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Thursday's Child

Posted by Alarissa on 05/16/18
Over a year has passed since the act of inheriting a thralls debt was banished from the Mourning Isles. Thralldom begins a slow and steady reformation under the hand of the High Lord of Thrax and the support both whole heartedly or begrudgingly by others in the isles. But with the banishing of debt inheritence, fifty thousand children were still caught within the tenents of old laws and not grandfathered in. Whether orphaned, serving by their families sides, these children carry debts. Debts, that as we see in our recent history, cannot be so easily struck en mass without grave consequences.

And so I, Thrax, and other generous hearts within the Compact have started to gather the funds in increments. As we reach each step in our goal, the debts will be purchased, spread out across the isles to minimize the economic impact. If they have family, Thrax will see them brought to their family and settled. If their family is serving alongside them, with assistance from the Arvum Refugee Relief Group, we will be procuring the debts of their parents where we can, and they can settle in the Isles and receive an education, or settle elsewhere within the compact that they wish to go. For those that we cannot procure the parental debt of, they will be fostered within the community that their parent or parents reside with a willing household, a stipend to see to their care and ensure that they can still be with their family yet. Those who are unfortunately bereft of either parent or family will be fostered within the community that they know of as home and a stipend paid to those who are willing to care for them.

Above all, this will allow these children to be like every other child of the Compact. Enjoying a childhood filled with laughter, joyfulness, learning and . This is a long road, one that I will champion until all trace of childhood thrallom is eradicated. This will not be done overnight. This is a project, a worthy one, that will take time. But with the assistance small or large, of others, we will persevere and all children of the Isles will get to be children.

The first step to this, is taken today. I encourage the rest of you to walk this path with me, with Prince Victus and Thrax.

Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax

Voice of House Thrax

--- Liberators Stance (from Aleksei) ---
The Faith will continue to extend its support for the transport, housing, and reintroduction to freedom it offers to all released thralls.

--- Faith of the Pantheon Stance (from Orazio) ---
The Faith fully supports this step forward, and prays that Thrax's actions will serve as a model for all the Isles.

--- Riven Stance (from Mia) ---
House Riven offers its whole-hearted applause -- and more importantly, its silver -- in support of this worthy effort.

--- Deepwood Stance (from Samantha) ---
House Deepwood celebrates this declaration and looks forward to providing support to Thrax's efforts.

--- Seliki Stance (from Peri) ---
House Seliki fully supports this and offers it's lands as a refuge to anyone who wishes to resettle as well as looks forward to offering further direct support in freeing those of their debts.

--- Redrain Stance (from Darren) ---
Redrain and the Northlands applaud this move and offer their cooperation to Thrax to provide housing and jobs in farming for any freed thralls who wish to resettle.