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Welcome Prince Danse Thrax!

Posted by Victus on 06/16/18
Yesterday on 1/10/1009, myself and Princess-consort Alarissa were happy to bring a healthy baby boy into the world with the aid of Seraph Ailith.

He is a chubby, bouncing thing with a head of blonde hair, named for Lord Darrow Darkwater and Prince Vance Valardin. We thank the Gods this one came into the world peacefully and on dry land. Here's hoping he leads a long life alongside his sister, Princess Astrid 'Stormborn'.

Tears in our wake, never at our wake.

-High Lord Victus Thrax
Prince of the Maelstrom

--- Tyde Stance (from Margot) ---
Tyde will drink to the birth of the new Thrax prince, may he grow to be all Thrax hopes for!

--- Sanna Stance (from Cirroch) ---
Finally some news we can all agree on is good news! Welcome to The Compact, Prince Danse!

--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---
You have truly Dansed into our hearts.

--- Grimhall Stance (from Harald) ---
Congratulations. Many mugs will be drained tonight in celebration. I shall ready a second knee for bouncing.

--- Keaton Stance (from Reigna) ---
Keaton welcomes Prince Danse Thrax to the world, we are the richer for his arrival!