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Voice of Redrain

Posted by Darren on 06/19/18
In her capacity as Sword and Warchief of my House, Princess Marian Redrain has earned my unbounded trust and faith time and time again. As she continues to do so with her every action, it is only fitting that I name her Voice of Redrain and empower her with the full authority she deserves to wield.

My father Sherrod was a master of the deft art of cat herding which is leadership of this Great House and its vassals. He understood how to wield alliances and friendships to maximum impact, and in his wisdom, he once saw fit to name Duke Vercyn Halfshav as his Voice. Today I honor the tradition he began as I name Lord Arik Halfshav, Sword of Whitehold, Voice of Redrain. He will continue to serve both Halfshav and Redrain with all of the capable honor and integrity I have come to expect from him. I know he will continue to prove himself worthy of my trust and confidence.

Please join me in congratulating these two tireless servants of Redrain. To the last!

--- Telmar Stance (from Tesha) ---
House Telmar sends their congratulations to Redrain and applauds their fantastic choices for the new Voices!

--- Saik Stance (from Karadoc) ---
Great blazing balls. House Saik's impressed with how many official duties Princess Marian has. Congratulations.

--- Halfshav Stance (from Khanne) ---
House Halfshav could not be more proud of all that Lord Arik Halfshav has accomplished. He will serve Redrain with great loyalty and drive. May both new Voices join others in toasting.... To the Last!

--- Sanna Stance (from Cirroch) ---
Sanna congratulates Lord Arik in his promotion to Voice of House Redrain. May the strength and wisdom of Redrain and it's vassals guide The Compact to peace and prosperity.