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Plagued Rabbit Culling

Posted by Reigna on 03/27/18
It has come to the attention of the Physicians Guild of Arx that a sickness has spread through the rabbit populations of the Grey Forest and Arx. These creatures are spreading an illness to those that eat them and so it is of gravest import that the consumption of rabbits cease and any rabbits seen are hunted and dispatched in fire, or barring that, shooed from the area. Poison and trapping are not recommended. Those seen around the Lodge of Petrichor seem to be the most heavily impacted and should definitely be dealt with first. Again, and most importantly: Do not eat these rabbits. I understand that rabbits are a staple of many a diet to those who live within Arx and there will be other options made available to local soup kitchens. The Saving Grace Hospital has made preparations to treat any who might be afflicted from eating tainted meat. Symptoms include numbness in the feet, blurred vision, slurred speech and vomiting. Anyone suffering from these are encouraged to come to Saving Grace for treatment.

By my hand,
Reigna Keaton, Countess of Oakhaven
Guildmaster of the Physicians Guild of Arx,
Scholar of Vellichor

--- Faith of the Pantheon Stance (from Orazio) ---
The Church praises the swift response of the Physicians' Guild, and will open its door for meals for those affected.

--- Inquisition Stance (from Laric) ---
What a terrible shame! Those poor bunny rabbits. Life can be so tragic.

--- Valardin Stance (from Edain) ---
We thank the Physicians Guild for warning of this threat. We shall raise our bowa and Spears to stop this fluffy menace!

--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---
Rabbits are a scourge upon our soils and the Crown will work with the Faith and the Guild to ferret them out.

--- Thrax Stance (from Victus) ---
Is nothing fucking sacred anymore? BUNNIES?!

--- Saik Stance (from Lucita) ---
The warning is heeded and appreciated. Thank you.

--- Culler Stance (from Mae) ---
The Soup Kitchen and our various other charities will now stop serving rabbit and continue to not serve lizard. Look out, squirrels!

--- Solace Stance (from Thena) ---
Solace-run charities will gladly offer meals to those who are impacted by this; these will include neither rabbit nor lizard nor squirrel.

--- Crafters Guild Stance (from Joscelin) ---
The Crafters Guild will work with the local suppliers to deter rabbits in the meat market, & find a suitable alternative.

--- Grayhope Stance (from Magpie) ---
Grayhope wants it known that if any tender hearts cannot kill beloved bunny pets, Mayir Grayhope will be happy to handle that delicate task.