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Game Updates: Game Update: 2/12

By tehom on Feb. 12, 2017, 8:26 a.m.

Added the ability for clues to be added to organizations, and then shared with members. To add a clue to an organization, use the /addclue switch. The cost is currently the sharer's clue-cost * (10 - the organization's social modifier), which you can see under @org. Briefing a member will share all the organization's clues at a cost of the sharer's clue-cost / (2 + the organization's social modifier).

Added the ability for players to collaborate on crisis actions. To invite someone, use +crisis/inviteassistant. Assisting someone with a crisis action allows you to pool action points for a shared result, and costs 10 as a base to assist them, rather than the 50 points for creating a unique crisis action.