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The Crown Presents... a Punderful Evening

Oh no! Saoirse Velenosa has taken ill* and it is up to YOU to craft the Crown's responses to proclamations! The people demand it now, they've been conditioned!

Come join The Crown in an evening of competitive punning, illustrious company, and a chance to look inside the Palace walls themselves.

*No she's fine, but if you want to send well wishes and gifts BY ALL MEANS no one is stopping you.

(OOC: I'll run this as a little bit of an @check competition with FAR more focus on RP and just sort of see where things take us. Fumbles are fun, please embrace them, and I'd rather further role-play than just run numbers.)


Aug. 23, 2019, 6 p.m.

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Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Palace - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

Root, a ferocious badger, 2 Ashford Archer arrive, following Archeron.

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