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Game Updates: Game Update: 12/7

By tehom on Dec. 4, 2016, 4:52 a.m.

12/7: Changed stat for crafting skills to use dex or luck, whichever is higher, from only using luck. Added +roomtitle command to allow you to specify a string that shows what your character is doing on look. Also shows on +where if people use 'verbose_where' on @settings.

12/5: Changed how weapon damage scales from quality level to be stronger for higher end weapons. Changed how the training center works so more than one room can be tagged that way - the Saik estate will have its own version of the training center shortly. Refining should now instantly update armor/weapons rather than force you to wait until a server reload to see a change.

12/4: Quick change: Changed refining difficulty to be lower than the base difficulty of crafting. Refining difficulty is 75% of the base difficulty before being modified by additional silver spent.

Changed tier 5/6 jewelcrafting recipes to now be 'armor', albeit with very, very small values, to reflect the metal's magical nature. Not that anyone believes it's magic. But still. Divine quality anything will automatically have an additional bonus, just as a wow-it's-special deal.

I'll probably be adjusting combat to discourage just dogpiling/focusing single targets by giving defense penalties due to 'crowding' when doing so.