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The True Faith

Coupled with the assassination of Dominus Orazio, and the elevation of Dominus Aureth Grayhope, came the schism in the Faith led by one 'Dominus' Waldo- the former seraph of Sungreet, and a staunch supporter of the deceased rebel Duke Ivan Helianthus.

Waldo declared himself the true dominus, and an uncomfortable number of Mourning Islanders appear to be listening. It's still a regional schism, but it is dangerously possible the heresy might spread.

House Velenosa sweeps through the Lyceum in the wake of Dominus Orazio's assassination and newly risen Dominus Aureth's appointment. For the most part those they speak with are outraged over the death of 'their' Dominus and there's a faint undercurrent that they're glad he was replaced with someone the Waldo followers find possibly even more offensive. There are few followers of the false Dominus in the Lyceum, and those that are there are keeping underground for now. They know that House Velenosa doesn't jest when they say no one may harm them unpunished.

House Ashford goes forth into their domain to speak positively on the current Dominus Aureth as well as to seek out any information on where false Dominus Waldo might be. While they find no sign that the man is there within Ashford lands, they do find that the people are generally a bit restless. They tolerate talk of Aureth, but they're still very concerned about changes in the Faith and the addition of new gods. They're far happier to discuss the building of small stone walls instead.

House Redrain and many of its vassals embark on a grand tour of the Northlands. They start in Stormheart and from there travel to (in no particular order), Cascade Springs, Glacial Cove, Clearlake Hold, Aviaron's Peak and various other points in between that are surely very interesting in their own right. They finish in Farhaven, where House Redrain reveals a grand new garden dedicated to the gods, and also a pool that people whisper is for the spirits, but everyone is polite enough to not say that part loudly in front of the Faith. Despite the uncertainty of the last several years, the people of the Northlands are receptive to the Faith's presence, and they take solace in how well their leaders seem to be meshing with it. For now, the Northlands are quiet and peaceful among its many houses, without the internal strife of other regions.

Unfortunately, scattered reports of a shav attack arising from the Everwinter suggests that internal strife may be the least of the Northlands' worries.

War is breaking out across the Mourning Isles, and numerous progressive houses are being hounded by the traditionalists. All hope for supplies is not lost, they will be able to avail themselves of the Cullers services in the future, if they desire to do so, with the family being one of the few to successfully get past Lord Anders Nightcove. Currently, the Cullers are the premier shipping company in the Mourning Isles, known as one of the few that are able to actually get things through without having their cargo confiscated or their ships sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Sir Preston Godsworn, Carnifex of the Faith, Grandmaster of the Templars hosted the Feast of Alor Valardin in Maelstrom, accompanied by some Templar knights including Dame Ida Ferron, Marquis Dante DiFidante and Lord Gaspard Blackram. Of all the Knight Commanders stationed in the Isles, slightly more than a half had turned up to the feast, with others citing excuses for their absence with varying levels of credibility. Middling turnout aside, the feast went without a hitch until a messenger arrived with the news that the Seraphs of Dredcall and Eastcrest are dead, the former poisoned while the latter perished in flames. Seraph Josephet Dredcall's Templars were apprehended on suspicion, although they vehemently deny having any hand in this. The reports from Eastcrest are conflicting, although it was noted that the Seraph's Templar guards were cut down before the fire started.

The timing has people looking at Grandmaster Preston askance and the trust in his faction of the Faith among those in the Isles has not improved.