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Crafters Ooc

When a player goes into a shop to craft something using the shop code, their character isn't the one that's doing the crafting, the owner of the shop is. The owner of the shop is laying out the fabric, taking out the ingots, priming the paint, lining the leather, forging the metal, carving the wood, baking the cake, and seeing the final product through, or at the very least, their assisstants are. OOC, you can tell someone that yes, you designed it, you made the ASCII or the description, but the dice were not yours. IC, the owner of the shop was the one that made the item under your specifications.

OOC, anyone with a shop is not obligated to keep purchasable pre-made items on hand. OOC, no one is obligated to make anything for you before a specific time, and no one is obligated to change their prices or their standards or their materials, etc., for any reason if they don't want to. OOC, no one has to make anyone anything for any reason. A character's IC job is absolutely not an OOC obligation.