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Opening of the Memorial Park of Arx

Posted by Orazio on 01/04/18
To the Faithful of the Compact:

It has long been a point of sadness for those in the city of Arx to know that the poorest among our people were forced, due to the lack of space in our historic Graveyard, to consign their loved ones' bodies to the opening known as 'the Pit' in the Lower Burroughs. While the body is but an empty vessel after the passage of the soul into the Shining Lands, people should be able to visit a memorial of their loved ones, to comfort themselves with the memory of their life, and to know that their earthly remains are being treated with all the respect and dignity they deserve. Some time ago, House Grayson was gracious enough to donate to the Faith a portion of the land outside the city of Arx, to be made into a new memorial park, one where generations can be laid to rest with love, and visited by their descendants, so that their stories and their wisdom may be kept alive, as Vellichor would bid us. It is my pleasure to announce that the Memorial Park is now completed, and those who wish to have their family's remains interred within its walls will be able to do so.

There is abundant space for simple, in-ground burial services throughout the park, and the Temple on the park grounds can be visited day or night to offer respect to the deceased. Funerals may be held here, as well, as requested. These services are offered without charge to all citizens of Arx. However, should families wish to have dedicated memorials or mausoleums for their family's exclusive use, the Faith accepts donations to offset the cost of building, maintaining, and protecting those structures. All are invited to visit the Memorial Park in its finished state, to pray in the Temple, and to reconnect with the memories of your loved ones who have passed, now and always.

May the gods watch us and keep us throughout our life, from birth until our judgement and repose.

By my hand and authority,
Father Orazio, Legate of Concepts, Shield of the Faith