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Valardin-Telmar Reception Gauntlet

Join House Valardin and House Telmar in celebrating the union of Princess Isabeau Valardin and Lord Ansel Telmar with feasting and a special running of the Gauntlet! Grand prizes will be offered to the victors! (Rolls for those interested in running the Gauntlet will be handled before the event itself. Please contact Isabeau to have your Gauntlet run recorded.)


Oct. 13, 2018, 7:58 p.m.

Hosted By

Isabeau Ansel


Nicia Caelis Alis Cristoph Bianca Coraline Aviana Duarte Gerard Donella Tovell Delilah Ruslan Tesha Tyren Khanne Sophie Klaus Marcas Arik Hadrian Sorrel Cambria Morrighan Mirk Galen Percephon Caius Alistair Edain Reigna Kael Alaric


Valardin Telmar


Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - The Gauntlet

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Aviana gets a bottle of Ice Vodka of the Telmarch from A Large standing Shelf.

To say that this day has been a very busy one for House Telmar might be the most profound understatement possible. Yet, the preparations that have been made for the wedding feast and celebratory (re: potentially drunken) gauntlet show great efforts to make the most of a jovial atmosphere in the shadow of Telmar Tower. The bridal couple, Lord Ansel and (now) Lady Isabeau, are seated at their table in all of their brilliant aeterna finery and receive their guests and well-wishers. (OOC: Please use the +line command.) There is a table among those assembled that has bottles of ice vodka ready to be dispensed to guests at their leisure.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Sir Alren, 2 Templar Knight guards, Duarte arrive, following Bianca.

There is a quick look around before Nicia whispers something in response to Cristoph, then she falls quiet to follow his lead on where to go and what to do. Hooray weddings.

Caelis smiles up at Edain, a happy expression on her face as she murmurs to her husband. She's taking the advantage of fall heat to enjoy a looser seasilk dress. She's clearly not aiming to take a go at the course today and turns her content smile to the bridal couple with genuine delight.

Bloodrain, a huge warhorse arrives, following Ruslan.

Raffaele of Gemecitta arrives, following Delilah.

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Isabeau has joined the Fighting Pit.

Cristoph has joined the East Spectator Seating.

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Alis is definitely here with her husband, who is not at all invisible. And having joined the reception line, they chatter with whoever is in front of them or behind them, content to revel in the celebration of the day.

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Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, 2 Crimson Blades Private, Percephon arrive, following Khanne.

The pair from Laurent seem to be involved in a rather detailed private conversation that results in a bit of head nodding on Cristoph's part, a pop of his eyebrows and a lift of his shoulders. It looks like he's proposing something, then he gestures to some of the seating and walks over with his wife to take a seat.

Alis has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Bianca walked into the reception area amidst idle conversation with Duarte as she held his arm in escort (though those Templar guards were only an arm's reach behind them). A light laugh left her at whatever had been said before pale gaze turned outward toward the grounds, then there was an Alis and her husband who the Legate fell in line behind.

Arriving on Lord Klaus Laurent's arm comes a Princess Coraline Thrax, yay! *makes cheering noises of joy!* Actually there is no cheering, nor horses nor squirrels it seems. Just the pair of em.

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Turn in line: Klaus

Nicia shakes her head faintly to her husband, following Cristoph to some of the seats. When she spots familiar faces in the process, though, she offers smiles and nods of greeting.

Aviana comes walking in looking around, her hands are cupped in front of her and she is dressed simple it seems. She looks to be by herself and more to find a place to sit.

Duarte seems slightly confused by Bianca's finding humor in what he said with a straight, dour face. He sighs, defeatedly, and speaks no further but remains at the Legate's side.

Gerard, the Dancing Blade of Telmar, is dressed in his armored finery and with his swords strapped to his person. But he seems to be in good spirits, a beaming smile on his face and bowing to all present who glance his way as he makes his way toward where Ansel and his new bride stand. "And to think I remember the good Lord when he was less than chin-high and first learning to hold a sword," he declares warmly as he bows deeply to Ansel and Isabeau. "And now such a fine Lord and pride of the Telmar, and wed to a wonderful beauty. My many congratulations, My Lord and Lady."

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands, Anouk Ardennes, Anais Ardennes arrive, following Sophie.

Donella comes on like a headcold to the reception. The last Valardin wedding she attended can have no peers! Almost certainly, her better half is around, using maple-flavored beverages to whittle himself down to a better quarter. But she is for her part stone-cold sober, and in fine spirits as she joins a queue. "Its quiet. I do not hear the Duke bellowing. Is he weeping in a corner somewhere," she teases.

Tovell doesn't appear to be atired for the Gauntlet, so he apparently isn't running it - just here to conratulate people, watch athletic feats, and hey, there's vodka. Raising a hand in greeting to those he knows, he joins the line.

The training grounds won't feature much by way of Delilah's participation, the Emissary of the Scholars arm-in-arm with a fellow adventurer rather than her poor put-upon guardian, Scribble. The Whitehawk girl comes in Bianca and Coraline's wake, and those of their respective plus-ones, entering the line. That alone is enough to make her stealth almost on par with that of the not-present-at-all Fiachra, which is part of the goal. She goes dipping smartly for one of the stands, bounding up them with far too much energy for anyone non-participatory. There's got to be some kind of event for talks too much, writes too fast.

While it's true that Ruslan's home has been at war with the Laurents in one way shape or form for generations. As the one who finally brought the war to an end by bending his knee to Fidante, the Marquis arrived to try to continue his goodwill tour to try to soothe things over with the border lands between Velenosa and Valardin.

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Alaric.

Demetria Arcuri arrives, delivering a message to Delilah before departing.

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Tesha for once doesn't arrive alone to an event. She is with Prince Tyren Valardin this evening. Though the second Voice of the Telmarch seems...down. She looks to Tyren though as they head in and there's a smile to him, "Where would you like to sit? Or would you like to go talk to Lord and Lady Telmar first?" she asks him quietly.

"He's saving his bellow for the perfect moment I'm certain." Alis heard that Donella, and obviously feels the need to respond. "He'll wait till you can hear a pin drop, for maximum effect." The princess nods sagely, and then also gives a discreet wiggle of her fingers in greeting to Bianca. Along with a bright smile for her brother and his wife.

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Morrighan arrives, following Arik.

Bianca's smile lifted brightly to Alis who was just ahead of her. "Princess, I'd hope I'd get to see you today." She murmured something aside to Duarte before speaking again to Alis, "How are Eirlys and Ellara?"

Isabeau is doing her damnedest to maintain her mildest smile as the reception enters into full swing. Every so often, she spares a slihtly sidelong look at Ansel, expression still soft, but focuses on each guest who comes to their table to wish them well and whatnot. "Lord Klaus, thank you so much for attending... and taking on the gauntlet. You did rather well!"

Tyren is speaking quietly to Tesha as he escorts her into the Gauntlet, a smile present upon his lips but thin. "I suppose we should say our congratulations before the line gets overly long," he says to her, keeping her on his arm as he escorts her over to where the line is growing to greet the newlyweds.

Arik has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Caelis looks at Alis and waves to her with a quirked brow and a crooked smile that promises trouble between quiet whispers with Edain.

Morrighan has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Khanne walks into the transformed training grounds with her arm looped through the crook of Percephon's elbow. She wears a gown that sparkles like the stars as she speaks to him, finishing the conversation had on the walk over. She leans close to his ear, words meant for him only. She smiles as she looks about at the crowd gathering to with the newly wed well, then tugging him over she says, "come... let's get in line to offer our congratulations."

Sophie is in a rush as she arrives, breathing heavily. As she enters she smiles warmly to those who catch her attention and she winds through those present toward the tables lined with food and drink.

Tyren has joined the line.

Khanne has joined the line.

Klaus gives a smile and a small chuckle. "I am bruised all over and not sure I did so well, not when Coraline told me how well she did. However I do wish you well on this wonderful day for you Princess, and you as well m'Lord. A blessed day indeed."

Dressed in a mix of leathers and linen, Marcas looks kind of out of place here. He pauses partway across the grounds, seemingly taken aback by the number of people present and their state of dress, shifting his shoulders as if momentarily contemplating bowing out. A beat later, though, he continues, though not towards the line. He's a nobody, after all, even if he's used to being around the more privileged, so he instead finds himself a spot to lounge and watch the line moving to congratulate the bride and groom -- after claiming himself a bottle of vodka.

Arik arrives beside Morrighan the pair of them looking matched well enough. With Arik there are earthy tones and symbols of wolves and the Halfshav Sigil on his coat which is an odd appearance for him as it is only autumn and by most northerners reckoning still hot as all get! Despite the line of those moving to offer congratulations, the Halfshav Lord diverts to one of the spectators stands before claiming a seat with a lounging posture. Tesha gets a brief wave during the walk and there is a grin for Khanne and Percephon together.

Is there any expression quite like the one a parent gets when speaking of their children? Alis is sporting that look right now at the mention of her children, of course. "They're doing very well, thank you. We went to Prince Valen and Prince Fergus' one year birthday party and they both had such a good time; Ellara caused no end of trouble along with Nia. So it was perfect." she decides. "And how have you been?" is directed toward Bianca, while they wait in the line.

Tesha has joined the line.

Hadrian. Cambria. They arrive with a number of their own in tow, though at a respectful distance. The Marquis-Consort of House Mazetti spares a wink aside for the benefit of the Marquessa of House Mazetti. Then onward Hadrian goes in order to provide his well-wishes for the newly weds at their most special of tables. The aeterna and umbra cloak which he wears rests draped over one shoulder. A lone arm rests draped across his abdomen while the opposite wraps itself over the small of his back as he offers a bright, bright charcoal-whitened smile to this face or that. He does, however, make it a point to undrape his arm from across his abdomen to lift his long arm high into the air in order to waggle his fingers across the heads and shoulders separating their positions.

Aviana spots the Bride and Groom and moves to stand in line if their is one to greet them, her hair is pulled to one side and a soft smile is on her face as she waits as she gets closed her eyes twinkle at how Isabeau looks and she grins wide.

Donella makes her obeisance toward Alis, who she sees and hears first, and laughs. "Right next to your ear. Aye, that sounds about like. Its the tears we can't abide though." She likewise makes a knee for the rest of the Valardin Royal Family, and raises a hand toward Khanne and Morrighan.

Sorrel arrives on her husband's arm, cheerful and full of smiles for her former lieges. For once, her thick Oathlander accent is not out of place, and she says to Galen, "Look, it's vodka they're serving today. We should pay our respects to the bride and groom, and you can forward them a bottle of rum at some point."

Ansel is seated beside the newly-Lady Isabeau, seated at the head of the fairly gigantic table that's been placed under the pavilion out in the fighting grounds of the Gauntlet. Yes, it's been a very busy day for House Telmar, but it seems like a great deal of preparation and work has come together to produce the festive scene that's taken over the normally-forboding Gauntlet.

Ansel, for his part, is looking very happy to be right where he's at -- a string of familiar faces entering the area, the beautiful and newly-Lady Isabeau seated beside him, and, to Donella's observation, no Duke in sight. "Thank you, Lord Klaus," replies Ansel, giving an eager smile to the Laurent lord. "We're very glad to have House Laurent here to celebrate with us."

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2 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Mirk.

Turn in line: Alis

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Bianca chuckled, "Oh, that's so good to hear. Princess Marian and I had a discussion about the upcoming one year mark for her twins and the celebration for it. Hopefully I'll get to see all the little ones." She then fell quiet with her latter reply as it was Alis' turn!

Sophie has joined the line.

Cambria is indeed at Hadrian's side. She offers polite smiles to those around, coupled with polite greetings. Unlike Hadrian, however, she does not do any sort of waving.

Alis tucks her hand briefly in Donella's arm, and gestures towards the East seating with a few murmured words before she finds that she must head for the table of the bride and groom! A quick wave and she marches forward in that way she has. "Isabeau you look absolutely gorgeous as always. I left you some ear plugs, so that you can sleep even when the Duke bellows." is added, in a more quiet tone and with a wink. "Lord Ansel, welcome to the family. I am so happy for the both of you."

Must be a cold day in the abyss, since somehow a dress has been put on Morrighan, but she arrives in a fire themed ensemble, very formal and well put together. She chatters lowly to the Halfshav lord, grimacing a touch at the man before turning her attention to the vast crowd of people. Guided along towards a section of seating for spectators, the dame spies a few familiar faces, waving cheerily over at Khanne and Donella.

Guy, a hunting kestrel arrives, delivering a message to Ansel before departing.

Arriving fashionably late, Mirk strides into the Gauntlet, glancing around at the grounds of House Telmar with mild interest, clearly unfamiliar with the location and the obstacle course, the latter of which gets a raised eyebrow. "My congratulations to House Telmar on the auspicious occasion," he says to Isabeau, offering the hostess a dip of his head. "And I hope you have a chance to enjoy the festivities, in your own time." Tesha gets a nod of his head, and an aside comment of, "As I promised, so I'm here. For a little while, at least." On that note, he heads towards Arik and Morrighan to join them at the seating, away from the main mass of the crowd.

Aviana has joined the line.

"Oh? Is she here?" Duarte asks Bianca as he swings his head from side to side to survey the crowd.

Edain has joined the line.

No sooner has Sorrel mentioned the vodka, Galen grabs a bottle for himself. He leans in to her to murmur a few words, leading her to the west wing of the Gauntlet.

Tesha gives a brighter smile to Tyren and squeezes his arm gently as she walks with him. There's a look as they get in line and then a smile to her siste-in-law and her brother, "You two are looking well." she tells Khanne. Though she gives a wave to Arik when she catches sight of his hair and Dame Morrighan. Then there's a smile to Mirk, "I'm glad you could make it, Lord Mirk." she states.

Guy, a hunting kestrel arrives, delivering a message to Tesha before departing.

Due, a large hunting dog, Sir Peckingston the Third, a chestnut colored hawk arrive, following Elora.

Having so many familiar, and familial, faces around serves to only widen Ansel's smile. He gives a glance aside to Isabeau at the mention of Duke-bellowing, then looks back to the little Valardin standing ahead of the new Telmar couple. "Thank you, Princess Alis," replies the Telmar, with a grin. "As if you didn't already see enough of me."

Demetria Arcuri arrives, delivering a message to Delilah before departing.

Percephon walks with Khanne, the crook of his elbow allowing that looped arm within. He nods his head and smiles to her as they move towards the line to congratulate the newly weds. He turns to see Arik, and returns the smile, tilting his head with a raise of his eyebrows in greeting to the man as well as Morrighan before settling into the line beside his wife. When Tesha greets them, he would give her a smil as well, "Dear Sister, you look well as always, so glad to see you in person, finally, after my return."

"Cousin, how... wise of you," comes Isabeau's reply to Alis at the naming of her gift. The former Valardin princess allows herself the liberty of shining her smile into a somewhat warmer expression as she reaches across the table to gently clasp Alis' hand.

Turn in line: Coraline

Caelis has joined the East Spectator Seating.

"You'll flat out be sick of me soon enough." Alis quips, making sure to lean over to give Isabeau a quick kiss on the cheek rather than a hand clasp. "Enjoy your day." An impish smile is given them both, and she makes way for the next person by heading to the Eastern seating.

Tyren dips a nod to Khanne and Percephon both, flashing them a faint smile. "Lord Percephon, Lady Khanne, a pleasure," he murmurs in an even voice. Arik and Morrighan get a similar greeting, before Tyren leans to say something quietly to Tesha.

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Obsidian - a black Warlander leaves, following Fecundo.

Khanne is all smiles, staying close to Percephon's side. She lifts her other hand to wave cheerily to Donella, Morrighan, and Tesha, though she wiggles her fingers at Arik the way only a bratty younger sister can. She nods to Tyren then and says, "a pleasure to see you as well. A fabulous occasion to see so many amazing people. I could be slightly biased, perhaps..." The Halfshav shaman who married a Telmar Lord and is now surrounded by all manner of family gives the Valardin Prince a wink.

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Tesha gives a smile to her brother and sister-in-law, "Khanne and Percephon, this is Prince Tyren Valardin. I think you've met him before." she introduces them. "He's been very sweet and escorted me this evening." she smiles to that. Then she looks to Percephon, "It's good to see you since your return. I'm sure Whitehold was good to you." she smiles. Though Tyren's whisper makes her grin a bit. There's a certain cousin at the head table that's looking at her that makes her squint at him.

After retrieving a drink from the table that contains them - one a little stronger than tea - Sophie enters the receiving line while sipping the drink.

Donella glances round to Khanne and Percephon, Tesha and Tyren, saying, "I am beginning to suspect that there is nothing to do in the winter in the Oathlands either. A health to more Valardins in Arx."

Moving forward Cora gives a warm smile, "Congratulations, what a fantastic event as well. Thank you for hosting."

Alis looks up from her conversation and -gasps-. "I heard that, Princess Donella Redrain! I will have you involved in a snowfort building and snowball fight contest this year, I swear it!"

Luigi, 5 House Mazetti Guardians, Mario leave, following Hadrian.

Arik calls out from the stands, "Winter in the oathlands, is that when it gets cold enough that they finally get to wear some fur?" he waves to the group of Valardin and Telmar.

"Thank you very much, Princess Caroline. Please, enjoy the feast," replies Isabeau, gesturing out to the brightly-arrayed gauntlet grounds.

"I am Marquis Ruslan Volkov, Your Majesty." the blonde man offers with a bow of somewhat politeness, half kneeld style towards Alaric. "Recently from the same land." For a moment, he's at a loss for words, before offering. "We just recently joined the Compact, Your Majesty." As if that will explain everything.

Turn in line: Bianca

Donella points a finger at Alis in return, grinning, "I will defeat you with the power of superior socks! And layering. That's the thing it's called, isn't it, Dame Morrighan?"

Luigi, 5 House Mazetti Guardians, Mario arrive, following Hadrian.

Hadrian has joined the line.

As her turn in line arrived, Bianca unwound her arm from Duarte's to embrace her beauteous cousin properly. "You look ravishing, Isabeau." She stated softly, stepping back to better face the pair of newlyweds. "May the light of the Gods be exemplified through your union. Congratulations to you both." A bow of her head went to Ansel before pale eyes returned to Isabeau with a more familial and warm glance now that the brief blessing was through. "I wish you both all the joy and comfort this world may be able to give."

Merging with the receiving line, a few paces behind Sophie, Caius lifts one hand to skim lightly over the freshly cut hair that's threaded through with silver. "Princess Sophie," is said in a quiet voice paired with a tip of his head, and a smile, as the line moves forward.

Khanne snickers softly at Donella then looks towards Alis. "Oh, I build -amazing- snow forts. I mean, I kind of had to learn..."

Klaus peels off with Coraline, whipsering into her ear as he does, and lets her decide what to do next.

A wry smile tugs at one corner of Morrighan's mouth, amusement in her eyes as she waves a hand over in Donella's direction. "Aye, tha' certainly helps."

Isabeau is on her feet for Bianca's arrival at the table and gladly goes 'round until she might be able to receive the Legate's embrace without any awkward leaning. She murmurs something to the Scholar that likely only the pair of them might be privy to hear.

"Thank you, Princess," comes Ansel's reply, offering a genuine and grateful smile to the short-haired Thraxian after his bride offers her thanks. He seems about to reply further when the shouted promises of a certain pint-sized Valardin come past the head table, bringing a grin to his features again. "Princess Alis, please decline from starting winter wars at our reception!"

Armistice secured, the Telmar offers a polite dip of his head to the Wyrmguard as she approaches the pair. "Thank you," replies the Sword, politely, chuckling as Isabeau does most of the thanking this round.

As Sophie hears her name she smiles and turns toward Caius. she says warmly, "Prince Caius! What a pleasure to see you tonight!"

"Yes. Congratulations, your highness." Duarte mutters as he remains at Bianca's side. He gazes idly about as the two exchange hugs and talk.

Turn in line: Tovell

When it's his turn in line, Tovell steps up to the couple, bows, and then clasp Ansel on the shoulder with a grin for the lady. "Congratulations, both of you," he says. "On the wedding and on a party a knight doesn't feel stifled at." He keeps it short and sweet. The line is getting very snakey back there, after all. But his smile and tone are genuinely pleased.

"Superior socks are no match for thermal stockings." Alis calls back, in the snootiest tone she can manage. "Layering though. Layering you may have me beat at. I am sadly too small to effectively layer." A mournful note enters her tone, before she looks over to Khanne to wink back. "It is a winter skirmish, Lord Ansel. Merely a skirmish."

Bianca leaned her forehead briefly to Isabeau's, murmuring a reply before she moved off to make room for the next in line to greet the couple.

Tesha gives a look up when she hears Arik, "My dearest brother-in-law, please come down here so I can talk to you about our winters." she calls to the Halfshav lord. She had a smile on her face though. So that was good.

Khanne smiles at Tesha then leans in close to her, murmuring into her ear. She then looks to Alis and says, "oh, you can layer! You just won't be able to move..."

Alis sadface at Khanne.

"You as well," Caius replies, moving forward another step or two, mindful to keep pace with the reception line that moves toward the table. "Still a bet of a recluse," said in a wry murmur, "apologies. I keep meaning to visit with everyone and catch up."

Khanne gives Alis a bright, cheeky smile. "You love me!"

Percephon returns a smile and a nod towards Tyren, his hand reaching out to clasp against Khanne's forearm against the crook of his other arm. He says, "Most certainly a pleasure, such an occasion as this is always a wonderful time to get to know people all the much more." He would make a gesture with his hand towards the tables, "I am sure we will all get to speak even more once we all take our seats." He turns when he notices Alis speaking and gives a smile, "So good to see you, and still being tactical, even over socks."

The moment shared with Bianca now passed and with Tovell before the table, Isabeau remains where she is and replies to the man's brief well-wishing, "You're very welcome, Sir Tovell."

Alis laughs as brightly as she smiles. "I do." she agrees, making a face at Khanne when she says it though. "And thank you, Percy. I will always accept being tactical as a compliment. Even over socks. And it looks like you are doing quite well yourself, which is good to see."

Hadrian eventually works his way to both Lord Ansel and the newly annointed Lady Isabeau. He bends with a fluid and elegant bow. One arm remains laid over the small of his back. The arm at his abdomen slips outward as he offers a bow toward the pair, "Lord Ansel..." Hadrian's posture corrects itself, his arm slips back to wrap across his midsection. The opposite hand lifts and a fist is formed which rises up to rest at the corner of his mouth. A smoothly shaved cheek rests against a band of jewelry while he considers the Telmar's heir. "Good luck," Hadrian offers with a silken smile before his harlequin eyes slide sidelong to Isabeau whom he considers for a time. Finally he lifts a hand and a stocky, bald-headed man hustles forward and an exchange is made. Hadrian accepts the bottle which he carefully turns over in his hands and presents to both Ansel and Isabeau, "A bottle of First Wall. Only the third we've given of the year. Only two remain for this year's supply. Enjoy it. I'm sure you'll make fantastic use of it in coming days". Hadrian's smile persists for the moment, easy and soft.

"Cousin Tovell, it's been too long," greets Ansel, standing quickly to return the Telmar-turned-Crownsworn's greeting. There's a glad smile given to the man, and the Sword clasps his shoulder. "We must have you around the Tower more. It would be good for the Telmarines to learn from you here at the Gauntlet, too," he adds. Then, just as quickly, Ansel makes his way back around the table, as bidden, returning to his place next to his bridge. He scoots his seat a tad closer.

Hadrian drops Ostrian First Wall, 957 AR.

Hadrian picks up Ostrian First Wall, 957 AR.

Donella laughs in spite of herself, in a less restrained than in years prior hoot. Having been turned into a southern mallow by her husband's family, she can well envision what Alis might look like. "I am simply glad the times are such that talking of winter wars between ours and theirs, it is meant in good fun, and the only blood to be spilled it from the inevitable headshot."

Bianca again walked arm in arm with Duarte, her free hand extending to give Sophie's shoulder an affectionate squeeze as they passed the length of the line. As her gaze drifted across the crowd she locked on to a particular pair. Khanne and Percephon! She redirected her pace, bee-lining it thattaway toward the social grouping and probably tugging Duarte along a bit from his idle pace.

"I'll make sure to come by," Tovell promises as he moves aside to clear the line. "I need to see some more of you too, Cousin." He nods, and steps away to let Ansel get back to the business at hand, clomping up to find a seat.

Demetria Arcuri arrives, delivering a message to Delilah before departing.

At Hadrian's presentation, Ansel looks back to the man as he's considered, waiting as the man pauses pointedly. There's a nervous sort of chuckle at the two words of advice, and the Telmar recovers quickly with a thankful nod, and a grateful smile. "Thank you, Marquis. We will put it to good use," promises the Sword.

Khanne smiles at Bianca when she notices the woman approaching. "Bi! Long time no see. How are you? Busy, I imagine. Congratulations to you... belatedly."

Tovell has joined the West Spectator Seating.

"Every winter warrior knows the high ground is key in skirmishes. You pelt them with snow and then slide down the hill to tackle them into the snowbank. This is children's stuff so I'll stay up here and you and your escort can join us!" Arik declares from the western stands where he is seated beside Morrighan and near Mirk, the trio of northerners evidently bantering amongst themselves.

"Busy." Bianca confirmed, again releasing Duarte to entrap Khanne in a hug. "I've been meaning to send you a letter! Business related, but also personal. I've missed you. /And/ you, Lord Percephon." She spoke toward the former Telmar briefly with a warm smile before she stepped back. "Oh, how rude of me. Good evening, everyone." She spoke to those in the Northerner's company.

"Not as busy as one might presume." Duarte informs Khanne. "She had the time to mine a lesser lord from his basement dwelling and drag him to this thing, after all." A beat. "It took several lures and several more hours. Wasted so much bait."

Donella reminds in Arik's general direction, "The high ground is no advantage, if you are not sober enough to stand upright on it. We shall keep it in mind when Alis brings her snow-mandos to bear."

Bianca chuckled, "Oh, he exaggerates. It was only two letters." Though as Donella spoke out toward Arik, the Legate lifted a gloved hand in greeting to him along with a warm smile.

Tesha gives a bit of a nod of greeting to the incoming Bianca and Duarte, but she quiets down a bit as she gives her brother and sister-in-law a bit of a smile. She looks to Tyren and then leans in to speak with him quietly for the moment.

A slight turn is taken when Percephon notices Khanne looking towards Bianca's approach. He would smile in her direction and give a nod towards Duarte as well. The hug has him releasing Khanne' arm from the cook of his own, waiting, with a bigger smile on his face, adjusting his glasses upon his nose, and then offering the crook of his arm for his wife after the hug would be finished, "I have missed you as well, and it is good to see the written word is still powerful enough to inspire people to leave their basement dwellings."

"Where's th'fun in it bein' sober?" Morrighan calls back to Donella with a snort of laughter. "Make it challengin' with a lil' liquor. At th'verra least you can watch people stagger an' roll down th'hill. He or she who does'nae spill their drink on th'way down wins."

Arik returns the wave to Bianca and his attention returns to his companions and then those others who have begun to claim seats in the western stands.

"It was the promise of candy." Duarte hushedly tells Percephon. He waves a dismissive hand, "Turns out she only had crackers. Bamboozled again."

Isabeau wagers one of her own winning and bright smiles for Hadrian (and, presumably also Cambria). The bottle of alcohol is accepted gingerly, briefly examined, and then offered over to Ansel, that he might do the same. "We are honored, my lord, and will certainly enjoy it. Please do take a bottle of the Telmarch ice vodka. It's remarkably close to water." Ah. There's a little joke there. Maybe even more than one.

Turn in line: Donella

Donella turns in the line, still smiling, and comes to stand before the nuptial pair. "Until His Grace of Farhaven comes up for air to tell you so himself, please allow me to convey our congratulations? I pray that each morning of your lives together, you wake believing that you got the better end of the bargain. Even though 'twas clearly Ansel did," she says, with a wink. "We will toast your health. Bless you both."

Khanne returns Bianca's hug, patting her lightly on the back before the Legate steps back. "I will be expecting a letter then... for tonight is not a night for business. It has been too long though, hasn't it?" She snickers towards Duarte then pauses. "Wait... was she baiting you or you her?" She gasps then. "Bi! You give this man candy straight away! Crackers are no comparison!" The shaman likes her sweets.

Ah, yes, Ansel knows much about this alcohol stuff, his expression says. See how he even holds the bottle up and turns it about to view the....alcoholness of it. Yes, the Oathlands certainly knows its alcohol-stuff.

"As always, Princess Donella, ruthlessly correct," says the Sword, looking up to the Thraxian-turned-Redrain. "Thank you."

Bianca bowed her head in silent greeting to Tesha and Tyren nearby, but soon attention was stolen back to Duarte, "Just because you hold no affinity for cinnamon crisps does not invalidate their candy status." Then to Khanne she chuckled, "I'll try to send one along later this evening." She looked briefly between the Halfshav couple. "I wish I had more time to linger this evening, I'd love to spend more time in both of your company. Unfortunately, I only have a limited amount of time tonight." A brief frown touched the corner of her lips, but was wiped away quickly in favor of warmth for the revelry.

Duarte rasperries lightly at the mention of cinnamon crisps.

Donella has joined the East Spectator Seating.

There's a bit of a lingering look that Isabeau grants the couple from House Mazetti as the line continues to move and Princess Donella arrives before the table. The new Telmar lady cannot help but to sharpen the corners of her smile after House Redrain's blessing. She allows Ansel to voice his appreciation and bows her head in deference. "Enjoy the booze, your highness. Do let us know if House Redrain might like more..."

Turn in line: Tyren

As it is his turn, Tyren approaches Isabeau and Ansel both, escorting Tesha with him. There is a soft smile for the newlyweds as he says in an even voice, "I wish you both all the happiness in the world. May the Gods look favorably upon your union." And with that said, he steps aside to let the line continue on! Since it's awfully long.

Khanne hmms at the mention of cinnamon crisps then shakes her head. "Nope... still not candy. Lottie makes the best chews, oh, and icicles. I gave one to just about half the people in Redrain ward. Though, I kept all the apricot chews to myself." She glares up at Arik in the seats. "He thought they would keep me quiet. He was wrong."

Percephon tilts his head at the mention of cinnamon crisps and crackers, and with an adjustment of his glasses he would look from Bianca to Khanne, "I do not think it would work out very well if I handed my beautiful wife a crisp after telling her I had candy." He smiles as he looks towards Duarte and the man's noise made, "I think she would make a similar noise, and yes, that..." He lifts a hand to gesture towards the glare Khanne had just given, "That face, right there, along with the noise."

Donella takes her leave of the table after some very brief words on the sly. "Oh I daresay, they'll stop. Probably. Eventually." Because she IS Thrax turned Redrain (yegods) who knows what else has issued from her mouth. But she makes her way off to join Alis, as promised.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ruslan before departing.

Bianca's lifted her hands in surrender, "Ah, well I respectfully disagree with all of you on the categorization of cinnamon crisps." She tilted her head slightly at the mention of the baker, "Oh, yes. I've heard she makes splendid things." She turned to Duarte, "Those cookies were from that shop, yes?"

"Gods bless you, too, cousin," is the reply that Isabeau offers to Tyren as he quickly comes and goes before the newlyweds.

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Bloodrain, a huge warhorse leaves, following Ruslan.

There's a touch of slyness to Ansel's smile as he spots his elder cousin and the Valardin Prince at her side approaching. "Ah, Cousin Tesh. I was not aware you and Prince Tyren were acquainted..." says Ansel. "The theme of the day is Telmar and Valardin, so I suppose it's only fitting..." he remarks. "Thank you, your highness," the Sword quickly adds, in return to Tyren's offered words.

Turn in line: Khanne

Khanne steps forward in line with Percephon after giving her husband a grin at his comment about her facial expression then smiles at Ansel and Isabeau. "Tesha had asked if we would make it here tonight... as if we would miss it. Congratulations to the two of you." She extends her hand to Ansel to shake it. "May this be put to good use in this the beginning of your married life together. I would have brought some fresh goat's milk but..." Withdrawing her hand she shrugs helplessly then nods towards Isabeau as well. "May the days ahead bring you joy and good fortune both. Welcome to the family."

After murmuring something to Hadrian, the Hydra couple make their exit.

Luigi, 5 House Mazetti Guardians, Mario leave, following Hadrian.

5 House Mazetti Guardians, Hadrian leave, following Cambria.

Bianca reached anew for Duarte's arm as Khanne and Percephon stepped forward to greet the couple, glancing aside to him with a small smile and murmur.

"Lady Khanne," greets Ansel, fondly. "I hope my cousin's not causing too much trouble over there," he remarks, with a grin towards the former-Telmar at her side. "It's been far too long since I've been able to spend time with you two. We're so pleased to have you here with us," he says.

To his cousin, then, Ansel remarks: "You may want to speak to Princess Donella, Cousin," he says. "I heard rumor she's challenging your record on the obstacle course.."

2 House Velenosa Guards, 3 Armed Confessors arrive, following Alistair.

Percephon moves up with Khanne as it is their turn in line to greet the newly weds. He would smile towards Ansel and Isabeau, "We would of course never miss it, and hope to celebrate many years into the future with the both of you as well." He would dip his head in a respectful way and then reach to shake Ansel's hand, offering both of his to solidify the warmth in the gesture as well, doing the same with Isabeau, "Soon, perhaps a few days from now, you can both actually take a moment to look over the memories of a day filled with so much as this one, and actually see the little details that will make you smile long into the future." He would smile at Ansel and with a shake of his head, claim, "No trouble at all, of course."

Isabeau is certainly appreciative of the arrival of Khanne and her husband at the table. Again, she stands to welcome the pair and reaches out one hand toward either in an affectionate gesture. "You both must pay us a visit in a few days' time," she gently bids. "It has been far too long since I've seen either of you!"

Turn in line: Tesha

A pigeon almost too fat to fly arrives, following Jhond.

Khanne gets a bottle of Ice Vodka of the Telmarch from A Large standing Shelf.

Tesha gives a soft smile to Ansel and Isabeau as she is lead up with Tyren, but she waits her turn in line, "Welcome to the family, Lady Isabeau and I wish you both all the happiness. We are thrilled to have you in the Telmar family." she states with a grin to them. It was a short and sweet thing. But genuine. She then gives a smile to Tyren and a gentle squeeze to his arm.

A pigeon almost too fat to fly leaves, following Jhond.

Tesha gets a bottle of Ice Vodka of the Telmarch from A Large standing Shelf.

Delilah gets a bottle of Ice Vodka of the Telmarch from A Large standing Shelf.

The High Inquisitor arrives in all his red and black glory, unfashionable in all the terrible ways that cause nobles of the Hundred Cities to gnash their teeth at how the prodigal born man snuck his way into House Velenosa. But then, he most likely isn't here to give well wishes and such. Perhaps someone will be dragged off kicking or screaming! Or perhaps Alistair just hopes to ensure that some kind of political tsunami doesn't overtake the Compact as dangers encroach from the wilds...

Khanne nods and says, "we will, soon. It would be nice to visit this way more often. Or we could have you both over for a dinner at Halfshav House." She smiles to both of them again before looking to Percephon. "Where shall we take a seat?"

Arik has joined the line.

Svetlana, the Sultry Secretary arrives, delivering a message to Bianca before departing.

Percephon nods in agreement with Isabeau, "Soon, certainly, and my wife's idea is a good one. Perhaps dinner..." He would look distracted toward the tables and then say, "We should go bother Arik, of course."

"Thank you, Tesh," says Ansel, giving his cousin a happy grin as she comes up to him and the newest addition to the Telmar clan. "I hope you can find some time to relax yourself, things have been busy for us," he says, with a glance to her accompanying Valardin. "I'm thankful to have good friends here in the family around the Tower."

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Tesha gives a soft smile to Ansel, "It's alright, that's my job to be busy." she states quietly to him. She then gives a soft look to her friend and there's a nod if he wants to get going. "Enjoy the rest of the evening." she tells the couple before heading off.

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A missive had Bianca on her way to exit the grounds with Duarte.

Harlen leaves, following Duarte.

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Mirk is overheard praising Telmar.

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Turn in line: Sophie

As Sophie draws nearer the couple in line and eventually finds herself in front of them she stops for a moment to consider them before smiling and leaning in to kiss Isabeau on the cheek. She says, Lady Isabeau, Lord Ansel, congratulations and I wish you all the blessings possible." Then her attention moves to Ansel and she says, "I'm honored to consider you a brother." She smiles and says, "I'd like to give you your wedding gift in more private company, if time allows."

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Donella folds her arms, "No, no," she says firmly and inclines her head to Delilah, unconsciously tucking a piece of her own hair behind her ear, "Carnage. The proper word is carnage. TWO DAYS. Two. Whole. Days. And I told Darren when we married that my family has it's children sequentially, the proper way, so that no one ends up misshapen." She is not drinking, she never does at these things.

Arik makes his way towards Ansel and Isabeau with Morrighan beside him the pair apparently meandering along. Once Tesha has a chitchat with her family Arik seems about to just walk right up until he spots Sophie and several others, evidently misjudging the line a smidge, thus he murmurs something to Morrighan now that they're waiting!

It should come as a surprise to no one that Isabeau stands and come around to the other side of the table to meet her little sister, Sophie. The former princess embraces the Mother Mercy and may seem reluctant to release her from the gentle hug. She does retreat, of course, and says in a smaller voice, "Of course, Phee. Whenever you like."

Alistair has joined the line.

"Thank you, Princess Sophie," replies Ansel, a calm smile given to his now-sister-in-law, standing as Isabeau makes her way aronud the table to greet her sister. He gives a little nod in agreement to Isabeau's words, glancing at his bride briefly. "Of course," he agrees.

Khanne is overheard praising Telmar: Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Sophie nods toward both of them, gives Isabeau another kiss on the cheek, whispering in her ear "You look beautiful." Before leaving the reception line and making her way out of the area.

Turn in line: Aviana

Caius is overheard praising Telmar.

Aviana smiles looking to both Isabeau and Ansel as she takes steps up and is her turn, "You look beautiful." she says softly looking the woman over, "I am so very happy for you both and may the gods be with you both." she grins.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands, Anouk Ardennes, Anais Ardennes leave, following Sophie.

"Mistress Aviana, it is because of your skill and talent that I can take no credit for any perceived beauty; all of my glory is yours for my wedding clothes. Jayus bless you," Lady Isabeau glowingly praises her protege before the entirety of the reception.

Isabeau is overheard praising Aviana.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isabeau before departing.

Ansel gives Aviana a grateful smile. "Thank you for your part in it, too," he replies, quickly, letting his bride do most of the thanking of her protege, a nod towards his and Isabeau's wedding clothes. It takes a considerable deal to get the Oathlander out of his usual armor, but it seems getting married will do the trick.

Turn in line: Edain

Approaches, Isabeau and Ansel and takes each of their hand's and says, "I am not always good at the words. So I will speak from the heart. The both of you have stood behind me, not just in the recent years but all my life. I could not be more proud of you both, and as your friend, I will always love you both, as your leige the strength you have given me is a debt I cannot easily repay. May the gods grant you all happiness."

Edain bows low and respectfully to new couple, and fades back into the crowd to join his wife.

Aviana cheeks turn a light pink, "Thank you." she nods her head to both of them and turns to move off to find a place to sit.

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Vern, Echo, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Devo, an extraordinary Oakhaven bloodhound, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Kael.

Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, 4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, Kael arrive, following Reigna.

Ansel gives a respectful dip of his head, a quick and grateful smile offered to the Valardin highlord. "Prince Edain, we're grateful for all you've done and continue to do for us," he returns, to the Prince of Sanctum's quick and meaningful words. "Thank you."

Arik gets a bottle of Ice Vodka of the Telmarch from A Large standing Shelf.

Svetlana, the Sultry Secretary arrives, delivering a message to Delilah before departing.

Better late than never, right? The Marquis and Marquessa Keaton arrive arm in arm with one another, Reigna is currently giggling as she lifts a hand to adjust Kael's collar as they walk. Speaking of his collar, and this might be just too precious, they are dressed in matching fabric -- a dark umbra turned into a heavy brocade made with Keaton green silk thread. They match. It's kind of ridiculous, and yet they are pulling it off. Looking at the crowd, she whistes, and grins, "How marvelous a turn out! We should seek out the bride and groom."

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ansel before departing.

Reigna has joined the line.

It seems the excitement of the day has finally worn down some of Isabeau's typically steadfast reserve as her lower lashes glitter in the wake of receiving Prince Edain's generous compliment. "I have known no greater honor than in serving as your Voice, your grace. May the gods bless and keep you and all of House Valardin for all days."

Isabeau is overheard praising Edain.

Turn in line: Sorrel

Certain things draw the eye. You know, such as a standing shelf that happens to be loaded with bottles of ice vodka. Kael's currently looking sidelong toward it, but he refrains from marching over immediately. Instead he is heeding his wife's words with an inclination of his head before scanning the crowd in search of the esteemed pair. When he spies them, he'll escort his wife that-a-way to get to the back of the line.

Kael has joined the line.

Khanne is sitting up in the west with some others. She looks about for a moment, then turns back to the others, doing a double take as she turns the other way again. "Rei! Kael!" she exclaims, waving excitedly towards the pair.

Alis has left the East Spectator Seating.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant leave, following Alis.

"Khanne!" Reigna calls back, beaming and waving excitedly at her friend. Once they are in line, she bounces and waves back to Khanne, "Oh! Percephon is back, hello!" Reigna leans up and presses a kiss to Kael's cheek and glances towards the front of the line to check on their placement before continuing to smile brightly.

Alistair keeps to the edges of the enjoyment. Perhaps he knows the effect he can have on some people. A veritable aura of dourness that comes with symptoms of tugging at the collar and wondering how close he needs to be to hear. His eyes fall upon the High Lord of Valardin, and the man emparts a slight nod of his head towwards Edain.

"Cousin!" Sorrel greets the bride, heading over to greet the newlyweds when it's her turn. "Lady Isabeau Telmar, you look stunning. And Lord Ansel, you should have fought harder to wear armor to your own wedding!" She laughs merrily. "Here, then, I have this bottle of rum for you. It's specially distilled and it's absolutely delicious. Enjoy it on behalf of both of us, me and Prince Galen."

Ansel gives yet another cousin of the bride a grateful smile. "I've been given good advice to defer on matters of fashion and appearance to my better half, Princess Sorrel," he replies, good-naturedly. The Sword accepts the offered bottle of rum gratefully, placing it just aside his and Isabeau's place at the table. "We will," he promises.

Mirk rises to his feet, from the spectator seating, and offers a dip of his head to Khanne and Percephon, then to Galen and Sorrel. "I'll be retiring early. But I hope you enjoy the rest of the festivities, and keep the vodka flowing." There's a brief smile, and then he slips away from the crowd.

Isabeau lightly lays a hand over her heart as she stands and watches Edain return to mingling with the reception-at-large. She is obviously still touched by the High Lord's words. Luckily, it's Princess Sorrel's turn for well-wishing and this draws Isabeau's attention with ease. She allows Ansel to make their thanks and, rather than returning to her seat, stands somewhere just behind her new husband's chair.

Turn in line: Caius

Moving forward as the reception line continues to trail past the newlyweds, Caius pauses before Isabeau and Ansel. A warm smile forms on the Valardin Prince's face as he bows slightly, one hand resting briefly upon his chest, before straightening to offer a traditional blessing to the pair. "May your joys be as sweet as spring flowers that grow. As bright as a fire when winter winds blow, As countless as leaves that float down in the fall, As serene as the love that keeps watch over us all." He pauses a beat before adding, "Love is one of the bravest things that any of us do in our entire lives, be brave, be fearless, and trust one another; be worthy of each other," is added with another smile and a tip of his head.

Kael looks up immediately when his name is called and he is peering over toward Lady Halfshav. An exuberant wave is offered in return and thereafter Kael is bringing a hand to his mouth, chest inflating, and it looks as though he is about to shout. Shout something ridiculously loud in his tournament voice, but he catches himself with a slight grin. Instead he calls forth, "Good evening!" in slightly more acceptable tone. He settles a bit closer to Reigna thereafter, murmuring something to her before refocusing on the receiving line.

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Now it's Ansel's turn to go quiet for a few moments, brought on by the words offered by Caius to the pair. The Telmar looks back slowly to his bride, then back to the Valardin before them. A slow, thankful smile is offered. "Thank you, Prince Caius," states the Sword. "That is a lovely thing to offer."

Delilah rises from the seats at the stands where the king, several high lords, and assorted personages keep company and witness over events. She plucks up the hem of her cloak, pulling it round herself the tighter to avoid inadvertently smacking someone in the face. Wouldn't that be an event in and of itself for the gauntlet. How fast could she run away then? Answer, not fast enough. With that said, her descent takes her very little time at all.

Alaric has joined the The Gauntlet Obstacle Course.

With the timing of those truly in sync, as Kael leans in to speak with her, Reigna is leaning in towards him as if to say something as well. Whatever it is that Kael says that has Reigna coughing a little, glances up at him with a gleam in her eyes. As it is, she simply clings to her husband's side, looking around at those in attendance.

Isabeau returns to her practiced mild smile and nods her head in acceptance of the sentimental words offered by Caius. "Thank you, Prince Caius," she gently replies. "May the gods bless you."

Turn in line: Arik

"Lady Isabeau, Lord Ansel. Congratulations on a smart match. So often the Great Houses look towards each other for matches, but really what could be better than pairing with a loyal vassal?" Arik remarks with a wolfish smirk coming to his features. "Anyway happy tidings and many long years between you both... As for children, mayhap one heir. I don't want to say to many lest Lady Isabeau feel I picked to large a number!"

Mirk has left the West Spectator Seating.

"And both of you as well, in return," he replies before giving another subtle bow. Moving out of the way, Caius fetches a glass of wine along the way.

Khanne looks up to Mirk and says, "It was good to see you, cousin, even if briefly. Have a good evening." She smiles back at Kael and Reigna then as well, nodding to ther Marquessa, and her best friend. "He is!" She grins and turns towards Percephon then and whispers something softly to him.

"Lord an' Lady Telmar," Morrighan greets with a polite dip of her head, approaching with Arik, and offers to the newlywed pair an amicable smile. "Congratulations on your marriage. I hope this new cycle o' change in your lives is filled with warmth, love, an' happiness, an' tha' you'll both grow as time goes on. I'm sure Our Lady o' Change smiles upon you both durin' this momentous occasion. May your inner flames burn bright together."

"Very wise, Lord Halfshav," teases Isabeau with a feigned sort of studiousness added to the tone of her pronouncement. However, after a brief glance given to Ansel as he sits but a step away, some of the seriousness in Isabeau's features seem to solidify.

Turn in line: Alistair

Alistair checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Donella has left the East Spectator Seating.

3 Last Watch Sentries have been dismissed.

It seems Alistair will give some well tidings to the bride and groom to be. Or maybe drag one of them off to a Panopticon cell! Entirely possible. Really its likely. His intense gaze settles upon Ansel and Isabeau. "House Velenosa sends their regards, and are happy to see both House Telmar and House Valardin grow stronger with this union. May the gods bless your union, and bring you happiness." Clearly the prodigal Prince thinks happiness is the goal. No mind for politics. Even if there is none at play here. And then he gives a practiced, and only at a close look, stiff, bow.

Percephon waves towards Regina in greeting as he turns at his seat next to Khanne, "Hello! I am, yes, and it is good to see you!" He would lean in to listen to what Khanne has to say next.

Although it may not be Morrighan's turn in line, the Dame is given her appreciative due from Lady Isabeau as the new bride lifts a hand to make a gentle gesture in her direction.

Alaric pulls himself to the platform at the top of the rope and lets out a breath, slapping the wooden planks once in aggravation. He finished, but well past the time limit. That first successful Gauntlet run will have to wait for another day. After a few more moments to catch his breath, he grabs the rope again and carefully descends it back to the ground, accepting a towel and a pitcher of water from his assistant as he goes to join the dwindling line.

Alaric has left the The Gauntlet Obstacle Course.

Alaric has joined the line.

"Thank you, Lord Halfshav, Dame Morrighan," returns Ansel, a grateful smile given to the pair. There's a glance given to his bridge's place, noting she's moved, that then slides over his shoulder to meet her. He gives her a small, steady smile, before looking back to the receiving line. And now it seems Alistair has quickly replaced the Lord and Dame. These reception things, so fast-paced. "Thank you, your highness," says the Telmar, gratefully, dipping his head respectfully to the Velenosian. "We're grateful you came to join with us to celebrate."

Arik dips his head to the newlyweds, waves to Khanne, and makes his way off with the Sword of Farhaven. He can be heard wondering, "Think I could beat you while you're in a dress?"

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Raffaele of Gemecitta leaves, following Delilah.

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As the king joins the line, Reigna offers him a broad smile, "Your Majesty! You performed admirably on the course. I ran the gauntlet once. I thought I was going to expire from fatigue and fell right on my face two times. But I kept going and somehow finished. There is a joy in accomplishing that, even if you think your heart might jump straight out of your chest after." There is a wink offerd to the Monarch, before Reigna is once more casting a friendly wave to Percephon.

Evidently the Sword of Whitehold wasn't making his way off with her, the dame snorting after him, hands on her hips. "Please, as if'n he could," she drawls out whether he's in earshot or not, and turns on her heel. Morrighan worries on her bottom lip, glancing about, and meanders off to where Khanne is seated, dropping down beside or near the other Halfshav.

Morrighan has left the Fighting Pit.

Morrighan has joined the West Spectator Seating.

The Prince-Inquisitor is returned a proper curtsy from Lady Isabeau as a sign of respect for the Alistair's efforts at etiquette. "Gods bless you and House Velenosa, your highness," she politely replies.

"He wishes," Khanne murmurs to Morrighan as the Sword of Farhaven comes near. "How are you, Morrighan?"

Turn in line: Reigna

"Marquis and Marquessa Keaton, good evening," Alaric replies affably after finishing a healthy drink from his pitcher, half-turning to eye the course sidelong. "It's quite a challenge, and doubly so to run it competitively. But it makes for a good measuring stick, I think! If you can run the gauntlet on time, you're definitely athletic enough to take on almost any obstacle, I should think."

"I imagine he does, it's up about...fifteen..sixteen tae..two? Three? I think it's two. He's still pissy about it," Morrighan notes lowly aside to Khanne with an impish smile. "You look lovely, knew tha' shade o' purple would be a beautiful complement tae your coloring," she praises. "I'm well enough, I s'pose, thank you."

As it is her turn in line, Reigna steps up, still arm in arm with Kael as she faces the new couple. "Congratulations on this day, the both of you." Reigna's voice is resonant, encouraging as she looks between the Lord and Lady. "Today is a day of new beginnings, a fresh start to a brand new future, and you are both brave and honorable people, a credit to both your families for seeing this union through. For choosing the path that betters the greater good. If I might offer advice as someone who has married for family... be open to one another. Find a common goal to reach for together, remember that you are a team, and treat the other as you would like to be treated. It seems... simple advice, but it can be a surprising challenge. Congratulations, sincerely, to the both of you." The rest of her words are, apparently for Isabeau alone, as she leans in to kiss her cousin's cheek, lingering long enough to make it clear softly spoken words are offered.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ansel before departing.

There is a moment, just a moment, where Kael is standing awkwardly before the pair even with the support of his wife next to him. More awkward due to the fact that he does not speak immediately. Instead, those dark brows of his furrow, he is clearing his throat, and he smiles. This isn't a practiced thing, it lacks noble polish, and is just that: a smile. It looks a little goofy, in fact. "So," he says first and foremost. "I do not know you well," he offers forth, addressing Isabeau mostly though afterward he glances to Ansel and inclines his head respectfully. "Both of you." A pause before he continues on with, "Nor am I particularly good at speeches. But I see you. I see how you work tirelessly behind the scenes, seeing to matches, seeing to the betterment of people, and yet *still* make it to each and any small festivity that House Keaton or others hold, make certain that the children are well tended to, and the unseen are seen. You work as a quiet, guiding force to strengthen and form foundation." A deep breath, and he offers a more reserved smile to Ansel, though it is no doubt a sincere thing. "You, Lord Ansel, are renown for many things, keen skill of blade amongst them. What I think of though is when I and my wife, were newly wed, you reached out and out of the kindness of your heart you offered assistance. You offered an unfathomable amount to help with the resurrection of Keaton Hall, and even *if* my pride refused to take this aid, I will never forget this kindness. You gave me one of my first lessons in nobility, in selfishness, from my arrival in Arx." His throat clears and he gestures between the two. "A fine, fine match this is. You have my heartfelt congratulations." He draws back with a sweeping bow, speech performed, and steps off to the side.

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"I shouldn't be grinning at that, considering what he is to our House," Khanne says to Morrighan. "But, I can't help it." She looks at her lap, the gown she wears, then smiles at Morrighan. "Well, your work, as always, is exquisite. You'd make me look good no matter what color or material you had to work with. Speaking of.... I have some umbra... any ideas? No one seems to know how to make umbra fit me." She looks to Percephon beside her. "I am afraid I might have to head home soon.."

Ansel finally sets down one of the gifted bottles of liquor that he's been passing idly back and forth between his hands, standing as Reigna and Kael come to address him and his bride. "Marquis...Marquessa," he greets, smiling between the two fondly. "Thank you for being the golden standard for marriages in the Valardin ward," he replies, a cheerful smile offered. "Your happiness together inspires us all. Thank you very much for being here with us to celebrate."

Isabeau shares some personal space with Reigna as the pair exchange well-wishes and other wise words more privately. Such is to be expected with family. She lingers there, too, almost arm-in-arm with the marquessa as her marquis-consort speaks more openly to the assembly. "Any fealty would be blessed to have either of you as her vassals, but I think that I can confidently say that House Valardin is the most blessed to have you both guiding House Keaton under our banners. My the gods always grant you their blessings."

Turn in line: Kael

Turn in line: Alaric

Alaric arrives still a bit dirty and smudged from his Gauntlet run but nonetheless in high spirits. "Congratulations to the both of you," he declares regally. "May you develop an effective and productive partnership. House Telmar has long been the strong arm of the Oathlands and a bulwark of the Compact. With your capable efforts, I look forward to many years of your House exemplifying the high standards it is known for." He smiles brightly. "And I haven't had this much fun at a reception in I don't know how long! I'll -definitely- finish that course on time someday. Gods light your paths, M'lord and lady Telmar."

"Ah, nae offense is meant, y'know. He's a good sport about it. In th'sparrin' ring it's one thing, but in battle is completely different, he's a fierce an' formidable Sword for your House," Morrighan returns with a little, cheeky grin, one that grows broader and more jubilant at the praise given. "You're too kind. I could have some ideas with umbra, maybe. I generally dunnae like workin' with it' jus' for it bein' all black and colorless, but tha's easily fixed with beadin' o' a sort. How about we have a sit down an' chat about it, soon?"

Kael's escorting his wife soon enough as that little matter is taken care of, and while he has Khanne in his sights there is no doubting the fact that he is going to go acquire a bottle of liquor first and foremost. That'll be tucked under his free arm with ease even as he is murmuring something quietly to Reigna once more.

Kael gets a bottle of Ice Vodka of the Telmarch from A Large standing Shelf.

Alistair does not linger. It is not that he doesn't enjoy large gatherings. He just doesn't seem to enjoy anything. Not that he hates anything either. Neutral balance. As the Inquisition should be.

Ansel doesn't look too surprised to see the King bringing up the rear of the line -- it's just Alaric's style. Leaders eat last. "Thank you, Your Grace," says Ansel, giving a respectful bow of head and shoulders to the man and offering a grateful smile. "We're grateful for you making the time to join us to celebrate. It gives the Telmarines a big of extra motivation to make sure the logs are sanded down properly...I think the noncoms would have them doing laps about the Tower for hours if there was a royal splinter on their watch."

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The Marquessa-Consort of Keaton smiles to her cousin and waves to her new husband. After that she is walking arm in arm with her husband as they go to pick up a bottle of that exceptional vodka. As they travel towards Khanne's table, they seems to be conversing softly, giggling back and forth.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ansel before departing.

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Naturally, when it is the King of the Compact who next approaches the table, Lady Isabeau ducks down the lowest that she can and remains deferential until Alaric is almost finished sharing his tidings. "Thank you so much for honoring us with your attendance. Your handling of the gauntlet was... impressive," comes the young bride's carefully chosen reply.

"Your Majesty... Your Grace... Lord s and Ladies and all! It is my great honor to announce that the winner of our wedding gauntlet is... Sir Corban Telmar! With an impressive score of 107! His prize is this voucher from Dame Ida Ferron for a diamondplate weapon of his choice!"

"I would like that," Khanne says to Morrighan. "Even if we don't talk about umbra. But yes, I know he is a good and formidable Sword. I've never doubted him there... no matter how much I tease him. He deserves my ribbing." She beckons towards Reigna and Kael as she sees them headed over. "I am not sure how much more energy I have in me, but please join us while I have a bit? You two look adorable tonight, I have to say."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ansel before departing.

Alaric is overheard praising Corban.

"Umbra, or whichever, I've been wantin' tae chatter at you anyhow. We'll make an afternoon o' it, whenever you like," the dame says, head bobbing into a subtle nod, and offers a wry smile, amused. Morrighan ticks her head over at Percephon, gesturing lightly at the nobleman, to include him. "You're welcome tae chatter tae, if'n you like. I'm sure I can probably think o' somethin' for her."

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Edain smiles as the winner is announced and people begin to filter out. He silently offers a bow to Isabeau and Ansel making his way out of the gauntlet to leave the couple to enjoy their evening.

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Aviana gets up from where she is sitting smiling over at Isabeau and Ansel and moves to slip out.

Ansel gets a bottle of Ice Vodka of the Telmarch from A Large standing Shelf.

"Are we not always looking adorable?" Kael asks of Khanne, and make no mistake, he is teasing. That grin he wears is proof of that, especially so combined with that particular arch of his brow. His quiet conversation with Reigna is set to the side, a kiss pressed to her cheek before he helps her with the seating near Khanne. Speaking of which, the Halfshav is greeted with a clasp of her upper arm and her husband is greeted with a humble inclination of his head. So too are the others gathered near greeted accordingly.

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Alaric gets a bottle of Ice Vodka of the Telmarch from A Large standing Shelf.

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"I'll have to second my wife's opinion, you do look splendid," Percephon says as he gestures towards the table as a whole. "Do please join us, for the time we have left until I escort my wife home for some rest." He would look to Morrighan and nod "I would like to chatter, yes, Khanne is always telling me I need to step away from the scrolls and scribble."

Alaric has his assistant snag a commemorative bottle and having made his royal greetings departs with a regal wave to go clean up. Who wants to see a post-Gauntlet monarch in public, after all?

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Ansel applauds his cousin as his bride makes the announcement of the Gauntlet run's champion. "Seems Cousin Corban's been practicing..." he remarks with a grin. The Telmar finally makes his way around the head table, offering a smile to the remaining group. "Thank you all very much for joining us to celebrate here at the Gauntlet! Please make sure to grab a bottle from the shelf as you make your way past!" he calls out, gesturing to the large standing shelf near the pavilion's exit.

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