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Emissary of the Scholars

Posted by Bianca on 01/02/18
Let it be known that Lord Samael Bisland of the Scholars of Vellichor has upon this day, the nineteenth day of the eleventh month of the year 1007 AR, been elevated to the position of Emissary of the Scholars. From this point forward Emissary Samael Bisland shall speak with the full gravity of my Voice in all matters pertaining to interactions with families and groups outside of the Academy and the Scholars.

I am blessed to have Emissary Samael Bisland as my extended voice and I encourage all who seek to enrich their family or organization's working relationship with the Scholars of Vellichor to seek him out to begin the building blocks of a strong bond.

In duty and Faith,
Blessed Bianca
Guardian of the Great Archive, Archscholar of the Scholars of Vellichor