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Sir Corban of the Silver Swords

Posted by Leona on 05/02/18
Let it be known that on this day, Duke Arn Telmar has released Lord Corban Telmar from his oaths of fealty to Telmar. And so did Lord Corban Telmar become Sir Corban Telmar, sworn to the Silver Swords, in defense of the King, the Compact, and Arx. May he serve the Crown with honor as he has for Telmar.

While we stand, the Crown will not fall.

Done this day by my hand,
Lord Commander Leona Thrax

--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---
We look forward to Corban Tel(ling us) More about his adventures in knighthood.

--- Solace Stance (from Thena) ---
The Knights of Solace are pleased to welcome a new brother in arms in service to the Crown and the Compact.