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Crafters are any character that create items in the game as a means for that character to make a living. Generally, they're commoners and more often than not affiliated with the Crafters Guild.

The Crafters Guild is the current evolution of a sect of artists who devoted themselves as the Disciples of Jayus, who worshiped the Prince of Stories with acts of creation and artistry. The worship eventually became a means of supporting the religiuos organization, and in time becoming the Crafters Guild it's known for today.

While nobility is welcome to create and make as much as anyone else, selling their wares for coin is considered so against the nature of crafting that it's not allowed for any noble Crafter in the Crafters Guild.

Crafters ultimately honor Jayus with their crafting, to create is a manner of worship. They are never obligated to make anything for anyone, no matter their social standing. Applying social pressure to force a Crafter to do something is never off the table, but it amounts to forcing an Oathlander to do something dishonorable, or a Lycene to hug someone they don't want to. It has been the cultural norm for over an IC decade that a Crafter's shop is their own kingdom, and within that kingdom they have complete autonomy.