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Lady Elara's Passing

Posted by Octavia on 06/15/18
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It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of Lady Elara Kennex.

During the High Lord's visit to Port Stormbreak, an out of control horse-drawn cart charged down the Market Road and slammed into the statue of Marquis Johan, dislodging the axe from his belt. Lady Elara pushed Princess-consort Alarissa Thrax and Princess Sabella Grayson out of the way, but was unable to escape the falling rock herself. Despite the presence of two Seraphs and several of the Mercies from the Hospital of Lagoma, her injuries were far too severe and the Queen of Endings claimed Elara for her own.

An investigation into the circumstances will be carried out by the Corsairs, though we have no reason to suspect foul play. In memory of her bravery and sacrifice, the Market Road in Port Stormbreak is now to be called Lady Elara Road.

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--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---
Rest in Peace, Lady Elara.

--- Mazetti Stance (from Hadrian) ---
House Kennex has our heartfelt sympathies at the loss of one of their own.

--- Redrain Stance (from Gwenna) ---
House Redrain offers sincere condolences to House Kennex and all who knew Lady Elara.

--- Thrax Stance (from Alarissa) ---
We recognize and stand eternally grateful for her sacrifice for the Princess-Consort and the unborn child.

--- Keaton Stance (from Reigna) ---
Keaton mourns with Kennex, and will speak of the heroism of the selfless Lady Elara Kennex.

--- Saik Stance (from Karadoc) ---
Words do not suffice. However, House Saik offers our most sincere condolences.

--- Velenosa Stance (from Eleyna) ---
House Velenosa offers our condolences to Lady Elara's family and loved ones.

--- Society of Explorers Stance (from Lou) ---
The Explorers express their condolences. Lady Elara will be missed.

--- Farshaw Stance (from Alban) ---
House Farshaw mourns with House Kennex. I have known Lady Elara Kennex since she first came to Arx and I have loved her ever since. Life has its ups and downs but just having her in my life made it better. Thank you, Elara.

--- Steelhart Stance (from Seth) ---
House Steelhart shares in this grief for the admirable and brave Lady Elara. You will forever be remembered for your valiant sacrifice.