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Whitehawk Marriage

Posted by Silas on 12/20/17
House Whitehawk is pleased to announce myself and Lady Farrah Amadeo were wed in in a private ceremony outside of the city, making her Baroness Farrah Whitehawk.

May Limerance smile on our union.

Baron Silas Whitehawk
Baron of Hawkhold
Lord Commander of the Iron Guard

--- Bisland Stance (from Samael) ---
Congratulations! May all the gods smile on your union. Welcome Baroness Farrah Whitehawk.

--- Iron Guard Stance (from Calaudrin) ---
The Iron Guard congratulates our Lord Commander and his wife on their marriage!

--- Crafters Guild Stance (from Joscelin) ---
Congratulations to Silas, ever a friend of the Crafters Guild, and to his wife, Farrah!

--- Grayson Stance (from Ainsley) ---
Grayson couldn't be happier for its favorite Baron.

--- Ashford Stance (from Killian) ---
Ashford lifts their glasses in honor of the union and wishes the couple all the best!

--- Thrax Stance (from Alarissa) ---
Thrax offers it's sincere congratulations on this joyous event.