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Game Updates: 7/28 - Praise/org and @cal

By tehom on July 28, 2018, 5:52 a.m.

RP Events can now have organizations invited to attend and sponsor them, and during the event those in attendance can use praise/org to use their praises on the organization rather than another player. Values for praising the org are heavily dependent on how many social resources the org uses when sponsoring the event as well as the event's largesse rating.

The @cal command has been heavily reorganized. Most switches now function in either creating or administrating an event, and the @cal/sponsor command is used for adding social resources to an org's sponsorship of an event. Any org invited to attend automatically has all members able to see a private event.

Although these changes are simple the backend changes required to make it work without data loss were extremely complex, so let me know if anything seems odd that tests missed.