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Game Updates: 9/20: Informs for Organizations

By tehom on Sept. 20, 2017, 3:01 a.m.

Previously, informs for organizations were generally sent to the highest ranking active member. Now they'll be sent to the organization itself, with orgs able to set permissions for who can view them with '@org/perm informs=<rank>'. Informs for organizations will be viewable with @inform/org, specifying the org name before a / followed by normal arguments, such as '@inform/org grayson/3' to view the third inform for Grayson.

Permissions for setting the minimum withdrawal/deposit amounts to generate informs is handled through the new 'transactions' org permission.

Up to 20 informs can now be marked as important with the /important switch, and won't be automatically deleted when normal informs would expire.