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Ministry of Civil Deveopment Update

Posted by Samantha on 04/02/18
r he following is an update on the current projects and status of the Ministry of Civil Development.

The Commons Clinic: The Ministy will provide oversight on the monthly contribution of Crown funds issued monthly costs of operation. Administration of the clinic itself will be determined per the leader of the Physician's Guild, Countess Reigna Keaton.

Water Accessability: While the quality of Arx's water is entirely potable, the Ministry is presently reviewing ready accessibility in the Lower Burroughs. Deputy Minister Magpie will be working with the Ministry of Infrastructure to assure this is the case, and if not, see what can be done to rectify the situation.

Please contact Minister Samantha Deepwood to recommend projects or to arrange a presentation for possible projects.

Last but not least, Lady Eirene Malvici has resigned from her position as Deputy Minister of Health. We thank her for her service to the Crown and wish her the best of luck in future endeavors.