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Not Mourning

Posted by Tikva on 12/30/17
I will not mourn for Aislin Ashford. In these dark days, dark tidings are common. Loss grips our hearts and we assume the worst. But I will not mourn for Aislin Ashford, my truest friend and the unfailing ally of this House and of the light against the dark. House Grayson will keep a lamp in our window for our lost friend, and it shall be kept lit. I will encourage my friend Duke Harlan to do the same for his missing sister.

If she is truly gone, I pray the gods keep her soul. But for now, instead, I pray the Gild light her path on this sojourn, wherever it may take her, and that one day we will see her again.

By my hand this 14th day of the 11th month of 1007,

Tikva Grayson
Princess of Bastion

--- Grayson Stance (from Cara) ---
House Grayson looks forward to Lady Aislin's return, because any other option will make them very, very cross.

--- Leary Stance (from Fairen) ---
House Leary will do everything within it's capabilities to ensure that the truth of her disappearance is unveiled.

--- Tyde Stance (from Archeron) ---
Tyde mourns with our cousins, and will look to the east and hope for Aislin's return even as we prepare for a world without her kindness.

--- King's Own Stance (from Leona) ---
Safe journeys Lady Aislin, in the hopes that you are lost and not gone. Adventure awaits.

--- Laurent Stance (from Cristoph) ---
House Laurent refuses any suggestion that Lady Ashford is lost to us. We will offer any aid we can.

--- Faith of the Pantheon Stance (from Orazio) ---
The Faith mourns all losses at sea, but prays that the lost may yet return to us, as well.

--- Keaton Stance (from Reigna) ---
Keaton does not give up on kin. We offer our strength to aid in the search for Lady Aislin.

--- Darkwater Stance (from Carita) ---
Darkwater bids the Pathfinder fair winds and following seas. Any House vessels that sail will watch for signs of her.

--- Society of Explorers Stance (from Lou) ---
The explorers consider our Pathfinder missing, not dead, after hearing detailed reports of the events surrounding her disappearance.

--- Telmar Stance (from Corban) ---
"Fear no enemy," Lady Aislin.

--- Bisland Stance (from Samael) ---
House Bisland joins our allies House Ashford in praying for the safe return of Lady Aislin. "Ever rising."

--- Deepwood Stance (from Samantha) ---
Deepwood will always open our doors to Aislin Ashford.

--- Ashford Stance (from Olivia) ---
House Ashford is resolved to find its lost daughter, and touched by the support of all those who know her. We will find you, big sister.