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Voice of House Velenosa

Posted by Eleyna on 03/29/18
House Velenosa announces the naming of Prince Ettore "Mydas" Velenosa as a Voice of House Velenosa. He speaks with the full authority of House Velenosa.

No one may harm us unpunished.
Archduchess Eleyna Velenosa
Grand Duchess of the Lyceum

--- Thrax Stance (from Alarissa) ---
Thrax is delighted to hear of this elevation and lifts a glass in celebration.

--- Amadeo Stance (from Duarte) ---
House Amadeo welcomes and commends this decision and has the highest of regards for Prince Ettore "Mydas".

--- Nightgold Stance (from Lydia) ---
Marquess Mydas was exemplary in service to Nightgold. We know Prince Ettore will serve Velenosa with the same dedication and devotion.

--- Kennex Stance (from Catalana) ---
Kennex cheers for this joyous news for Prince Ettore!