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The Thirteen Days of Years End

Posted by Etienne on 06/10/18
Rejoice as the year comes to a close, for the celebrations of Gild are but a few short days away. The season and spirit of giving once again lives through the civilized places and hearts of all real Arvani.

This year saw the end of many journeys, of friend and foe. Those that continue their journey, and for those whose journey is just beginning rely on the good will of all, and the protection along the path imparted by the Goddess, for prosperity, for charity, and a sane world in which to survive and thrive.

Express your good fortune by imparting it on others in the form of gifts to all those around you. Remember those who might be less fortunate with coin and those who might be less with spirit and give freely of both. While a focus of this season is the traditional giving of gifts, it's important to remember to hold charity and generosity near all year round, in hearts and hearths.

Are you bashful? Embarrassed by your extravagance? Gild can arrange for your gift to be sent to a random parishioner in a gift exchange! Send a gift to Gild (c/o Etienne) or drop by the new renovated shrine and hand it off in person to be sent out during the thirteen days of the holiday!

Gilds blessing be with you all and may your purses and spirits be prosperous.

Archlector Etienne

--- Grayson Stance (from Lark) ---
House Grayson looks forward to the coming year and encourages all to partake in gift-giving and charitable works for this special time of year.