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Game Updates: 12/6 - New Damage System

By tehom on Dec. 6, 2020, 10:48 a.m.

The harm command has been remade - the old one is still available in a deprecated format via 'old_harm'. The new harm command will require you to specify a rating of damage to do, from 'bruise' to 'nuke'. Damage taken is between a minimum and maximum based on the rating, and armor can reduce damage to the minimum. In general, the severity of attacks will have less variance for different characters, and the highest rating attack is intended to represent a nearly certain instant-kill regardless of the character.

Taking damage has also changed: unconsciousness checks start when your health drops below a threshold, and is automatic when death checks begin. There's also a chance of serious wounds that degrade your stats if you take a massive hit. Methods of healing non-crippling/permanent wounds will come out in my next pass of the +heal/recovery system.

The unconsciousness, death, and perm saves are checks which are saved in the database and can be tweaked/customized there. The longer-term intent is build a library of checks over time which can be referenced and added to by storytellers, essentially crowd-sourcing some elements of the game system.