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A character's skill at deciphering or creating puzzles, riddles, or other such trickery.

0: Turns out the answer to the riddle wasn't 'punching their stupid face', however satisfying.
1: Some people say you have quite the knack with crossword puzzles.
2: This is the obnoxious person that can guess just enough riddles to exasperate their friends and ruin their fun.
3: This is the person that can stump them.
4: You realize that the answer to the Nox'alfar folly wasn't, in fact, 'love', but have an idea why they thought it was hilarious to bait that answer.
5: You're the person called in when some booming, disembodied voice in a tomb asks a question.
6: There are things you can unlock that really, really, really are not meant to be unlocked. Ever. By anyone.