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Laurent Family Dinner 2

Time for members of the Laurent family to hang out. Vassals and friends also welcome.


Oct. 26, 2019, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Korka Hadrian




Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

Luigi, 2 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Hadrian.

Korka has gotten here early and snagged not only a jaunty beret which she has set on her head at a fun angle, but scored a prime seat and has her feet up on the table edge, chair tilted back on its back legs, looking totally at home in this not-her-house hall.

"This sounds like a silly challenge," Hadrian remarks toward a stocky, bald-headed man upon his entry into the Laurent Manse. "But tell her my aid is on offer. It sounds fun". He flashes a bright smile toward Luigi, who promptly turns about and continues on the way which Hadrian and his small retinue have come. This leaves the Mazetti's marquis-consort with just his pair of guard. The presence of another individual seated prominently at the Laurent table though, wearing a beret in smart fashion, results in Hadrian's eyes alighting with mirth. He then gestures toward the box of berets, harlequin eyes cast toward Korka and her own beret. The gesture is simple enough to suss out: am I supposed to be wearing one? Thankfully he's keen to speak out that gesture as well, because he asks Korka "Pardon me, please. Are we meant to don one of these? Because I really hope so!"

"Me too, else the Iron Guard will likely be by to arrest me for theft, which will be a shame since it looks so good on me," Korka replies to Hadrian, removing her feet from the table but doing nothing like getting up and bowing as would be customary. She reaches up to flick the beret so it falls a little less into her eyes, "I'm of the opinion that if someone doesn't want to share they ought to lock their chests."

Laughter answers Korka's remark, but none the less he presents her with a resolute nod of agreement with Korka's self-assessment, "That would be a shame! Because you're not wrong. The weave of pearls complements it very well". He seems to take note of that fashion choice, studying from a short distance away the weave and flow of the strands of pearls through the air. After a moment his lips purse, bow, and he nods appreciably, "I, however, tend to be of the opinion that just because I can take grab something from a box, doesn't mean I always should without an invitation. If it's not your box, keep your hands off until invited, more or less". Another smile flashes to life as he glances from masked guard to another, then back to Korka, "In truth I had only stopped in because I heard talk of a gathering of the Laurents and thought a quick drink with Duke Cristoph before another appointment sounded like a swell plan. It's a pity that I've arrived either too early or late."

Korka looks from Hadrian to the chest, the corner of her lips quirking a bit at the corner. She reaches up to take her beret off, twirling it around on her finger once then holding it up for inspection, "I don't know," she drawls lightly, "If something is just presenting itself for the taking it seems no invitation is required." She leans back in her seat, glancing around the room, "I think we're early, but I can't say for sure having not seen anyone except you so far. So here we are, two non-Laurents holding court in their main hall. Shall we go on a treasure hunt and see where they keep the bees?" While her green eyes glimmer with amusement, her posture in that chair is so relaxed it does not seem likely she's really going to get up.

"That is a reasonable point of view," Hadrian confirms of Korka's own argument within the casual debate. He glances back to the box and upon reaching in to claim a beret, he turns about in place so that he may settle it atop the sloped peak of his guard's helm. Hadrian considers the look for a moment, snorts out a quiet chuckle, nods with satisfaction, and then promptly turns back to Korka. He considers the proposition made by the stranger and that, seeking out the Laurent's hidden trove of bees, results in his chin lifting and head tilting back with laughter. "Now that? Just screams 'hello, I'm here for my execution'. I can only imagine they'd get particularly testy over that sort of thing". From his position a short distance from the table and Korka's own place of relaxation he offers a shallow bow of his head before he offers an introduction of himself, "Marquis Hadrian Mazetti, it's been an entertaining opportunity to meet you."

"Korka Glynn," The dark haired woman introduces herself with that faint smile, "Are you a Mazetti? I just thought you enjoyed hydras all over everything. Who wouldn't?" She looks around again at the lack of Laurents and adds, "I think perhaps we both got the date wrong. Or it's been moved and since we aren't family we weren't in the know."

"A genuine pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you, Korka Glynn," Hadrian returns with a charcoal-whitened smile and a soft dip of his chin in acknowledgment. The talk of hydras decorating everything in sight earns a resurgence of his smile before he nods a few times rapidly, "Not by birth, but yes. An amusing observation, though". He takes a moment to inhale deeply, as if sampling the air of the Laurent Manse and refreshing his lungs with it. Finally he nods, again, before his harlequin eyes flash aside and toward Korka anew, "I've a feeling you're right. Which is fine, too. That just means I've met someone new and will still have an opportunity to have a drink with the Laurents another day. Happy accident and all that". He reaches up and aside so that he may pluck the beret from atop his guard's helmed head, which he deposits back into the box before he admits to Korka, "I should be going, though. By the time I trudge through all this snow back to the Ward of the Lyceum, I'm sure my next appointment will be starting and it's one I must be presentable for. Until next time, Korka Glynn? It's been my pleasure. Also? I adore the pearls in your hair. It's inspired". Then Hadrian offers another bow as he prepares to make good his departure.

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