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Game Updates: Game Update: 12/14

By tehom on Dec. 14, 2016, 1:40 a.m.

12/14: I put in a small tool to allow players to report harassment in the (hopefully never) case it becomes necessary. Messages you receive from other players will be visible in @view_log/current - that's a list of all messages you've received in your current session. If a player harasses you, you can flag their messages for staff review with @view_log/report <playername>. It comes with some heavy limitations to try to ensure privacy - messages between two players in the same private room are never logged, and messages will quickly cycle out and be lost between sessions. Again, hopefully this doesn't come up, but I just wanted at least some small tools to help if it ever does.

Some minor usability fixes. +xp with no arguments will list if you are currently being trained, +train with no arguments will list who you are training, glance with no arguments will glance at everyone in a room. Shops will now list prices of crafted recipes alphabetically. Mitigation for armor will now round at the very end after all armor values are summed, rather than for each individual piece, so that quality increases for armor is more likely to matter.