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New Templar Division

Posted by Cassandra on 01/11/18

The Knights of the Temple have long guarded the holy places and holy people of the Faith. Templars have been seen far and wide in service to their goals, protecting those that serve the gods be they commoner or not. Among some of the most notable templars that each of us interacts with daily are the Knights of the Archives, or the Knights of the Scroll. Most of you have at least seen these Templars, denoted by their golden scroll pins.

As we continue to cement the restored devotion to the Queen of Endings into our ranks, it is my honor to now announce a new division of the Templar order. Dedicated to guarding the graveyards, the tombs, and the shrines of the Queen of Endings, these knights can be distinguished by their golden skull pin. The new LATE KNIGHTS will begin guarding the cemeteries of Arx and the Queen of Endings' shrine immediately.

Archlector of Gloria