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Game Updates: Flashback Enhancements

By NV on May 30, 2019, 12:55 a.m.

Added dice-check switch. Its result will prefix the participant's next post. Similar to @check.

Added ability to see who's currently invited. Also, if someone has contributed to the flashback and then becomes uninvited, their involvement remains as a "retired" participant who can be re-invited any time. Uninviting someone who hasn't posted simply deletes their involvement.

Added visibility nuances: the state of being invited to a flashback is now similar to being 'in the room' where emits (posts) are made. By uninviting characters who should not be privy to parts of the scene, the flashback's display obscures posts they weren't present to witness - "Part of this tale resides in the memory of someone else."

You can grant total retroactive back-post visibility when inviting someone. Or grant partial back-post visibility after someone has been invited normally.

Added a way to conclude flashbacks, with potential 'event XP' for substantial scenes (up to a weekly cap). Concluding a flashback that has zero posts will delete it.

Postable (unconcluded) flashbacks show up with a green ID in the flashbacks list in-game. Added dividers between posts for easier reading in-game. Limited invite privileges to flashback owner. Added a list of post-authors to the flashback's display. And added lots of supporting website changes for the above.

These changes enhance Flashbacks now, but also prepare them (hopefully) for future web tools and post editability. I hope you enjoy!