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Exciting News!

Posted by Cristoph on 03/01/18
Tonight in the early hours of the evening, Duchess Nicia Laurent gave birth to our firstborn child: Eadric Laurent the future Duke of Artshall. Hopefully that time won't come TOO soon. Mother and child are both healthy and resting. I wasn't aware it was possible to be humble and proud at the exact same moment, but everyday I learn something new and exciting.

--- Thrax Stance (from Alarissa) ---
Thrax lifts it's cup to Laurent! Many joys for House Laurent!

--- Deepwood Stance (from Samantha) ---
Deepwood welcomes the newest member House Laurent! All blessings for him and his mother.

--- Lyonesse Stance (from Jacque) ---
House Lyonesse congratulates our liege lords in the birth of their heir and joins in on the celebration of the good news!

--- Telmar Stance (from Corban) ---
House Telmar welcomes the heir to its friends and allies in House Laurent. May the gods bless Lord Eadric and all of Arthsall.

--- Valardin Stance (from Alis) ---
Valardin welcomes the future Duke Laurent! And congratulations to the new parents. The coffee is already on the way via messenger.

--- Farshaw Stance (from Alban) ---
House Farshaw congratulates the parents and celebrates another blessed life joining House Laurent!

--- Keaton Stance (from Margerie) ---
House Keaton welcomes the Laurent heir with delighted hearts. May this acorn know every blessing in growing strong and wise.

--- Blanchard Stance (from Charlaine) ---
Baroness Moore welcomes the newest member of House Laurent!