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We Are Still Here

Posted by Victus on 03/21/18
Another day of every life in this Compact has been bought by the sacrifice of brave men and women who gave their lives by the thousands to defend it. Among those dead, honorable soldiers and loved ones are one in the same. Those who fought their hearts out return home and bury them, so they might find the rest they deserve after their service to the millions that will survive and the Gods that cherish them.

I address those who have perished as they venture back to the Wheel: Thank you. Without your determination, your fire of hope, we could not have held our lines. Everyone who still stands, stands because you were there to give everything.

I address next those who are still with us: Mourn for those you've lost, pray for their peace as they go to the Queen. But take pride in what you've done. You risked all you had to ensure everything you hold dear is kept safe. Because of your deeds, wherever you choose to call home will still be there.

Our great enemy who began this war with an ultimatum has perished. His words have been rejected. The past is given its opportunity to be laid to rest. Never forget the fight it took to accomplish any one of these deeds. Do not forget that we will be called upon to do so again, as our fight for survival will never truly end.

Remember. We are still here.