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Soundproof Box

Posted by Audric on 06/17/18
Nothing to see here. Don't worry about it. I'm very excited about my new bird.

--- Inquisition Stance (from Laric) ---
We have those. They are awfully large and meant for people, specifically criminals. Invest in a good, bird-sized cell.

--- Valorous Few Stance (from Shard) ---
We didn't do it.

--- Liberators Stance (from Aleksei) ---
Don't put people in boxes.

--- Crovane Stance (from Ann) ---
It's ok Audric, it happens to all men sometimes.

--- Whisper Stance (from Bliss) ---
Look, if soundproofed rooms are the sort of thing you need, we may know some people.

--- Black Rose Mummers Stance ---
The eagle suffers little birds to sing.

--- Leary Stance (from Fairen) ---
Is this some euphemism for a dungeon?

--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---
Please do not boil your new bird's eggs. Or do, it's your bird.

--- Thrax Stance (from Victus) ---
Don't you guys down south already soundproof your walls? You know for... reasons?