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Trial of the Reflection - Merek

Merek is going to retell his trials towards becoming a member of the Gold Order. All members of the Order, and any friends that wish to come are welcome.


Sept. 9, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Alexis Hannah



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Lair - Chapter House

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The place has been set up as it was before when the Reflection Trial was managed before. Merek has put on his crimson-black silks, with some of his other attire, and has invited all of the Order that is available to come, as well as friends. He seems to have made it grand in a manner, still it seems like he didn't wish an affair with too many people.

Alexis is of course, present. Wearing her white-and-gold silks, and carrying her swords, wearing her cloak over one shoulder. Arriving her arm interlinked with Hannah, she offers a small smile to Merek, bowing her head as she steps inside. "Sir Merek. I am delighted that we'll get to hear your Reflections tonight, and I very much look forward to it all." She offers. "I believe you've already been introduced to Lady Hannah, both as my squire and as a lady of Wyrmguard?" Gesturing to the noblewoman at her side.

A warm smile and a nod of greeting to Merek, "It is wonderful to see you again Sir Merek. I too am looking forward to your Reflections, you are an inspiration to be certain." She is happily upon that Alexis arm and is dressed in her favorite dress, skirts swirling with each motion.

Never officially been introduced to her, Dame... But it's a pleasure to be introduced," Merek mentions, with an incline of his head, as he moves to settle in a seat. "Inspiration? I've heard such a lot recently, people seem to think I'm some kind of shining beacon in the dark, when I'm just a man." He relaxes a bit and seems to think a moment, "I appreciate you all coming in any case, I didn't want too many people, been a crazy kind of month. Ah, I suppose... Do I begin with retelling and listen to approval and such then move to the next?" he asks.

"There we go then, Lady Hannah, Sir Merek Black, of Velenosa. A fine knight of the order." Alexis offers, a bit more formally. Offering a little smile as she finds a place to sit, pulling out a chair for Hannah as she does so. Considering. "I think that, whichever format you find will ease you the most will be fine, Sir Merek. I'm happy to take notes and present my thoughts at the end if you'd like?" She suggests.

Settling in the chair pulled out for her, a grateful look going to Alexis, Hannah nods to Merek, "Inspiration is typically earned Sir Merek, of course you are only a man. One who has clearly inspired others. Your actions, not your state of being, are what has elicited this response. It is the better part of valor to accept and push yourself to improve from such responses no?" she asks gently, the warm smile meant to show this wasn't criticism.

"True enough... Thank you, that would help a lot Dame," Merek adds aside, while he considers for a moment, "I will start with my trial to Gloria... This one is when I went to combat a demon during patrols within the forests. I fought with it for a while until the others were able to assist, taking a lot of hits, then we beat it. I've also been on other missions, I was at the Gyre War and also the Silent War, where I fought with many, and as a Guard I try to show honor by not just defeating what comes against the Compact, but I try to take people in when I can, I don't like to use excessive force, and I won't even let the foe win by demanding we slay those that are innocent but controlled, and I think I've succeeded in a way."

Alexis settles in a seat next to Hannah, and, once Merek starts, she looks to the foods, to fill her plate so she can have a decent meal. Pouring wine both for herself, Hannah, and Merek, as she listens. Furrowing her brow in thought, as she whispers to one of the servants and has parchment and quill brought to her, scribbling a few notes. "Gloria is the Goddess of Combat and Valour, and I think you're showing that you have valour enough to satisfy any requirement we might ask." She agrees. "And knowing to use measured force is good and useful in any situation."

"I think Gloria would appreciate that you do not use excessive force. It is better to minimize the harm, even for one who has done harm, in this way we live the ideals the gods represent. I agree, you have certainly satisfied the desire for Valor." Hannah says nodding, a smile of thanks goes to for the wine, and she fills her own plate, though forgets it is there as she listens.

"I have learned with it that while there is honor in combat for a righteous cause, it is not the honor of the combat it self, though the honor of that which you are working towards," Merek admits, while he nods a bit. "Chivalry is holding to a way that requires you to act honorable in social life as much as war."

He then moves to the next one, "As for Gild, I often donate to better the lives of people in whatever way that I'm able, not just in the silver, I also ask the people I meet to repay me by serving in Her name to others, donating and assisting and paying it forward as such. With the Scholars, I worked to assist in bringing literacy to others, an aspect of civilization, and I work towards the benefit of many in the Lowers. I feel that we can only become truly prosperous as a civilization, when all parts are of one mind, when all can be together in prosperity. Charity is love as much as anything else, we must guide any one we can to a life which is better."

"We raise each other up," Alexis agrees. "And in that we find greatness. One of the many lessons our lady Gild has for us." No objections from Alexis on this part.

Hannah nods in agreement, "I couldn't agree more." She says softly.

Merek nods a bit while he considers their words, then he moves on to the next, "As fo Jayus, I often make a lot of things as a Merchant, not just weapons, but wine, various art, and also as is stated of those that call themselves Disciples of his, I often will make things as gifts, no money. I feel that the point of craftsmanship is to share our inventions, the beauty, with the world, to make it a nicer place. To build all the homes people need, all the food we make. I have learned also that he is the one of dreams, of stories. With crafting, we make these things, we create dreams, we use them... We make stories of this. He guides us through many things."

Alexis takes a sip of wine, listening. Giving a small nod. "We do have some similarities there, sir Merek. And I'm pleased to hear it." She muses, shooting a small smile to HYannah as well.

Returning the smile, Hannah nods, "I hope one day to have the ability to do the same."

"As for Mangata... Well, I serve on the waters, as well as make wine, but I think what is more important, is that she is the one who is the goddess of the elements of life... These things which have given us the ability to even exist upon these lands, from that I have learned it is with Her that we are capable of having this sustenance. Also, I have learned about that which Mangata favors most, when we went to the waters beneath the bay, when we retrieved all the ancient artifacts of hers to put upon her statue, where even today while some see the simplicity of these things, those of us who were there see the shine, the beacon, like a light that moves forward... And also of the words that She spoke to us, that the best of each of us is love," Merek adds, because that is the standard story for such a trial surely.

Alexis nods, considering. "I think that speaks well of you and your attempts to live by Mangata's ideals, Sir Merek. And sharing what Mangata holds close is good."

Hannah nods in agreement as she takes up her glass of wine, sipping lightly her attention still entirely on Merek.

"As for Aion, I have assisted a lot of people, even recently I was assisting in the recovery of the jewels someone had in the Market. I have assisted with people that need someone quite often, and it would actually be a bit much to name it all, but of this I will mention that I assist in building culture, economy, I think the main point is this. Not that all these things were to assist another, it is more than that... It is that the Aion is the Dream. Our existence, the creator. All we do gives to the stories within this dream, and it is the duty of us to protect the dream from dark things, to assist people in their stories, their travels. All we do, whatever the motive, is part of them, and part of the world, and it is the duty of us to make it a story worth sharing," Merek offers.

"As for Limerance, I will present that I am oathed as a Knight to Velenosa, I also have taken such for the Scholars as well as the Guard, it is important to remember that our loyalty is a form of love, to love is to share with others what we learn, it is to guide, while it's also to take care of these things. A vow is that which we use to take note of an important new thing, to protect, to care for. It's with that we show our love in the oath, that which moves us to a cause that is above the things of this world."

Alexis furrows her brow deeper. Tapping at her lips, taking little notes now and again. Using her left hand, mostly. Her right remains resting at her side. "Limerance also vouches that we be careful in how much we give our oaths - that no one can be married to more than one person, or serve more than one liege." She notes. "Be mindful that your oaths do not end up conflicting, Sir Merek. Though I am glad to hear you have found such causes to swear you to."

Hannah nods in response to both, again agreement there.

"Aye, I don't wish them to conflict," Merek admits, while he takes a moment to shift and also think about the next one. "Vellichor, it is about the recording of knowledge, it is about the recovery of knowledge. I assisted in the rediscovery of Sparklegas which was then used so that Valery was able to recreate it. We gather this with the hopes that we don't have it move back in our memories. I have learned of this, that one needs to keep the knowledge, because the situations like we are in at the moment, with the wars, are not better for most the lack of knowledge we have. We must recover which we can, and keep what we can. We must assure that literacy is kept within Arvum, and we must all use that to provide to others access to the journals, which keep many of the stories that people have, so that we will remember all the past, and use it to make a future that's better," he states.

"For the Queen, it is a few things... First, it's that her adoration of that which are jokes is important, with humor comes the happiness, which is important in all we do... A war isn't a joyful thing, but without that which She teaches, what can we do when our emotions get the better of us? While she guides the Wheel, we must see to the family which mourns, we must carry on their stories, above all something that I personally do... I mourn those that no one else really wishes to mourn, I stand with the Wheel, that all people have a place upon it, no matter who they are, and as such it is the duty of us to protect their souls, to see to it that the Wheel receives them well."

Alexis shifts a little in her seat, leaning back, furrowing her brow, regarding the man before her. Once more, she's taking small notes, giving little nods. Looking to Hannah with a small smile. But having no overt commentary to offer Merek.

Leaning forward and resting her palm in her upraised hand, elbow supported upon the table, Hannah's eyes are still on Merek, she does return the smile to Alexis however, peripheral vision is a wonderful thing. However she too lacks commentary.

Merek speaks a bit more, "Lagoma, is the one who represents growth as well as change. Purification, I will state that when I came to town, it was with her guidance that instead of remaining a Merchant with simple Scholar work, I went to become what I am, and to do all manner of quite great things, but I owe it to the changes that come with this, the growth that we experience that leads us to do better, become better. She represents that, she also represents the purification, to move away from that which keeps us from exceeding our own expectations, to work towards the defeat of things which need to be purified, whether it be with in the mind, as well as the many manners of forms that it can take... Not to mention that healing is a form of purification, that which she cares for, and is a comfort to those that mourn," Merek mentions.

"Petrichor, he is the one which represents nature. There are quite a few things to nature, the things which we grow to feed people, I have farmed with my home, and also for the care of the animals, I work to provide with that also... That which builds the things we have, all things come from nature before they came to us as the way we are. He's the one that has the Right of Sanctuary, in that he actually manages to represent the purest form of us, nature... Where we all come from, we are much the same in nature. The hunters, homes, he has the things we need to move forward."

Alexis scratches at her cheek, giving a few more nods in agreement. "Healing, and change, and growth. That good can come from drastic shifts. It sounds like you serve both Petrichor and Lagoma well." She offers, with a little smile.

Hannah nods in response to this as well, her attention remains on the stories and her agreement though silent is sincere.

"Skald gave all of us freedom of will and also created us, the most important thing to him often seems to be freedom. I supported institutions that assisted quite a few Thralls, but more than that, I give people the options they might not have. Those from within the Lowers that feel they can't get by without doing some things. I find it is important that we work to give everyone a choice, to make all the people free, I think this is important in all aspects," Merek adds.

"The Sentinel... He values truth as well as justice, I do such by serving the Iron Forces, but more than that I work to make the truth of things known so that people are assured all that justice. It's important that we seek the truth and use it. We don't use that justice to exact the wills we have, but to use it to serve a justice that is more than man."

Alexies brings her hand up to her chin, two fingers stroking at her lips, as she nods again. "Truth does seem like it would be something both the Sentinel and Vellichor would value. I am sure it is quite pleased with your service in the Iron Guard, as well. Redressing crime and bringing punishment to evil-doers such."

Hannah nods again at both stories as well as Alexis' words.

"As for he known to most people as the Thirteenth, I will voice this. I have tasked with Scholars by seeing the Silent Reflections, I have spoken to the Mirrormasks. From this I have learned it is important to accept that to better ourselves, we must accept that we have our issues. Through all of these tasks, I have learned it is important to know there is more that you can learn always, there are things that you find about your self which tell you that you have a lot to learn, I think that's as simple that I can put it, with the Trials," Merek adds.

"This is your trial of Reflection, Sir Merek. In the honour of the Thirteenth, you have been sharing with us the lessons you have taken from trying to live up to the ideals of the twelve, and in so doing, practicing the virtue of the Thirteenth," Alexis offers, clearing her throat. "I would like to hear more specific anecdotes - you touched upon things you'd done, but specific acts and the doing of them, their failure or success, and the lesson within, I think, would serve well alongside. That said, you clearly are a religious man who takes both his oaths and his gods seriously." She exhales. "I think the Gold Order can declare you a Knight of the Ring, with all privelieges and responsibilities that confer. Would you like your ring now, or wait until we have a formal ceremony?"

Hannah gives Merek a warm smile, "Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your stories. I enjoyed listening greatly and feel I have learned from your experiences."

"I can accept it here, it might be a bit before I can devote to a ceremony, and... I tried to be a bit more detailed, although sometimes I am not the best at words," Merek admits, as he offers an incline to the two as well as the others about. "Thanks!"

"You did fine." Alexis assures. Clearing her throat again, she shifts, giving Hannah's hand a squeeze, then rises. Finding a small pouch from her belt, Alexis reaches into it and retrieves a ring - one identical to the one she's wearing. "Though I expect there to be a formal ceremony, Sir Merek, it is my pleasure to present you with the ring of the Gold Order of the Dragon, marking you as a knight in good standing, devoted and oath-sworn to our cause."

Alexis gets a solid gold ring made in the likeness of a Dragon from a simple velvet bag.

A warm look is given to Merek as he is presented with the ring, "Congratulations Sir Merek." she says softly.

Merek accepts that, and nods with a smile, "Thank you, I appreciate it. I should be on my way home," he admits.

"Of course, Sir Merek." Alexis bows her head. "Thank you so much for sharing your journeys and trials with us. It makes the Order better, and lets us know you better," Alexis offers quietly to Merek. Reaching out to give him a squeeze of the hand as well. "I hope this will help you light the way forward, for yourself and others."

"As I said before, an inspiration, have a wonderful day Sir Merek, and thank you dearly for sharing." Hannah says with a warm smile.

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