crowd. Of course, the expansive Velanosa gardens offer her an alternate form of entertainment (one not involving poisoned wine, hairsticks, or contortionists), one to be found in the maze-like pathways themselves. And thus she sets off a-wandering on one of those paths, admiring the ivy-clad archways as she passes along.

Luca manages to not quite _crash_ into his wife so much and lean vigorously into a mildly sloppy one-armed drunken hug, kissing her a quick peck on the lips then grinning to her and Valencia's words and leaning over to return his cousin's peck on cheek with a laugh. "I dunno about all that. I could probably manage something..." Holding up his half-drank bottle of wine, eying it carefully while he leans upon Reese, he adds after a moment. "At least once I've finished the rest of the bottle certainly! Then I'll be able to dance with a half-dozen at least!" He aids this finishing by taking a big swig off of it, then sloshing a goodly bit out in process of waving the bottle across the way towards Talen, Eleyna, and Isolde in a lopsidedly smiling sort of distant greeting to his family.

Olivia has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

"Milord." Mydas greets Karadoc with a smiling nod. "Ah, yes. I had failed to introduce myself, had I? No, no, milady, don't apologize on my behalf." he says to Fiora. "As milady has said, Lord Mydas Nightgold, at your service." and he bows gallantly to the pair. "And a pleasure to meet you." He does arch a brow at Karadoc, however. "Is that so? And in good context I hope." he chuckles. And then he hears Calista's voice, and his own bass carries over easily over the crowd. "Milady, you are a sight to amaze one's eyes, as always. It is good to see you too!"

Valencia turns her eyes from the dance floor after watching a time and glaces about the crowd. Another smile finds her lips as Prince Kieran arrives and she waves to him from across the busy party.

Artorius ends up finding Valencia as he walks across the busy grounds, tapping her lightly on the shoulder to alert her to his arrival. "Hello Princess. It's been a while. Would you like to dance?" he said after noticing her eyes on the dance floor for a small moment before moving elsewhere.

Kieran strides in wearing a silk shirt, but other than that, he has kept it to his more casual attire. He looks the crowd over and spot his cousin-in-law waving at him, as well as a few other familiar faces dotted about, and he makes his way in their directions. "Good evening, Princess Valencia. How is the party going so far? Have I missed anything exciting?"

Kieran notes Artorius' approach and request as well and grins to Valencia, "You can tell me once his lordship has finished absconding with you."

A rather fetching, blue apple appears in Blacktongue's hand with some slight of hand, a flick of his wrist as he extends it towards Calista. "If you dare? It will leave you feeling..well, feeling a feeling." He grins, leaving it vague for a reason. If she doesn't take it he extends the offer to any that may here him, "Apple, apple? Apples for free?" Another contortionist glares at him in passing and he says sweetly, venomously so, "Darling, even in silks and ribbons it was two weeks."

Reese peeks over to Talen and Eleyna as she hears her name. She has a gentle smile for them. She heads off toward benches with Luca and Valencia, still with her glass of blush wine in hand. She then looks over to Juliet and Niccolo as they dance, smiling once again. "Oh, the Lady Juliet is so lovely." She leans into Luca, but sighs softly. "Luca..." She murmurs and tries to reach out for his bottle. "I think you had enough."

Smiling, Caelis shakes her head at the introduction. "It's nice to see Fiora enjoying herself, Lord Mydas." She tells the Nightgold. Picking up a glass of wine of the refreshment table, Caelis gives Karadoc a look and takes a second drink before looking to Calista and raising her glass in a silent hello. Her attention is snagged briefly by Kieran wandering through the crowd before she looks back to her cousin. "Our cousins seem to have the right idea." She jokes softly with a look about, no sign of the other Martially inclined Malvici's.

Niccolo twirls and spins Juliet around and with that list twirl he pulls her hard towards him, before they go into a spin, their bodies pressed together. It's a very Lycene dance, in what is a very Lycene party. He speaks quietly to her once more.

Karadoc gave a nod to Valencia, belatedly, "Of course. We do have a number of them to catch up on..." He teased. He looked to Mydas, "Oh certainly. Prince Anze has spoken highly of your family's wares, and has determined to give me an 'education on fine whiskies'.... So.. We shall see, I suppose..." He joked idly, and obviously.

Fiora pauses from her response as a messenger rushes up to hand her a note and a small box. There's a very satisfied smile crossing her lips as she quickly reads over the note, then jots off a reply and gives it to the messenger with a nod and some coins. Curling her fingers around the box, she smiles towards Calista and lifts a hand in return. "You look stunning, Duchess! Make sure to rub my brother's nose into the fact that you saw me first!" Chuckling, she glances to Mydas and smiles, "Shall we find a seat?"

Valencia looks up at Kieran and offers him a sweet kiss upon his cheek, "You are the most sweetest of cousins, my darling Kieran. "If I am too long, come steal me away from this dashing rogue," she tosses her head a lightly to Artorius and grins. "And yes, my lord, I should very much like to dance," the little raven haired princess beams. "Save me a dance, too, Luca," she calls as she is swept to the dance.

Joslyn looks between Calista and Blacktongue, meandering over in their direction, offering a grin towards them both, once again sipping her wine idly. There is a glance over to the gathering of Reese, Luca and Valencia, with a raise of one of her glasses in their direction.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Karadoc before departing.

Rickard makes his way onto the grounds, having been attracted by the sound of merriment and festivities, and begins searching for familiar faces. He makes his way over to the refreshment table, and begins to help himself to a glass of the good stuff. Not that anything sub-par would be served at such an event, of course.

Eleyna checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

1 Redrain novice guards have been dismissed.

Juliet is more than happy to let Niccolo lead, her limbs moving with fluidity, the dyes of her garb shifting in the style of seasilk, catching the light of torches and lamp. She wraps one leg around Niccolo's hip in a daring and flirtatious move as he pulls her in, canting her head forward just so, looking at him through her lashes as she responds.

Reese smiles toward Valencia as she is swept off into a dance. She then waves over to Joslyn, noticing her attention. Her blue eyes are bright. Finally she spots Rickard and he is given a smile as well. Reese seems to be in a cheerful mood. She leans into Luca, whispering something to him.

"Feeling a feeling? Well, you don't have to tell me twice. Should I just take a little bite right here?" Calista's voice drops into a silky dulcet, the look in her eyes is downright devious. It lingers for a moment before she offers Mydas a warm smile. "You are far too kind, Lord Mydas. You are dashing as ever. I pray you've been well. That reminds me, we should meet for drinks one evening. It is always good to continue an open friendship with our Northern counterparts. Thank you, Lady Fiora." Calista's warm and inviting smile spreads to her future sister-in-law. "As you do, my lady. I was just meeting with Lady Calypso earlier today. I had hoped to run into you then." As Joslyn saunters over, the Duchess extends a hand to her lady's maid. "So tell me about this soiree you're attending later, Joslyn."

Luca's giving a pouting sort of resigned look at the blonde Grayson warrior woman that is Reese in her attempt to take his bottle of wine from him, at first extending it out of her reach to draw her in closer to him, but then sighing and relenting. That's right. The end is nigh. Reese was able to take away Luca's liquor! Of course, even as he's letting that drink go with a sigh, he's extending a hand upward above the crowd and calling out. "Blacktongue! Apple me! Something potent!" Oh yes, this is totally a good idea atop the alchohol. He's managing to cast a wink off to Valencia and Artorius as she's drawn off, saying for them who'd know the legendary dangers of Blacktongue's apples. "Have a good dance Val and Artie. I know I intend to!"

Artorius smiles to Valencia warmly, giving her his hand to hold as he walks her to the dance floor. He would bow lightly and like a gentleman, before assuming the proper position for a noble dance: his arm wrapped around her waist and he himself holding her hand out lightly to their sides. His eyes remained fixed on the princess, and despite his constant denial of dancing good, he is actually a phenomenal dancer.

"Of course, milady. A sight that I hope shall grow common, without ever losing its remarkable nature." Mydas answers Caelis. He then grins at Karadoc. "Milord, should you require convincing, I believe the Malvici are gathering quite a bit of stockpile of our Stone Mountain whiskey... Unless it's being drunk at a phenomenal rate." he arches a brow at Fiora and Caelis. "I shall be sure to send you a messenger to organize it all, Milady." he answers Calista. "It has truly been far too long since our last meeting." At the mention of finding a seat, Mydas nods. "Probably wise, before all the spots are taken." he tells Fiora. He glances towards the benches by the fountain. "It seems like a good place." he remarks.

Isolde chuckles, shaking her head at the pair. "What an adorable married couple." She leans back in the bench and glances around the party to observe the other guests. "I would have ridden it. Though not nearly as majestically as you, brother."

Reese has Luca's wine! She looks proud of herself and passes off the bottle to a servant, seemingly in a rush to get it away from herself and Luca. When Luca calls out to Blacktongue her blue eyes widen and she sighs, a long suffering sigh. "Don't apple him Blacktongue." She is quick to say.

Talen checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Valencia offers a shy smile and a graceful curtsey before being taken up in Artorius' arms. Her cheeks flush just a little, but delicate chin held highh, she meets his eyes as the dance begins, easily following his steps with a swirl of storm grey silk skirts and a bright smile.

Rickard finally makes eye contact with a familiar face -- Reese -- and makes his way over promptly. "Princess," He offers a pleasant bow to her, and those around her, addressing them each in turn as befits a person of their position. As Reese is swept off, Rickard settles in, and watches the goings on.

Some of the entertainers in the crowd are dressed in armor and acting through an elaborate pantomine as paladins bedecked in multi-color ribbons. The be-ribboned paladins pretend to fight to the cheers of one part of the crowd before finally the 'scene' ends and the paladins take a bow to applause.

Eyeing the dancing Caelis grabs tight onto Karadoc's arm and leans over to whisper something. Once she's done, Caelis gathers her skirt in her hand and moves past him, slipping from the party quietly.

Karadoc chuckled and gave a nod, "It would not surprise me at the least." He watched the others idly, content for now. He watched the performance as it started.

Malena quietly watches Niccolo dance, content to sip her wine already to the bottom. She looks at the bottom of the cup, not certain if she should have another or not. So she puts it on a tray as a servant passes and then clasps her hands and patiently observes the gathering. The ribbon dancers do get her attention and she looks quite provincial as she gapes at their skill.

Fiora offers Calista an almost sheepish sort of smile. "That would be my fault, my lady. I am still unused to grand affairs such as these, it takes me longer to get ready for them. But you are always welcome to ask for me! I would love to see more of you before the wedding." She flicks a glance to Mydas and smiles slightly, "I believe I can lay blame for that particular 'affliction' at a very specific doorstep. But I do indeed hope that it continues, as well." She gives a nod to Mydas, following him to the benches.

Mydas has joined the benches by the fountain.

There is a shuffling of glasses in Joslyn's hands, so that two wine glasses are now being held by the base in a single hand, her other reaching to accpet Calista's. "Soiree? Oh you mean the knighting? It's a small ceremony as a friend of mine, and fellow Champion is being knighted into the service of Deepwood. She's truly deserving, and I am so happy for her. Do you know Zhayla?" she asks. There's a smile towards Mydas. "Oh, and Lord Mydas, so good to see you here. I trust you've been well?" she asks, as her eyes scan around, another smile is offered towards Reese, eyebrows lifting a touch as she whispers to her husband, giving Reese one of those telepathic looks.

Juliet is slightly distracted from her dance by the "paladin fight", a delighted laugh escaping her. "You know, watching that was almost like reliving the battle," She confesses to Niccolo, with a bright grin and only the slightest hint of mischief gleaming in her eyes.

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Karadoc smiled, and watched Caelis as she left, but then gave one of his famous, overly dramatic huffs. "Well then.... I guess I am on my own tonight." He chuckled and started to stroll around.

Artorius smiles warmly to Valencia, his steps smooth and experienced, making no inappropriate moves or gestures to Valencia as they danced, knowing full well the standard boundaries that shouldn't be crossed in a dance. He does look to Valencia and speak as the two enjoy their ballad "You look well Valencia. Would you tell me of what you've been up to lately?" he smiles, giving her a pleasant twirl as their dancing becomes lightly more lively.

Niccolo slowly brings that dance to its end, but not without a flourish at the end that has him spinning Juliet very quickly, after her little distraction. It ends with him holding her close, dipping her and holding the position. Then he rises and bows to her. "Thank you for the dance, my lady," he offers to Juliet with a touch of a smile, offering her his arm to lead her away from the dance floor and back to Malena and Joslyn.

Hand still upraised for appling despite his wife's protestations, Luca the Drunken and Lazy is grinning down to her as he talks her way apparently good-naturedly at her attempts to curb his indulgence. Joslyn in turn gets a wave of said appling hand up in the air, followed up with a quick loud. "Yay Z!" apparently having read her lips with the mention of Zhayla.

Juliet checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Reese turns toward Joslyn. "Oh, we are going to her knighting here in a bit." She murmurs softly. She then turns to Luca. "Assuming you can act sober and respectable and all that, because if you can't I am leaving you here in the wild and naughty south." She murmurs, her words are playful, but Reese seems worried about Luca's altered state. "We could all three together." She says to Joslyn. "If you want."

"Miss Joslyn, ever a pleasure. I have been well, as I hope you have likewise been since the siege's end." Mydas smiles to Joslyn, inclining his head in respectful greeting. "In case you haven't met, might I present Lady Fiora Malvici? Lady Fiora, Miss Joslyn Manicelli, a fellow Mirrormask." he introduces the two ladies.

"We have just hosted the first of many parties at the Hart for the season and we are about to open the arean to see if we might find our Hart's champions," Valencia offers back to Artorius as he easily sweeps and turns her about the floor in strong arms. "And for now, just taking in all that I have missed since the siege," she grins. "And what of you, my lord? You have been keeping busy?"

"Yes? Are you on the payroll? You don't look...bendy?" Blacktongue looks to Joslyn, not placing the woman and assuming she is a contortionist with a wry smile. He jests, comes with the occupation and corrects, "Apple?" He hears Luca and tosses an apple in his direction, one? Doesn't look that dangerous, except for the rather large black mark on it that shows all of his fingerprints. "Catch!" He says with a waggle of his brows. The Princess of Ribbons is ignored, Luca was a Velenosa first after all! To Calista he says, "Just a small one.. you'll be happy, promise."

"Honestly," Talen is saying to Isolde and Eleyna, "I just wanted some coin and you're all being difficult," teases the Sword. To Eleyna he ends up stepping mildly away, pushed apart, before he bumps into Isolde and comments: "I'm pretty majestic, I know."

Blacktongue checked intellect + alchemy at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Blacktongue checked intellect + alchemy at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Luca checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Talen says, "Blacktongue are you-- fuck, he is."

Luca checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Juliet twirls under Niccolo's direction, whirling and dipping so low, surely she must lose her balance? But no, the archduke's strength and the lithe bend of the Voice of Tor holds, and Juliet ends up with her braid whisked along the floor before she's drawn back into Niccolo's embrace, leaning against his chest for just a moment, before she exhales, and leans more properly on his arm, letting him guide her back. "My pleasure, your grace. And for such a task, I will ever be at your service," She teases.

Calista checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Reese checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 37, rolling 7 higher.

Fiora turns a smile towards Joslyn, nodding and offering, "Mistress Manicelli... its a pleasure to see you again, and under far better circumstances." Looking towards Mydas, she offers, "She and I have met, once before. On the Valardin ramparts, though admittedly we were interrupted by tunneling Bringers coming into the gardens from under the wall itself."

Eleyna is about to retort, when she sees Blacktongue offering apples. Her eyes brighten and she laughs slightly, murmuring, "Well, things just got interesting."

Reese darts forward, moving even more quickly than her nimble husband and she captures the thrown apple, keeping it from at least for the moment.

"If I may have your attention for just a moment," Niccolo calls out to gathering, snatching a goblet of wine from a server and glancing in Malena's direction with assurances that he's not just going to drink it. "First of all, I want to thank you all for coming. You have made this gathering a very memorable event," the archduke says. "I'd also like to thank Princess Eleyna, for she was the one truly putting together this party," he adds, with a smile and a nod in his niece's direction. "But more importantly and part of the reason we're here, I want to thank all of you for everything you did to help bring us victory during the war. It was a dark time, it was a difficult time, but we proved to any enemies that dare come against us, that the Compact, that the Lyceum will not suffer threats. That we will come together and stand together when the time calls for it." He lifts his goblet up. "So celebrate the victory and remeber the sacrifices. But live on, for that is what we fought for. Enjoy yourselves." And with that, he steps over to Eleyna, leaning in to whisper something to her.

Reese is overheard praising Eleyna for: Great celebration!

Reese is overheard praising Niccolo for: The archduke is a great host

Joslyn chuckles, looking to Blacktongue with a nod. "Sure I'll have an apple. I'm Messere Joslyn Manicelli, handmaiden and childhood companion of Duchess Calista Fidante," she says, grinning, looking back to Mydas with a bow of her head towards Fiora. "We didn't have much time to talk, admittedly, but it sure was a fun fight, wasn't it?" she asks, a smirk on her face.

Juliet is overheard praising Niccolo for: A wonderful dancer and a good host.

Malena watches for Niccolo to leave the dance floor and then makes sure once he's back to her, that she has a glass, already tested for Niccolo to drink since he must be quenched from the dancing. She frowns when he takes another glass but is glad he doesn't drink it. She listens patiently as he gives his speech and then steps forward with the tested glass so she can switch it out with him.

Juliet is overheard praising Eleyna for: Always a delight, and a fine hostess

Luca's grinning as he sees the apple flying through the air, declaring loudly. "You're totally my favorite Black!!!" But that's before that sweet little white-clad Grayson girl that is his wife is leaping upwards like a freaking ninja (if we knew what ninjas were in this setting) and moving towards the apple fiercely. Luca's leaping in turn, declaring. "Mine!" But his finger tips only barely brush it as Reese snags it out of the air from him, leaving him laughing and trying to snag it back from her even as his uncle is trying to give a serious speech! Why did anyone invite Luca back home?

Artorius smiles warmly to Valencia, his eyes fixed upon hers and not budging for any kind of minor distraction. He listens closely to her sweet words, holding her close to him yet with a gentle hand as they danced to their beautiful melody. "I see. I'm beyond joyous to hear of happy tidings and of new beginnings for you and your hart." he smiles warmly, "I've been keeping as busy as I can be. Happy as the day and night last to finally be in the company of my daughter once more. I've been spending much time with my sunflower. I'm happy to enjoy home once more, and see you again dear princess. I apologize I did not visit sooner, but now I think is a good time as any." he smiles warmly to Valencia.

Luca is overheard praising Eleyna for: Great party. Many poisonings to be had.

Luca checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Calista is overheard praising Eleyna.

Calista is overheard praising Niccolo.

Reese checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

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Juliet slips from Niccolo's arm as he moves to make his speech, and she quickly finds Joslyn again, taking one of the glasses of wine, raising it in toast to the Archduke's speech. Leaning on Joslyn, and blinking as she watches the spectacle. "Shards and reflections, what did I miss?"

Reese holds the apple lifted up even as she looks over to Luca. She darts to the side as Luca tries to snag the apple back. "This apple cannot be good Luca!" She murmurs and then peeks over to Niccolo, trying to listen to her uncle-in-law's speech.

Mydas nods. "Well that solves that." he says with a smile at the news of Joslyn and Fiora knowing each other. "Apples, mm? I suppose it was bound to happen." he shakes his head. And then he sits back down on the fountain bench, turning his attention to Fiora as she murmurs to him.

"Well. She has a ribbon shoved where the sun doesn't shine. Or should I say daintily tied in a bow? Women wear such complicated undergarments. Should have let him have the apple." Blacktonge bemoans when Luca's apple is intercepted by Reese. With a shrug he turns and offers a ...purple one to Joslyn. "Here, Three bites?" he dictates. Doctor's orders.

The little vixen glances over to the antics of her cousin and Reese and laughs softly as Nicclo steps up to speak. She offers a sweet smile Juliet's way and then turns back to Artorius, "Well, there has been much to keep up with and better late than never, yes?" she replies, her eyes sparkingly with playfull glee. A little smile and wink is offered Reese's way. "I do adore my most beloved cousin's lovely wife. I think they are a perfect match, yes?"

Niccolo accepts the switched glass form Malena, with an incline of his head to his protege and a touch of a smile for her. He brings his glass to his lips, seemingly oblivious to some of the chaos going on thanks to the Harlequin. But, he does glance in their direction, and there might be a flash of amusement on his features. He kisses Eleyna's cheek, then walks over to Talen and pats his shoulder and then finally steps over to Isolde to kiss her cheek, whispering to her. With a final nod to those gathered, the archduke drains his glass and returns it to Malena. "You should enjoy the rest of the party," he says to his protege, before he steps towards the estate.

The feeling of feelings is something that does not hit Calista at first. She takes a bite of the chilly blue apple and it is tart, crisp. It snaps when her teeth bite down and she savors the juicy fruit. "Mmmm.." She murmurs in a sultry purr as the taste fills her mouth. Nothing happens immediately. She's in the clear.. Or is she? Moments pass, people are greeted, conversations are had and suddenly her senses flare. The music dims and the conversations of those from across the way become louder. She cannot tell what they are saying but it rises above the loud music. Her pupils dilate a little and her cheeks become flushed, her body... oh her body feels like liquid and she leans into Blacktongue, heavily, but not sloppily. She looks up to him and he can clearly see the effect has taken place. "This is." But she doesn't finish what she is saying. Her free hand brushes over her bare forearm and she giggles. The giggle is louder than she wishes and when she attempts to quell it, just laughs a little louder still.

Joslyn adds to Reese. "Oh, I'd love to come with you both. Juliet will be attending as well, so... should be a fun part. Oh! And did you talk to him yet?" she asks Reese cryptically, a smirk on her lips and a pointed glance. Though then she holds the apple in her hands, scrutinizing it very closely as she considers. "Three bites? Welp, fuck it," she shrugs, taking the bites as instructed. Mind, the three bites are rather small.

A laughing Luca scrambling after his drugged present stolen by his be-ribboned wife is totally not the sort of Luca who properly is listening to his Uncle's speech. And either because of the drunkeness or just because Luca sucks without a sword to stab a person, he's flailing rather inexpertly at his wife, trying to catch the apple back from her, and she's slipping aside from him nimbly enough to make him almost fall over flat as he chases after her. In passing, he's declaring Blacktongue's way. "You should _see_ some of the undergarments, Black! It's worth a stolen treat now and then!" And then he's right back off after Reese! Well, no one can say Luca's a boring husband certainly!

Luca checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Reese's blushes very brightly when she hears Blacktongue's words. "Um..." She says if not sure how to respond to that. "I think it would be bad for him." She adds a moment later, but the girl sounds uncertain like maybe she is feeling conflicted now. She looks over to Calista, reaching her reaction. "Do you really want to be like that at Zhayla's knighting, Luca?" She then watches as Joslyn's bites into the apple, seemingly surprised.

"...At least it's not caltrops," Juliet declares, ruefully, giving Blacktongue a dubious look. Still, Valencia turns that frown into a smile, as Juliet gives her a small nod in turn. Then she looks to Mydas and Fiora. "My Lord Nightgold. My Lady Malvici. I was hoping for a formal introduction," She bows her head. "I am acquainted with Lord Mydas through the Mirrormasks, of course, and through his late cousin." Glittering eyes regard Fiora. "And you, of course, my lady - I'm happy to meet you at last in person." She adds - hearing her name, giving Joslyn a mild smile, and a curious look. If she does notice the effect the apple has had on Calista, she doesn't say anything, instead shooting Duchess and Poisoner a bright little smile.

Reese checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 22, rolling 10 higher.

Joslyn looks to Juliet. "Not sure what I missed," she admits. "I was just talking and... chaos! And now I'm eating very questionable food."

5 Velenosa House Guards, Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent leave, following Niccolo.

Artorius smiles to Valencia, continuing their lovely dance as he seemed to be greatly enjoying her company. "Indeed, dear princess. I'm happy to be here, and even more happy to live to see days such as this." he chuckles faintly, before looking over to Luca and Reese "They are a rather wonderful couple. I'm happy that Lucky happens to have found a good lass." he says in the direction of Reese. He then stops dancing and keeps his hand on the princess's waist as a speech is given, listening politely. When it concludes, he looks to Valencia "Would you like to continue our dance?" he smiles.

Mydas checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Karadoc continued to walk around, watching the developments happening. He chuckled and shook his head. He came across Juliet and Joslyn after a bit. He gave a nod to them both, "I've not so much find skill as the High Duke, of course, but, would you do me the honor of a dance?" He offered his hand to Juliet, watching her curiously.

Joslyn checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Blacktongue checked intellect + alchemy at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Isolde kisses her father's cheek in return. She listens to the whispered words and nods, getting up from the bench. "I'm going to check on Duchess Calista." Her eyes fix Talen with a look that says behave. "Be nice to your wife." As she moves away, Isolde makes sure to playfully bump into Talen. Trying to jostle him like he had her. Then she's off hurrying to Calista's side to survey the effects of the apple. "How many of those did you bring tonight?" The princess gives Blacktongue a little shake of her head.

Malena flounders a bit now that her patron is gone and she has no duties to attend to. She stands there, looking a little loss on what to do. She takes a glass of wine so she doesn't stand out and takes a sip and then starts looking at others in the crowd. People watching seems to be the safest thing.

Fiora has been tilted in towards Mydas, murmuring back and forth with him softly while the apple fiasco draws all the attention. Juliet's greeting, however, has her looking towards the lady and offering a faint though genuine smile. "My lady. I presume my reputation has preceded me? The recluse has come out of hiding at last." She chuckles at her own self-aimed joke before giving a nod. "I am pleased to meet you as well, Lady Juliet. I have heard much about you. I am glad we could finally meet."

Reese blushes all the more when Luca speaks of her undergarments. "Luca!" She darts to the side with her apple in hand when Luca charges at her again. "You are not going to give up." She murmurs and sighs. "After the knighting ceremony and after you sober up a bit. I will even take bites too, then...but think of Zhayla. If we all show up be-appled, that wouldn't be good, right?"

Mydas stands to bow gallantly to Juliet. "Milady Juliet, a pleasure to see you again." The man is smiling pleasantly, and then turns to Fiora. "May I present Lady Juliet Fidante, Mirrormask and, as I last heard, Paladin of Tehom." he presents. "The last part has earned quite a bit of praise and attention in the last few days. I hope you've recovered well from your run-in with Brand?" he asks Juliet.

"It would be rude of me to not finish dance, yes?" Valencia nods with a little shy smile which seems to grow at Juliet's smile. "I should think that being this happy in a marriage gives me hope for the future. Come," she smiles back to Artorius, "Let us conclude dance, yes?"

"Isolde..." Calista wishes to whisper but it is a touch louder than a whisper. The Duchess reaches out to lightly cup the Princess' cheek. "You look -beautiful- really." She keeps making some sort of weird motion with her lips, like they are too big for her face or something. Licking them to savor the flavor of the apple. "Blacktongue, I think you did perfect it. It is so... the feeling is soooo.." But rather than just praising him, those sultry sounds rumble in the back of her throat.

"I am alwa-- hey," Talen says, using the momentum to bump against the wall, before he stills. "Are you telling her I'm not nice?" he asks Eleyna, before he looks out over the floor to those consuming apples. "I kind of feel left out for once but my head still hurts from the last he gave me, when I forgot to take Hiss back for the weekend," he drawls.

"Some days, I think you fell in love with the Mother of Beginnings and are doing your best to get a personal audience," Juliet chides to Joslyn - giving Malena another smile - and then Karadoc is there, offering a dance. "I would be very flattered, Lord Karadoc, but we do, sadly, have another engagement we need to get to," She notes, patting at Joslyn's shoulder. She gives a bright smile to Fiora, quirking her lips. "A little, but mostly I know you as a fine fighter and the sister of Lord Inigo," She admits. "And I hope, of course, that you've only heard good things," She murmurs. Sketching another little curtsey as Mydas introduces her. "Paladin of Reflection. Merely an honorary title now," She adds, quickly. "And yes, my wounds have healed, and I've grown to appreciate the world more." Looking from Karadoc, to Mydas, to Fiora - and Malena too. "Gods, you are all very interesting people and I am sorely regretful that I have a previous engagement this evening. If I promise to write you all and see about meeting you later for more conversation, will you forgive me for taking Joslyn with me and fleeing for now?"

Artorius smiles to Valencia, lowering his hands to hold hers once more as he walks with her to the dance floor once more "You speak the truth. Marital bliss in such a way is the dream of many, including myself." he is briefly reminded of the pain he had when he lost his wife, but a smile returns to his face for Valencia's sake and so that he can enjoy himself. He enters the proper stance for dancing again, twirling Valencia about delicately and in a lively manner to have fun, as well as add a small romantic edge to the dance itself.

Luca abruptly stops his charging chasing of his wife with a look like a kid on his birthday at her talk of joining him in the be-appling after. "Deal! Holding you to it!" he quickly slurs out with a laugh, reaching out more gently for Reese, clearly giving up the attack on her stolen prize, intent instead on drawing her into a hug and a quick, indecent public kiss, which is followed up with the drunken Winged Fox peering about for Blacktongue. "Black!! Blacktongue! OH, there you are! We need a prescription, good man! How many bites for my beloved wife knowing she's all prim and Grayson proper and new to such experiences?" He's frankly beaming at the prospect apparently of getting his wife high. Clearly Luca is doing his Lycene best to corrupt the poor sweet innocent beribboned Grayson warrior princess.

Jynx, a falcon arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

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Giuseppe, a kindly old man, Reese leave, following Luca.

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Karadoc gave a nod, "I suppose that will have to do. Until next time." HE gave Juliet and Joslyn a nod, watching them leave.

Malena gives Juliet a smile back, "Of course...I would love to speak some time." She keeps eyeing that troublemaking Blacktongue with his tainted items that makes people all loopy. She doesn't say anything because the duchess seemed to want it but it's clear that she's keeping an eye on the other alchemist.

"I'm tempted myself," Eleyna offers herself as she remains on the bench and turns her face toward Talen to offer, "I don't have to tell her that you aren't nice. She knows you."

"Honorary now, perhaps. Yet we owe the Paladins much, especially the Paladin of Reflection that, as I hear it, made a name for herself quite so well." Mydas nods to Juliet as she speaks of leaving. "Of course, until we next meet, Milady."

Gaius, a Thraxian Confessor, Balanar, a shadowy Confessor arrive, following Alistair.

Karadoc swept his attention to those that had stayed. He looked to Calista, "Perhaps you'd like a dance?" He smiled to her, offering his hand to her next.

Naturally the Fuzz would show up to check in on those Velenosa girls and boys and their wild parties. There is at least one expected poisoning and adultery based stabbing expected at each party in Arx. Double so in the Ward of th Lyceum. The Inquisition arrives in scarlet and hoods, Alistair sweeping his gaze as his Confessors look more eager to join in any debauchery then stop it. Alistair, as always, is all business.

Isolde raises an eyebrow as she looks from Calista's face to Blacktongue's. This is certainly an interesting development. "Not as beautiful as you. Though it might be best to sit down." A slender hand pats the one Calista has pressed against her face and she attempt to wrap an arm around the duchess' waist. The last thing Isolde wanted was to watch her fall over. "Now where is the rest of that apple, mm?" It's not like Isolde wanted it for any mischievous reasons. Not at all.

Kieran arrives back from whatever pulled him away and nods to Alistair who walks in with him. Noting a thinning out if the crowd, he starts to make his way back to where he was standing before.

Fiora inclines her head to Juliet with a smile, "But of course, my lady. Far be it from me to deter you from your obligations."

Blacktongue is a completel and total jerk, passing out these apples, but he is at least a very good babysitter. He wraps an arm about Calista's shoulders protectively and laughs, letting her ride it out. "I suppose this means no dance, then? Shame. I have moves even the contortionists haven't seen." A pause. "No, not like that. If I make a dick joke you'll know." He grins and shakes his head, tucking -that- apple away. Fuck. Calista only had A bite.

Kieran is given a stare, an ocular patdown to see if he has any illicit goods or weapons! Probably both. Hes allowed to go on without bother before he looks over to Blacktongue and his apples. Of course Blacktongue is dealing with apples. He murmurs to a Confessor.

Estaban was here and then had to go and came back as soon as he could, such is the life of a Iron Guard. His eyes look around as he walks back onto the grounds, the rall Siak's blue eyes searching out who he knows and who he does not know.

The little Northern Fox seems very happy to be dancing and only looks a little sad as the dance comes to a close. Stepping back she offers Artorius a graceful curtsey, dark eyes lowering demurely and a little msile gracing her lips. "Thank you so very much for the dance, my lord. You are so very good at it. I hope we will have more, yes?" Valencia looks as though she might say more but she is interrupted by a messengers. She offers an apologetic smile and steps aside so as to keep from getting int the way of the other dancers, thanking the messenger by word and coin.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

"Oh? Who said no dancing, Blacktongue?" Calista bats her lashes at the man and hastily gives her glass of wine to someone, anyone. "Lead the way. I need to experience these moves. I can totally feel all the little hairs on my arms, by the way. This is, amazing."

Kieran watches the ongoings with interest, particularly the discussion of apples. He raises an eyebrow and keeps focus on Blacktongue, Calista, and Isolder.

Artorius smiles softly to Valencia as their ballad comes to a close. He doesn't look overtly saddened, but all things must end yes? He smiles warmer still to the princess, kissing her hand delicately as a way of farewell before his ocean blue-eyes locks onto her darks once more. "Most certainly princess. Anytime you wish." he smiles, bowing his head softly as he moves out of the dance floor, leaning against a wall with a smile.

Isolde is happy to take Calista's wine, shaking her head. She doesn't begrudge the Duchess for missing her request especially not while apple'd. "Try not to drop her." She murmurs to Blacktongue before sipping the newly acquired wine.

"You can keep looking at me like that, but I still don't swing your way." Blacktongue drawls to Kieran as he just...keeps...looking. He offers an apple his way, this one is...golden? "This isn't me courting you." he has to point out, again, but nods and bows all the same to the Redrain prince. To Calista he nods and beams, "Yes, let us then? Do you want something quick or slow? I am fond of either."

Valencia smiles at Artorius as he escorts her and gallantly kisses her hand Her cheeks flush and she offers a polite warm incline of head. "Thank you, my lord. I should like that very very much." As the dashing Artorius departs her she pauses to read the note and carefully folds and then smiles, tucking it carefully away before looking up to see Alister arrive. She offers him a little smile and warm incline of head by way of greeting, "Inquisitor Alistair, it is so very nice to see you. You look well," she offers gently.

Kieran snerks at Blacktongue's words and accepts the golden apple. "A shame. A good swing is always fun.". He eyes the apple and asks, "Aside from being expensive looking, anything special about it?"

Estaban spots Valencia smiling he moves in her direction, "Your highness." he says in her direction, his steps bring him closer to where she and Artorius are standing, "Lord Artorius, good evening." he smiles to the other man.

Karadoc frowned as his own request for a dance was turned down twice in a row. He huffed a bit, and walked off.

Malena quietly stands to the side, watching everyone as she sips her glass of wine that she just picked up. She's not dressed well enough to be a noble, just a quiet little protege observing her betters at their amusements.

Alistair peers at Blacktongue as well, but hes not looking for any lovers to warm whatever Cell the Inquisition lets him call home. "Do be careful with the apples..." He rumbles out in warning to no one in particular as he slowly turns his attention to Valencia. Another Princess. The Redain royalty gets the same emotionless cold stare that everyone enjoys, though he offers a slight bow of his head. "Princess." he states in recognition.

Calista's mouth opens to say something but then Alistair's there. She glances to Isolde, then Blacktongue and then back to the Inquisitor. She says nothing, but her cheeks are bright red.

Artorius smiles warmly at Valencia before he looks to Estaban "Evening Lord Estaban. Feeling well?

"All the apples in Velenosa have something special about them." Isolde murmurs between sips of wine. When Calista's eyes look towards Alistair, Isolde's follow. She quirks and eyebrow. "Fires of the Inquisition?" With a fond smile at the soon to be dancers, she gives Calista a wink and drifts off. While she doesn't go straight over to Alistair, Isolde does pester his confessors. She attempts to point them at the wine.

The little raven haired princess doesn't seem to fussed about Alistair's coolish reception. In fact, it may even have causes her to smile even more warmly and sweetly up at him, though her attention is taken by the arrival of the noble Lord Estaban, "My lord Estaban, how lovely to see you again," she offers with a warm incline of hand and a polite offer of a delciate hand. "It is a lovely party, yes?"

Valencia claims this

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Gaius and Balanar look both bored and eager to join in on the fun. When Isolde approaches and points them to the wine the rouge Balanar blows her a kiss. "A delight as always Princess." he remarks with a flourishing bow. And off the Inquisition Confessors go to enjoy some wine and maybe mark some people for proper blackmail or false confessions.

Alistair glances away from Valencia when she greets Estaban, the large Prodigal man stepping out of the way to grant others easy entrance to the party. It seems hes come to just be an oppressive presence, but not do any actual oppressing.

Rickard stays off to one side, eyeballing the goings-on with mild interest. He generally keeps to himself, though he'll converse with anyone, should the situation arise. Until such time, he busies himself with his own things.

Estaban nods his head, "I am Lord Artorius and youself?" he takes Valencia hand and moves to place it on his arm, "It is indeed a lovely Party, but I must say the one you held was lovely as well." he smiles to her looking around, "Care to take a walk?" he asks her.

"It will make you happy. I have perfected the recipe, so you won't pass out. It will be fun. Nothing like the Harlequin's kiss." Blacktongue promises Kieran and his eyes shift to Calista as he moves to lead her into a dance. It is a slow waltz, propriety always kept in mine and surprisingly graceful. Most know the Harlequin as a man sharp of word, honed of wit, but he is graceful on his feet, every move always a performanc for the man that has survived so many years in the Lyceum - a feat in itself.

Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, Penelope, Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Dafne.

Once the confessors are off to get drunk, Isolde looks nearly satisfied for the night. Her gaze turns back towards Alistair and she's quick to snag a glass of wine for him. "You don't look like you're having much fun." Isolde sips the wine before offering it to her guest. "Unlike Balanar."

Malena quietly slips out of the party, not staying to see what happens when the inquisition meets with the Velenosa nobles. Her head is buzzing a bit, not used to so much drinking anyway. She heads off to her room to take something.

Somehow, randomly, Talen has ended up by the table and turns around, looking for someone, something. "Where the fuck did my drink go?" Pointing at Blacktongue, he shouts: "Did you nick my drink?"

Rickard seems to get this feeling like he's being watched, or observed, or.. eyeballed in some way. He glances around, notes Valencia, and offers her a polite smile and nod of acknowledgement.

Artorius nods faintly to Estaban "happy to hear it. I'm as well as I can be. Although slightly disconcerted that someone that I would have liked to have here, is not." he shrugs.

Kieran eyes the apple a bit and shrugs at what Blacktongue says, taking a bite from the fruit. "Alright, let's take the plunge."

Kieran checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Talen's drink is currently in Eleyna's hand. She's enjoying it greatly as she smirks while watching him accuse Blacktongue.

"Balanar is a deviant who I dragged out of a ditch after one of his lover's husband tried to knife him." The Inquisitor rumbles out as he peers at the party. Once more his eyes fall upon Blacktongue as he is accused of drink theft. And then Kieran eats an apple. They never learn. Alistair takes the offered glass, peering at it before he glances to Calista. "Im just making sure no one drops dead. They have a habit to do so at these parties."

Estaban ohs, "Who would that have been Lord Artorius?" he looks about, "Did see Lady Caelis earlier did she retire already?" he asks the otehr Lord as he stands waiting for Valencia's answer to his question.

Blacktongue checked intellect + alchemy at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Artorius looks to Estaban, shrugging lightly "Wouldn't you like to know." he chuckles faintly "I would have liked to have seen Arcelia. I owe her a dance." he smiles faintly.

Talen checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Dafne drifts in rather late, in a cloud of black velvet. Of course, knowing her, she might just think black is festive. The little duchess wanders through the crowd, noting who is here and pausing to watch the entertainment.

Talen checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Valencia steals a little suprised at Estaban after takes her hand and places it upon his arm. Her cheeks begin to flush a little, though Rickard's bold return of her concerned smile seems to distract her, though her hand remains in place on the Saik lord's arm. With a free hand she beckons Rickard to join the conversation.

Blacktongue checked intellect + alchemy at difficulty 20, rolling 49 higher.

Isolde bites back a laugh, glancing towards Balanar. She'll blow the confessor a little, cheeky kiss. "I think he's a lovely man. I wonder if I could convince him to try an apple." There is mischief in her eyes tonight. "Everyone should be fine. We're celebrating life. The worst that will happen is Talen waking up in a puddle of wine in the gardens."

"No. Drinks do nothing for me, you know this. Here. Drink this." Blacktongue hands Talen a vial blatantly. It is the Lyceum, after all! This is domain, after all, and this is the stage he so 'oft struts upon. Still, the Harlequin twirls Calista in their dance, the woman probably seeing pretty lights at this point and gods know what else.

Calista has rolled a critical success!
Calista checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Blacktongue checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Eleyna watches from her seat as Blacktongue passes Talen a drink. Unlike Reese when Blacktongue offered Luca a drink, Eleyna makes no move to intercept the vial. In fact, she seems perfectly content to sit back and watch what happens.

"Please don't give him an apple. Hes happily broken any such mind altering habits." Alistair dourly declares, turning Balanar's smile into a frown and a sheepish nod of his head. As Talen accuses Blacktongue, and the Harlequin deflects the blame, the man just rumbles out a grunt. "As long as it is just a puddle of wine... there should be no trouble." And with that he sips the wine she offered to him.

It's not traditional dancing in the sense that it is skilled. It's more fluid and artsy and well, super charming! Calista is a charming woman so it's not surprise that she can make the silliest movements look endearing. Her limbs feel like jelly and she's certainly having an out of body experience but being twirls around with the way her licentious silks kiss her skin is pure ecstasy.

"Seriously, uncle," Talen scowls, turning around as if again trying to find a better perspective on whatever and wherever his drink is and gone. Of course, he doesn't know Eleyna has his drink. When Blacktongue passes him a vial, he looks at it and grits his teeth before doing it. "I still want my fucking drink," he says, moving across the room and idly plucking up a snack or two. If there's a side effect to his uncle's mixture, it doesn't hit -yet-. Eleyna's complete ignorance of his potential imminent death is probably out of love. "Puddle?" he asks of Alistair, "any puddle of wine is a waste."

Rickard moves over to join Valencia, and settles in at her side (or as close as possible, within reason). He looks to her with piqued curiosity, and interest.

Kieran continues chewing on the apple a bit, when he suddenly looks up at the crowd and smiles contentedly, as though everything is right with the world. He takes another bite and nods his head a bit, before blinking and shaking his head, wincing at the sounds around. "Quiet down a bit, would ya?"

Blacktongue is not super charming. He is only holding the woman that is! He looks good by proxy and is smiling down at the woman with unmasked jovial air. "You truly are a Rose, darling. I have...well, I will take you on as a student, if you wish?" An aside glance and comment to Talen. "If you start licking the wrong...thing, don't blame me. The walls are not made of candied fruits."

Isolde gives Balanar a sympathetic nod. "You're such a cruel boss. They're not habit forming." At least as far as she knows. When Talen comes over to them, she holds her glass of wine out towards her brother. "Here. I reclaimed it from the unicorn." Her voice is a deadpan and her expression very serious.

Estaban nods his head giving Artorius a look when Arcelia is mentioned, he looks down to Valencia, "I do not want to be rude and take you away from anyone who might want to speak with you." he has a small smirk on his lips.

From the bench, Eleyna eyes Blacktongue, trying to catch his attention with her icy blue gaze as she murmurs, "I'll be very cross if you've killed him, Blacktongue. I'm not done with him yet."

"As long as it is a wasted puddle of wine and not blood." Then he doesn't have any paper work he would have to do. But then it probably wouldn't be a surprise that much of the paper work back in the House of Questions is filled with half trues and outright lies. Alistair takes another sip of his wine, but if he looks like he is about to get drunk, he hides it well. For a moment he watches the charming dancing, fueled by whatever mind altering products Blacktongue deals in. THe Inquisitor can only shake his head!

Kieran begins laughing a bit and swaying to unheard music, before suddenly breaking out into dance with an unseen partner. "My, yes, what a lovely party. I positively tingle from the music, even if it is a bit loud."

Kieran checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

"Handsome and gallant. What a lovely combination," Valencia muses playfully, offering Estaban a little smile before turning dark glimmering eyes to Rickard, "Missere Rickard, I am sorry to disturb you, but I thought I might ask how you are enjoying the party. Have you been to many Velenosan events?" She takes a quickly little look about the room and frowns a little with concern Kieran's way.

"Did you see the Paladin here earlier?" Talen asks Blacktongue, "She came, then left, that damn Paladin. Anyway," he adds, "if I die--," he starts saying before he blinks at Isolde, holding her stare for a moment, pale grey-blue eyes remaining there. "The unicorn stole my drink?" he asks. "Fucking unicorns. Thank you, Isolde," he utters, clasping the goblet, eyeing it and sniffing it. He trusts NO-ONE. "Did Eleyna come near it?"

Some of the contortionists, dressed with violet ribbons dangling from their clothes, begin to dance. The ribbons twirl around them in blurs of color, whirling faster and faster with the wildly gyrating movements of the be-ribboned dancers.


Isolde checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

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