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For our purposes, willpower as a statistic on Arx differs from composure in so much that composure is almost entirely based on restraint in social situations for fear of social backlash. Willpower is more general, about resisting pressure exerted on someone, whether resisting an urge to act on a deep seated desire, refusing to talk under torture, or any other pressure all to maintain internal integrity. As a scale:

0:Has no concept of self, obeys anything without question.
1:Some people overcome their addictions and manage to resist temptation. These are not those people.
2:The average human can vary between iron willed determination in some cases and in others they buckle like a belt.
3:That one hold out that shrugs off bribes and dismisses temptation casually.
4:The kind of individual that will nonchalantly lock themselves in a room to kick an addiction cold turkey.
5:The torturer gives up first.
6:Faces the hordes of hell unflinchingly.