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Game Updates: Game Update: 1/20

By tehom on Jan. 20, 2017, 3:13 a.m.

The +crisis model has been added. This is an attempt to create a more measured pace for the game by informing players of a current crisis and giving everyone a long period to respond. Each period for a crisis will be around a minimum of two weeks, and players can make a single action during it. At the end of the period, everyone will be informed of the outcome of their actions. You can attach questions to your actions, which can be answered at any time during the period.

Private events and invitations: @cal now has an /invite switch for inviting people to participate, and private events will no longer be announced or displayed. Now, when making a private event or PRP, you should create the event, and then @cal/invite those you wish to inform of the event. They'll receive a notification and will be able to view it.

@clue/share now allows you to specify a list of clues separated by commas. Please only share clues that you actually roleplay about: I was reluctant to add this because of the temptation of people to mass-share things which they may not have even talked about.