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Knights of Solace Muster

Posted by Thena on 01/08/18
Well, that's a tough proclamation to follow! I extend my most heartfelt congratulations to our King and Queen on their new heirs.

In more solemn news, The Knights of Solace are mustering all nearby agents to the landing points of the Eastern enemy's fleets; Crovane, the Lyceum, Darkwater Watch and Arx. They will be providing aid both spiritual and material, preparing citizens for evacuating the affected areas or outlasting a siege situation if necessary, supporting the Mercies and physicians and serving as a defensive force to help protect the citizens of Arvum. Other Solace agents across Arvum will be temporarily expanding their routes so that all travelers will still be able to count on their protection.

As we face this near-unprecedented situation, I ask for the patience and help of the Compact. Attempting to move and protect so many people will take time and patience and resources. I know we are all trying to look after our own, but any goods or services you can provide will be appreciated more than I can possibly say. If you'd like to pledge help or have any concerns about these efforts please do not hesitate to contact me. I am anxious to ensure that the actions of the Silver Order compliment the strategies of others (OOC: An action is forthcoming!). Gild's blessing is upon those who encourage charity and the prosperity of our Compact.

Walk in the Light,
Dame Thena Grayhope, Acting Commander and Adjutant Officer to Grandmaster Armel Godsworn
Knights of Solace