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Crovane-Redrain Marriage

Posted by Asger on 03/20/18
In these dark times there is cause to rejoice for the marriage of Asger Crovane and Ann (formerly of the Redrains) has been cemented and together they stand as one. From this day forward she will be Duchess Consort and Voice of Crovane, for where she speaks they are in accord. Out of respect for the fallen city of Stormwall, and the dire straits of their people the couple has decided to postpone their reception till after Stormwall stands tall and its people are housed on their own land once more. Through love and war, life and death they stand united and they will fear no storm.

--- Acheron Stance (from Mydas) ---
To new beginnings, House Acheron congratulates the couple and stands ready to aid them and their people in rebuilding.

--- Halfshav Stance (from Khanne) ---
House Halfshav toasts to the Duke and Duchess Consort of Crovane. Long may they live and soon may their city thrive once more!

--- Ravenseye Stance (from Kaede) ---
About time the chief found himself a partner! Now on to making heirs...

--- Redrain Stance (from Gwenna) ---
House Redrain rejoices for House Crovane! Their love and strength surely will be an inspiring force behind rebuilding Stormwall.