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Cessation of a Bounty

Posted by Khanne on 04/17/18
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"We Stand."

People of the Compact:

It was not long ago that The Crown, alongside the Physician's Guild, put out a bounty on rabbits in the vicinity of Arx due to a plague amongst them and the danger that posed to the people. We are happy to announce that the efforts to contain the plague have shown to be successful and the bounty is no longer in effect.

We wish to thank you all for your cooperation in this matter; whether you assisted in the hunting, the healing of individuals found ill, making sure there was not a lack of meats for those in need, or other. It is due to the diligence of the entire city, Noble and Commoner alike, that we are able to call an end to this so soon.

Though there is no longer a need for a bounty, we do warn that there may still be some rabbits out there who carry symptoms of this plague. If any possibly plagued lapin are noticed, we urge you to treat the animal as highly contagious. Do not attempt to approach it. Do not take it upon yourself to kill it, unless you must in your own defense. We urge you to report any sighting to myself, The Crown Minister of Agriculture, The Mercies, The Physician's Guild, or The Inquisitors as soon as possible.

Once again, on behalf of and with the blessings of King Alaric Grayson IV, I thank you for your continued cooperation.

Lady Khanne Halfshav
Crown Minister of Agriculture

--- Inquisition Stance (from Laric) ---
As a precaution, rabbit registration in Arx will continue. Unregistered rabbits will be caught and released once proven disease free.