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A Redrain Loss

Posted by Darren on 01/24/18
It is a time of mourning for all those who call the Northlands home. I issue this proclamation as confirmation what many have feared, my cousin, Sword and War Chief of House Redrain, is dead. He was a man of bravery, loyalty, and fierce determination and all of the Northlands are colder without him. Arrangements for a funeral and for a celebration of he and his sister's lives are forthcoming.

--- Sanna Stance (from Cirroch) ---
The northlands have lost two of it's best and we mourn their passing and cry out for justice.

--- Thrax Stance (from Alarissa) ---
House Thrax grieves with Redrain at it's loss and will drink to their memories now and forever.

--- Telmar Stance (from Arn) ---
Damn shame.

--- Velenosa Stance (from Talen) ---
House Velenosa recognises the loss of a Northern warrior and sends its condolences.

--- Malvici Stance (from Calypso) ---
House Malvici mourns the loss of our Duke's Brother and grieves with Redrain.

--- Halfshav Stance (from Khanne) ---
House Halfshav mourns, as all Redrain do, the loss of Fergus and Freja. May their memory always live in shared stories of their bravery.

--- Valardin Stance (from Alis) ---
House Valardin celebrates their lives, and mourns their passing, with our friends, family, and allies of the North.

--- Bisland Stance (from Samael) ---
We are together in sorrow.

--- Laurent Stance (from Cristoph) ---
House Laurent extends heartfelt condolences at this time.

--- Greenmarch Stance (from Fiachra) ---
House Greenmarch toasts the light of Fergus and Freja in honour of the memories of their lives.