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Words: "Free Eurus."
Sigil: Twelve stars representing the Dune Kingdoms to the right of a single star representing Arx.
Nicknames: The free Eurusi

At the Battle of Sungreet in 1013 AR, the Eurusi forces from the Dune Kingdom of Skal'daja splintered. A third of the force following Crown Prince Damik'uhl'daja have decided to seek an alliance with the Compact and will try to recruit other Eurusi into their ranks in the hopes of one day reclaiming much of the Dune Kingdoms of Eurus from the clutches of the Dune Emperor and the Prophet of the Sands.


Name Rank Title Description
Damik 1 Prince of the Dune Kingdoms
Bahiya 4 Eurusi Servants in Exile
Kenjay 4 Eurusi Servants in Exile
Bell 4 Eurusi Servants in Exile