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Posted by Sorrel on 02/08/18
It is my sad duty to inform the populace that the actions of Lord Esra Wyrmguard have been and are unfitting of House Wyrmguard. His continued refusal to apologize to those he has harmed is a stain upon the good name of House Wyrmguard, and as one of the oldest and noblest of Oathlands families, we feel we must hold our members to a higher standard of nobility. Due to his inability to see reason, his propensity for lying, and his rejection of the Faith, nobility, and propriety, it leaves me no choice but to declare that Lord Esra Wyrmguard shall heretoforth be known only as Esra. He no longer has claim to the name Wyrmguard nor claim to the rights of the nobility. He is unwelcome at both the Wyrmguard Estate in Arx and at Blancbier. His sins will no longer reflect upon House Wyrmguard as his lies cannot be tolerated. House Wyrmguard prays that he may see the Light, repent his wicked ways, and return to the Faith someday.

By my hand,
Lady Sorrel Wyrmguard,
Voice of House Wyrmguard

--- Faith of the Pantheon Stance (from Orazio) ---
The Faith regrets when such measures must be taken, but commends Wyrmguard's commitment to Faith, honor, and the dignity of its name.