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In Support of Duchess Calypso Malvici

Posted by Eleyna on 12/03/17
Loyalty to not often considered a trait associated with those of us in the Lyceum. Yet, I do not think anyone exemplifies the term 'loyalty' more than Duchess Calypso. She has been a skilled leader not just in the Lyceum, but in the Compact as well as she serves the Crown as Minister of Defense. She is loyal to her family, to her lieges, but, most of all, to her people. I can think of no one better to lead in Southport and have utter faith in her ability to recover from the financial difficulty that resulted from this crime. The Lyceum stands behind Duchess-General Calypso and offers whatever assistance she requires needed to help the city of Southport recover stability at this time.

To those who thought to undermine the stability of Southport through this act, be aware that House Velenosa does not take kindly to those that threaten our allies.

--- Fidante Stance ---
House Fidante stands with House Velenosa in support of Duchess Malvici and Southport.

--- Laurent Stance ---
Well said. House Laurent stands with House Malvici and Southport.

--- Thrax Stance ---
Thrax stands with Velenosa and their vassals, always.

--- Bisland Stance ---
The Duchess General has proven her mettle in the eyes of House Bisland. We stand with her and House Malvici.

--- Valardin Stance ---
House Valardin stands steadfast in support of Duchess Malvici and Southport.

--- Redrain Stance ---
The North stands beside the Lyceum, beside the Duchess Calypso to the last.

--- Pravus Stance ---
House Pravus stands with the Lyceum. Duchess Malvici, Southport, and her people have Setarco's full support.

--- Grimhall Stance ---
Were It another house so afflicted, Grimhall would suspect incompetence. Not so, with Malvici.

--- Faith of the Pantheon Stance ---
The Faith condemns those who would steal from an honorable and pious House, and prays for swift justice and recovery.

--- Darkwater Stance ---
The General of Malvici has the support of House Darkwater, and promises steel where she needs it.

--- Keaton Stance ---
Once more, where Laurent goes, Keaton follows. House Keaton supports Southport and Duchess Calypso Malvici.

--- Halfshav Stance ---
Duchess General Calypso has long served not only the Lyceum, but the Compact. We stand in support of her, Southport, and of House Malvici.

--- Igniseri Stance ---
House Igniseri stands in support of Duchesss Malvici and Southport, and commends House Velenosa's stance.

--- Riven Stance ---
House Riven stands in support of House Malvici, and is sure that those responsible will face swift justice.

--- Rubino-Zaffria Stance ---
Gemecitta has great respect for Duchess Calypso, and stands in support of her and Southport.

--- Telmar Stance ---
House Telmar's confidence in the Minister of Defense is unshaken. We stand ready to aid Southport.

--- Saik Stance ---
House Saik Stands with House Velenosa in support of Duchess Malvici and Southport.

--- Sanna Stance ---
House Sanna, like Redrain and Halfshav, stand with House Malvici and The Lyceum, our friends in the south.

--- Iron Guard Stance ---
The Iron Guard stands by to assist Malvici if called upon.

--- Gold Order Stance ---
The Gold Order will assist Malvici and Southport - they need only ask.