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Departure and Proxy of the Faith

Posted by Orazio on 05/22/18
Children of the Gods, and People of the Faith:

It is with both hope and sorrow that I announce my temporary leavetaking from Arx on a journey of indefinite duration. Normally, this would not warrant a public proclamation, but I know that the continuing deliberations on the posts of the other Legates may leave some confusion on who to turn to in our absence. Remember, always, that your Dominus still guides the Faith and the Church, with wisdom and the will of the gods. However, as sacred duties may take up his time, I wish to ensure that there is another person that the Faith and the Church can turn to for leadership on matters that do not warrant the Dominus' attention. In that spirit, I appoint the Palace Seraph, Ailith, to stand as my Proxy during my absence, to guide and to guard the Faith until such time as the Dominus chooses otherwise, new Legates are appointed to their positions, or I return.

By my hand and authority,

Father Orazio, Legate of Concepts, Shield of the Faith

--- Igniseri Stance (from Quenia) ---
House Igniseri trusts in Legate Orazio's wisdom in this choice.

--- Moore Stance (from Tessa) ---
Moore shall be heartbroken until the Legate returns.

--- Liberators Stance (from Aleksei) ---
The Legate will certainly be back soon or he'll be in quite a lot of trouble.

--- Harlequins Stance (from Aureth) ---
Don't worry. We'll behave.

--- Mazetti Stance (from Cambria) ---
House Mazetti prays Father Orazio knows a successful journey, and a safe return.

--- Thrax Stance (from Alarissa) ---
Thrax wishes the Legate well on his journey and will be joyous upon his return.

--- Templars Stance (from Preston) ---
We will pray for your safe return...while naturally ensuring proper behaviour is maintained.