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Stormwall: Shady Dealings!

Young Jessa who was found looting in the crafters section by a group of Explorers. She'd lost her family during the final evacuations, as they were stubborn and had stayed in the city until the very end as some people are wont to do even when there is danger, and has been surviving on her own as best she can ever since. Part of that surviving was scouring through the rubble to see what goodies she could find in order to sell them to a rather unscrupulous trader for food goods. This particular trader doesn't care he's profiteering on items that might have survived the fire, as he believes he can make a killing on selling the looted items back to members of House Crovane.This news has moved to those with the authority to do something about it, and now it's time to hunt down this shady trader that wants to profit from the death others and the destruction of Stormwall for a noble cause. This plot is a spinoff from Stormwall: Searching the Rubble Part 1 - but is open to anyone on the grid who wishes to attend. It is open for up to 6 players. Please sign up at - under Stormwall: Shady Dealings!


May 25, 2018, 8 p.m.

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