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Game Updates: 10/31 - Actions, pets, and usability changes

By tehom on Oct. 31, 2021, 1:23 p.m.


Actions have been turned back on. Sort of. Actions can now be made for personal plots for a player, or for an org participating in a crisis. The limit for actions is now once per *player*, not character, per episode for personal actions, and once per episode for organizations participating in a crisis. This means that if you have multiple characters, you'll need to choose which, if any, to pursue an action for during a given episode.

The episode limitation is to prevent staff overload - progress is now specifically tied to how quickly staff can respond to actions. Once actions are resolved and staff feels comfortable ending the episode, we'll announce it and move to the next one.

AP regen bonuses based on not participating in actions has been removed, and actions no longer take AP to create or assist, though GMs may frequently require AP amounts to be added to the action for success.

Room owners now have an option to ban pets from their rooms via the manageroom/togglepets command. You can set individuals to be allowed to bypass the rule.

@cal/mine - A new switch to allow you to list only events you have been invited to, are hosting, or GMing.