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Skirt and Gown Night at the Bard's College

It's time for another 'skirt and gown night', hosted by Gianna Whisper at the Bard's College. One needn't be a member of the peerage to attend this social event, which is an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and maintain relationships with older ones.


Oct. 1, 2018, 7:27 p.m.

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Amari Delilah Lethe Carita Denica Coraline Isidora Brigida



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Main Hall

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Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly arrives, following Delilah.

Gianna has settled in at the standing harp, which has been moved closer to the couches. The Nightingale plays quiet music as people begin to arrive, resplendent in seasilk and sapphires. Madialaena stands at the ready to hand out fans and guide people toward cool drinks and the like.

3 Tyde Houseguard arrives, following Lethe.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant arrive, following Carita.

1 Grayson House Guards have been dismissed.

Amari arrives in a very (not really) festive black outfit, but it is a gown, so she's set. Her small menagerie and guards are left outside, because none of them are beskirted. She follows Madialaena's lead towards the cool drinks and offers a wave to the harp playing Nightingale of the College. She smiles just enough to be polite and once properly armed with drink, moves to the couches to settle in. "Gorgeous." She compliments.

Amari has joined the couch seating.

Away with the leather pants for the evening, though possibly not the boots. Delilah sheds her pretty cloak that holds at bay any stray breezes to reveal herself suitably begowned, albeit not in a style that causes shocking array of dismal designs or daring plunges. No, hers is twilight shaped on the loom and no more shall be wasted to bespeak how lovely a dress is. There are lots of fine gowns, even if she's wrapped up in duskstones and dusky hours by nature. Prodigal child of the twilit hour, her. She is glad enough to receive a fan from Madialaena, murmuring her thanksgiving. Once shuttled on her way, she soon enough seems to have the drink to match and hands full at that. No one fence with her. "This is truly a delightful sight to see and hear. I could be nigh to enraptured by the architecture."

Gianna looks up from her harp playing and stoops slightly to collect a drink from a nearby table. She inclines her head to Amari. "Thank you, thank you. Lady Amari, so glad you could make it tonight. I do enjoy your gown." Delilah appears, and Gianna bows forward slightly. "Lady Delilah, welcome. Isn't it beautiful? We're so close to opening."

Lethe looks around with a serious expression. She chooses a few snacks and finds a place to sit.

Amari unfolds the fan she was given on her way to the liquor cabinet and waves it more absently than in a manner that might keep her cool. She's just trying it out. "It's really coming along. When I first saw the place there were ladders and workmen everywhere. The workshop hadn't even been built." That said she offers a polite nod to Delilah and Lethe, offering, "There's plenty of couch left."

Carita looks, for all the world, like one of the late harvested black berries tonight, wrapped in dark violet as she is. Though her guards are asked to say out, when she notices other have done away with theirs, she still has her assistant at least. There's a pause just inside the doors, accepting a fan from Madialaena that seems to bring out the blue of her eyes as she creates a light breeze with it. "Thank you, Mistress Madialeana." She dips her head as the drink cart is pointed out and then makes her way toward it, scooping up a drink to carry around with her, "Good evening, sweet Nightingale, look how your dress brings out the blue of your eyes so beautifully!"

Madialaena hurries over to offer Lethe a paper fan. Gianna, having stilled the strings of the harp, inclines her head to Lethe. "Lady Lethe, hello again. Please, make yourself comfortable." Gianna has a sip of chilled wine, glancing toward the wide-open doors. Her lips purse together; a flicker of annoyance is visible.

Lethe has joined the couch seating.

Gianna's grumpy look fades some, and she adds, "Why, thank you, Lady Carita. Mistress Josephine surprised me with these sapphires so I had to have something made to match! Please, take a seat anywhere you like."

'Tis the very sort of night to appreciate the business. The tines of the half-moon fan arc to Delilah's light touch, and she makes no more than a few feet before a messenger finds her there. "I shall be delighted to join you, my lady. It would seem work seeks to chase me down and I have no stomach for it. Not when in the finest company to be found this evening." A stark smile touches her lips that banishes all airs of darkness, and she pivots to settle upon Amari's couch even if she needs to retreat sommat. "Those sapphires are a thing to sing about. Starry night at the throat, resplendent as ever. The rest of us need to appreciate it all." She smiles at Lethe, too.

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Stojan, the assistant, 4 Thrax Guards arrive, following Denica.

Lethe nods to Amari and takes a seat. She smiles as she looks to Delilah. "It's so nice to see you my lady. I love your gown."

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Gianna's assistant Madialaena offers each person a small blue paper folding fan when they enter so they can keep a breeze going for their comfort. The windows are all open, but of course, it's summer.

Amari smiles in a pleasant but completely unfocused sort of way. It's a broad spectrum application of congeniality aimed at no one in particular. She does nod a greeting Carita's way, but mostly holds her tongue as she keeps playing absently with the paper fan in hand and begins to drink in earnest the mango flavored liquor in her glass. Then at the mention of the sapphires, she agrees, "Josephine does amazing work... Who won the dragonweep ring the other night?"

Is there anything that Denica owns that isn't Umbra? Well, if there is, she's not wearing it tonight, daring cuts of umbra, low cut necks and exposed sides and back, she's dressed in her favorite, and she wears it like it is, her hair is swept back inthose wild tangles and she flashes her bright smile to the rest of the women in the room. "Sorry! Fashionably late again, am I?" Denica smiles, moving to join them and waving towards Amari, moving to greet the woman with a hug.

"I have been curious to hear whom that was. The designs are sumptuous and I have to wonder how these fundraisers work. One day, I ought to figure out the details or dispatch Blessed Sina." Delilah muses over those matters with profound interest, even as she toys with one of the hairsticks keeping her lovely hair woven up off her neck. Those heavy braids will not be freed any other way. "Thank you for such kind words," she adds to Lethe. "The seamstress has exceeding talents."

"Archlector Etienne won the raffle," Gianna replies with quite the heavy sigh, reaching up to flick her hair over her shoulder and perching on the armrest of one of the blue couches. Her lips curve up in an almost-not-quite smile as Denica arrives. "Princess Denica, welcome. Please, make yourself comfortable."

"Of Gild." Amari also can't help but sigh a little, as if she she suspects some divine intervention on that win. Oh well, with Denica inbound she rises from the couch after setting her fan on the cushion. "Almost." She says about the lateness, but there's no sign she's upset. No revenge shiv in the back when she returns the hug in kind, anyway. "It's wonderful to see you, as always. Are you planning on facing Lady Lethe again in Truth and Lies? She may be itching for a rematch."

Lethe looks around to everyone. "I was happy for all of the winners. There were some very nice prizes." She looks down at her plate.

"Thank you Gianna Whisper," Denica smiles and dips her head to the host and looking back to Lethe for a moment and with that Denica grins and smiles back to Amari. "Oh yes, I have been looking forward to it, honestly I forgot that it was today until Stojan so dutifully reminded me!" Denica grins.

"Gild's favourite might not be a surprise. We cannot complain overly much should there be any luck in his sort. At least Archlector Etienne will wear it with pride?" The mischief that inevitably surfaces from the deeps out of Delilah is an innocent enough brand, not scored by vanity or jealousy. Her lips shape that elegant smile, brightened appropriately as Denica makes her appearance. "Good to see you, Princess. A lovely evening so far."

Gianna is jealous. She's not even trying to hide it: she wanted that ring. But she crosses one leg over the other and announces, "I thought to begin I'd borrow something from a Grayson dinner I attended. When they begin, they each talk about something they've done of late or a project they're involved with, and then they appoint another person to do the same, and so on. I thought we might do the same. As you likely all know, my current project is to get the College opened. As you can see, we're very nearly ready. I hope to see you all here on opening night. There will be a concert, of course, in which I an several other bards will be performing. Lady Amari, will you take your turn now?"

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Coraline.

Late, but fashionably so because have you SEEN this fur? Cora makes her way into the college and leaves the guards and such behind, Freja and Cupcake remain with her, and Behemo stays within sight but not in the room. Making her way inside she looks about to see whats what and whos who giving a cheerful enough wave to everyone who is around as she does so.

"Well," Amari begins, taking a moment or two not only to think, but settle back into her spot on the couch, "I spent an inordinate amount of time putting that fundraising prize together. My life has been sort of... up in the air of late. My pet project is only in the preliminary phases, but I hope will gain some momentum when things have settled again. It's a diplomatic, economic and cultural initiative to help new prodigal houses integrate with the Compact, potentially. I'm still working on the scope and if it will be at all useful to pursue." She shrugs a little as if she can't say much more than that. She'll pass the potato to the next lady with a smile, "Lady Delilah?"

"Cora!" Denica smiles and waves to her cousin, moving to give her a tight hug before parting once more to settle herself back down on the sofa beside Amari, listening to her story and giving a small nod and smile. Delilah also gets a grin and a dip of her head. "Lady Delilah, did you make it to the last Skirt and gown? Good to see you!"

Coraline has joined the couch seating.

Madialaena rushes over to provide Coraline with a fan to help deal with the summer heat. Gianna inclines her head to the new arrival. "Princess Coraline, welcome. Do make yourself comfortable. We're just taking a few moments to talk about what we've been doing of late, and then nominating the next person to share."

Is the fur attached to a cat? One can always hope! Cora being fur-wrapped to Denica's umbra is still fascinating, thank you very much. the lick of especially contrasting features to the sapphire and abundant blackberry all prove a feast for the senses. Delilah has no doubt kept her own assistant banished ever since he lost himself in a book and scribbling -- the name isn't without reason -- a variety of messages to dispatch rapidly elsewhere. "Up in the air, Lady Amari? That sounds deliciously fascinating, this project of yours. Prodigal houses come to the Compact have a variety of challenges. Good for you! I've a thought there, but for another time." Hey, it's a matter she and Denica both have taken a mutual interest in a few weeks prior. With that merriment ablaze in her eyes, she spreads her hands. "Having missed the last Skirt and Gown, I am pleased to be here tonight. As I somehow ended up entrusted as the Emissary of the Scholars in the past fortnight, much of my time has been spent daydreaming about all the opportunities my peers may have to pursue for field scholarship and where best to position liaisons and connections with other organizations in the city. We have many mutual interests represented here in fact. Alliances to lend support for worthy initiatives or even entertaining ones that support the general community are much on my mind, so this is my friendly note. You need research or our aid, you can bother me as much as Marquis Fairen or Blessed Sina." Her laughter is soft as a spring zephyr. "Probably something coming up about established scholastic liaison bits, meaning someone to offer aid on a permanent or long-term loan? There you are. Also, I like mead. Princess Cora, I elect you because fashionably late means elegantly interesting."

Amari was blabbing, so obviously missed Coraline's entrance. When she does finally notice the waving Thrax princess she lifts her hand in return, "Cora!" She greets, trying not to interupt Delilah much more than that. She does offer a quick nod about the thought to be saved for another time, curious and ahs softly at what's been keeping her busy of late. "I had heard you'd been made Emissary. A little belated, I know, but congratulations, Lady Delilah."

Lethe gives a smile to Denica and then Cora. She seems to have little to say at the moment, but she listens to everyone.

"Yes, congratulations," Gianna echoes, raising her glass of chilled wine in a sort of salute to Delilah. "Well done. And thank you for loaning Raffaele."

"Hey there Denica," Cora hugs her cousin back then grins at Delilah, "My life has been significantly boring of late. No great adventures just a lot of the same ol same ol. I miss adventures," she sighs then nods in agreement with Amari and Gianna, "Congratulations on being made Emissary indeed!" Settling down next to Amari and Denica and taking the fan with a grateful smile and thank you to Madialaena, Cora begins using the fan with some energy, "Ye gods I cannot wait for the cold weather again. So what have I misssed other than Lady Delilah's great news?"

"Well there was Lady Delilah's adventures, that I shared a bit with her but let me be honest I was there as support but I didn't do anything very important while I was there," Denica smiles towads Delilah, sipping some wine and leaning back comfortably, crossing her legs daintily over. "Congratulations to you though!" she says to Delilah. "Though I said as much when we were there," Denica winks to the other woman.

Gianna clears her throat gently. "Well, I said that my project was to open the College soon and that I hoped everyone would be here on the opening night. Lady Amari has an idea for a project involving helping new Prodigal houses acclimate to the Compact. I'm interested in hearing about these adventures, though if you've no news to share, Princess Coraline, will you perhaps nominate the next person?"

The copper-haired scholar laughs and demurs by ducking her head, still possessed enough humility to know how to avoid that pretense. Delilah shakes her head a fraction. "You are all far too kind. They entrusted me with far too much responsibility and I am still not certain how." Look, a convenient new target! "Hush, Princess Denica, you performed essential diplomatic assistance dealing with the tribes, and I will hear only good things of your contributions. You were very much a welcome presence."

Amari helpfully fans Cora with her own to add to the good breeze she's already producing herself. Wishwishwish. "I thought you were off on adventures, Cora. You should have come visit if you were at loose ends." There's a hint of a tsk and admonishment in her tone, but she smoothes off the sharp edges of that with a warm smile, and keeps fanning as she looks to the adventurers. "Oh?" She prompts the pair, clearly nosing for more details.

Practically melting in gratitude at Amari's addition to the fanning action, Cora grins, "Honestly I have had more man trouble than anything. But I will make it up to you Amari and go sailing or some such. Actually I need to choose my new ships, perhaps you can help me spend ridiculous amounts of silver on the thing." Cora raises one sharp eyebrow at Denica, "I think everyone is aware of just how skilled you are so none of that." she nods in agreement with Delilah's words even though she wasn't there. "Ah absolutely, who hasn't gone yet? I will choose the next one from that batch." she says to Gianna. "Oh unless Lethe hasn't gone, then I choose her."

1 Valardin House Guards, Skiftfeather - an Elegant Snowy Owl, Lystra Voss - The Quiet Assistant, Morigan Bradshaw - Nurse and Doctor in Training, Fayre Wyrmfang - Excitable Champion, Jaibrian - The Lovable Blue Roan Mare arrive, following Isidora.

Chuckling and blushing just a touch as she takes another deep sip of wine, Denica shakes her head. "I mean I know what I'm good at, but I felt so out of my depths, I was just saying the things that felt right and I guess it worked?" Denica smiles to Delilah. "I'll need to speak with Countess Mia soon, see how she has been." Denica smiles and chuckles. "Woman troubles over here," she adds with a glance to Cora. "I haven't heard of any of this man trouble of yours though. Do I need to hurt anybody?"

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Gianna is perched on the armrest of one of the couches; the other women are also seated. Gianna is sipping on a glass of chilled wine. They're all chatting amiably; there are drinks available, and tasty morsels of food as well.

Isidora slips in silently and gets her coffee and treats before taking a seat.

Gianna's assistant Madialaena offers Isidora a folding fan made of wood and blue paper when she enters. Gianna inclines her head to Isidora and greets her. "Princess Isidora, hello again."

Lethe looks to Cora. "I haven't gone, but my life isn't very exciting. I don't have any projects or future adventures to share and no man trouble either. I did enjoy hearing from all of you." She gives a polite wave to Isidora. "Do you have anything you'd like to share?"

"Does she?" Amari presses Coraline, as if she'd be happy to throw off her gloves and help Denica hurt somebody, if a little bit of the old ultraviolence was required. Her brow remains very arched, relenting only when she turns to look to Lethe, and frown some. "But you did get a cat. How is Fireball?" At the greetings and question sent Isadora's way she dips her head politely to the princess. "Hello, your Highness."

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Cora waves to Isidora with a warm smile, "Princess Isidora, it has been too long. Then again I could say that about everyone I suppose. No need to hurt anyone ladies truly, I just seem to have the worse luck with men. The ones I like I can't have, the ones I can have all scarper like rabbits eventually. Can never understand that, I'm not that scary. Oh and I haven't said just because it didn't seem worth noting, it isn't like I needed to break kneecaps or anything." Her attention goes to Lethe, "A cat? What a wonderful name, Fireball. I like it! Congrats on getting a kitty."

Isidora isn't sure what she can share so she just shakes her head. "No ... I do have an apprentice ... other than that not much I can share now." She nods slightly to Lethe. She nods to Gianna.

"Tell us about your apprentice," Gianna entreats Isidora, a very faint smile curving her lips but not quite meeting her eyes. Always guarded, this one. "Apprentice what?" She has a long sip of her wine and takes care to sit up a bit straighter, tipping her chin up.

Lethe nods once with a glance to Amari. "I did get a cat. Yes Fireball. He's fine. He does cat things." She looks to Cora with an understanding smile. "That's how my luck is with men, but I'm not sure I want to be married anyway. The whole thing just leads to disappointment." She turns to Isidora. "Perhaps you'll have more to share next time."

"Well, it still sounds like you're having better luck than me," Denica says with a little shrug. "You'll get the right one eventually I'm sure," she says, sucking in a soft breath and leaning back in her seat and looking to them. "An apprentice mercy?" Denica wonders. "That has to be exciting!"

Isidora nibbles her lower lip listening to the other women, "An apprentice physician." She sips her coffee. "Is marriage really that bad?"

"I never intend to find out," Gianna says, now with a hint of a smirk. "But that, I believe, is one of the good things about being a commoner." She reaches down to twitch a fold in her deep blue gown's skirt, seeming pleased with herself.

Amari continues fanning Coraline even if she forgets about it every now and again, mainly when she's sipping from her glass. The conversation is listened to, but not commented upon immediately. "I fear if we start talking of men and marriage, they'll begin to march through the door there in skirts demanding to take part. They'll sense it somehow."

Isidora looks at the door before looking back at Gianna. "Us Nobles can go with not marrying anyone. Yet I agree with Lethe. Forgive me for asking."

"Well if they know all I'm interested in is children," Denica chuckles with a lift of her shoulder. "I'm not interested in men or marriage, so we can easily move on to a different topic. I'll find some other way to bring children into my life," she decides with another sip of her wine. "As the youngest of 3 and no longer heir to anything, it's just not important for me."

Carita's been snagged to the side by her assistant, going over something or another, talking quietly. Once the matter seems resolved she inches her way back toward the small gathering, drink still in hand, pale blonde hair blown back by her fan as she walks. Her smile goes lopsided at the mention of disappointing marriages, causing the young /divorcee/ to bite her bottom lip a moment as she tries to hide her smirk.

Gianna takes a breath and then exhales. "Speaking of men in skirts demanding to take part," she says, "Why don't we simply call this a women's meeting instead of skirt and gown night? It's a ridiculous name, given men wear skirts and gowns. And beyond that, we should see about determining who hosts the next women's night."

Isidora nibbles her lower lip more, she focuses on her coffee.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor arrive, following Brigida.

"I'm okay with that," Denica says. "If women in pants are welcome to take part, than the name is already a bit of a misnomer, isn't it?" Denica suggests with a nod and a sip of her wine. "Though I thought I was going to be hosting after you, wasn't I?"

Carita's smile softens, "I'd be happy to volunteer to host the next one, location to be determined, if no one else is volunteering." For the moment she remains standing, her paper fan wafting a light breeze through her hair. "Mistress Gianna, how do you feel about.." but she closes the space to lower her voice to the Nightingale, her expression decidedly apologetic.

"It was leading to some snipping from uninvolved parties. I wouldn't mind a change in name if it means I never have to patiently nod and smile while someone who's never showed any interest in attending informs me that men can wear skirts and gowns if they like." Amari agrees, making yappy mouth flappy hand gestures as she does. "And I definitely recall Denica volunteering to host next. Then Lady Carita?"

Carita's brows lift, as well as he glass towards Denica, apologetically as the pair speak at nearly the same time. "Certainly," she dips her head.

"I quite forgot," Gianna tells Denica, a touch apologetic. "Then it's taken care of. Excellent. And then the one after that is yours, Lady Carita?" Gianna is perched on the armrest of one of the couches, a glass of chilled wine in hand.

Isidora looks back and forth at all of the women taking in the conversation.

Clack clack clack. In walks Archlector Brigida, bringing her knobbly walking stick down harder than is absolutely necessary with each step. She's wearing neither a skirt nor a gown, but instead has one her regular old robes, the only adornment being a tiny golden rose at her breast and another on her wrist. Her attendant disciples also wear simple robes, rushing ahead to find seating for Blessed Brigida. She pauses once she's in the room and glances around. "Gianna Whisper. Dame Coraline. Princess Denica. And others. Good evening to you all." When she's handed a fan she passes it off to Keski, who already has one and doesn't seem to have any idea what to do with a second one so she halfheartedly fans herself twice.

"I was offended there, briefly." Amari quietly admits before laughing it off with the help of a generous gulp of Kennex brand vodka. "That's a clue, I should think, that I ought to take my leave. My mood's a bit sour, but I wanted to make an appearance before I faced another engagement." She gives Coraline a good final fanning before dropping it in her lap and turning to Denica to offer a quick hug. "Lovely to see you all. Archlector, have my spot, please." With that she's up on her feet, "Thank you Gianna."

Amari is overheard praising Gianna.

Gianna tilts her head slightly to the side and peers at Amari for a moment. "Thank you for coming, Lady Amari," she tells the other woman, a faint line appearing between her brows. It disappears again when she greets Brigida. "Archlector, welcome. Do make yourself comfortable."

Carita's smile curls as she speaks quietly with Gianna, and when finishes she nods, "Then it's fixed. I'll have it made and sent, if not given in person the next time I see you." Her attention then lifts, "I had hoped to, oh nuts. I should really be going as well. I don't suppose there will be any volunteers here, of the non-warrior persuation, that might be interested in a brawl for charity?"

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Lethe tilts her head. "I am not a warrior, but I will not be volunteering to brawl ever. Sorry! It was nice to see you. I think I will also be going."

Isidora sips more of her coffee but nods to Lethe. "Be well and safe."

"Well, I'm looking forward to hosting the next one, I'll give it about a month's time again?" Denica smiles, squeezing Amari in her own farewell, leaning back a bit ans sipping her wine, greeting Brigida with a smile and a wave also, though Carita gets an interested glance. "What do you mean? A non combatant for a brawl?" she wonders.

Cora was practically wilting from the heat and only realized Amari had headed off after a few moments, she totally would have hugged her otherwise. Brigida gets a cheerful wave, "Archlector, what a pleasure."

"It seems I missed most of the evening, Gianna Whisper." Still, Brigida gratefully accepts a glass of dark Granato red before moving to find a place to sit. "I haven't been in a brawl in some time, but one should never discount an old woman with a knobbly walking stick."

"Thank you for coming, Lady Lethe," Gianna says. "It does seem to be winding down, but please, come have a drink." She looks to Carita, arching her brows. "Is this what you mentioned at the Terraces?" she asks Carita. A quick glance to Brigida, then back. "Can we have weapons?"

Carita's already laughing, a hand batted in Brigida's general direction. "I haven't really decided on exactly what the particulars will be, other than no warriors, that there should be outfits of some sort, with feathers, and that I'm going to be asking a few men to wear dresses to call out which round we're on. You know, prancing around the ring?" She waves a hand, "Maybe it's too much. It just sounds like /so/ much fun."

"Well I'm an archer, so I don't know if I count, but I can promise I am absolutely dreadful at brawling," Denica smiles to Carita. "So if you think I meet your requirements, count me in! Other than that," Denica chuckles. "Well the evening will go on for as long as we desire it I should think," Denica says towards Brigida.

Lethe gives a wave to everyone. "I'm sorry I can't stay longer, but tonight was a lot of fun."

Lethe is overheard praising Gianna.

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"Well, now I'm imaging Arn and Harald prancing around in dresses and I don't know how I'm meant to sleep tonight," drawls Brigida in response to Carita's flight of fancy. Gianna elicits a soft snort from the Iron Thorn, "Feel free to take it from me." And she lifts her glass to Denica at the last.

Gianna shakes her head gently. "Oh, no," she tells Brigida, holding up her hand. "Too big. I'd be better off with a set of hairpins," she explains. "And just miserable with my fists."

Cora sips a drink and grins, "I assume then that I am out of the equation then? That is ok, I will enjoy watching I think."

Isidora nods to Coraline, "Yes you are a fighter type."

Carita's brows furrow a little, "Sorry, Cora darling, I'm afraid you'd turn me to dust if you fought back," but she's been laughing since Brigida brought up other men in dresses. "I'm fairly certain I could convince my patron, Prince Luca, to dress up and prance, and /that/ idea makes her laugha little too.

Brigida settles in in front of the clavichord, looking the instrument over before she holds up her hands in something approximating a practicing position. She looks at it for a moment, then shakes her head. "Too long since my last go, I think." Looking back to Carita, she shakes her head. "Anyone could convince Prince Luca to wear a dress, or take it off. Get Princes Victus or Laric involved, that would impress."

"I would think it would be easy to get Prince Luca to wear a dress," Gianna agrees, rising from her seat and making her way over to the table with food. She takes up a plate. "Don't try to convince Prince Gareth. If he said yes, all of Arvum would slide into the sea and we'd drown."

Carita's brows lift, "Ooooh!" at Brigida's suggestion, "I... I /think/ Prince Victus might be convinced, since the charity is for the Darrow statue." She laughs. "Oh, I mean, I /do/ like a challenge. Do you think Prince Gareth wouldn't even dare?"

"Hey I am only just ramping my training back up sheesh, probably not dust, more likely just highly squished." still Cora is grinning as she says this. Rolling her eyes she nods at Brigida's words, "I dunno how hard it would be to get Vic in a dress though, the right bribe and he would do it. Laric though, yeah that would be a trick. Luca would smear frosting on his face and dance naked with the right incentive. Which means being center of attention."

Isidora sips more of her coffee and watches the other women.

"My survival training might make me a bit tougher than I should be though also," Denica considers, smirking to Cora and Carita. "I mean, I don't know Luca too well but it sounds like you can convince him to do just about anything."

"You should suggest it to Prince Gareth," says Brigida, humor evident in her voice. "He would probably look at you like this." All humor vanishes and she turns a cold, dead eyed shark's stare on Carita, lips pressed into a thin bloodless line.

Brigida checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Gianna drops a sweetroll.

Carita's laughing, bent forward as she does, that drink in her hand barely touched just yet. "How would he loo--" She glances Brigida's way, lips parting on a gasp. "That... that sounds aweful. I'll try it." There's a tilt of her head. "Do you think I'll live through it?"

Carita adds, for Coraline, her smile slowly returning, "As for Prince Luca, that frosting part sounds oddly specific. Did I miss some sort of frosting incident?" Which is ended with barely repressed laughter.

"Ah well yes, it was at a Grayson family dinner." Cora says with a nod and a shrug, "He arrived in a bathrobe, stole cupcakes, and smeared my cheek with the frosting. I have never been able to figure him out to be honest."

Gianna clears her throat gently, blinking and carefully not looking at Brigida. She looks... unnerved, as she stoops to collect that roll and tuck it away to one side of her plate. She shakes her head a bit, as if to clear it. "Scary," she mumbles.

Cora then adds, "Normally I would suggest speaking to Cassima to convince Gareth but I doubt my sister would be remotely interested in helping get him into a dress."

"He wouldn't kill you," says Brigida. "But he might open a file on you. Suspicious activities."

Isidora nods as she finishes her coffee. "I must be off. You ladies have a good rest of your night."

Isidora is overheard praising Gianna.

Isidora has left the couch seating.

Gianna shakes her head gently. "Best not to risk it for more than one reason, then," she says. The College remains open for as long as people wish to linger. Next time, it's Princess Denica's turn.

"Not even for /charity/?" Carita asks, closing the distance between she and Coraline, to bend and wrap an arm around her friend to murmur quietly to. For Brigida there's laughter, "Is he part of the Inquisition then? Oh, I'm a fan of the grumpy sort. You have clearly not met my ex husband."

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